The Miami Mustangs in there second season of the SFL have had some ups and downs. Last week’s loss against New Orleans was one of the low spots. But this went Miami played host to the expansion Sacramento Bandits.  A back and forth game the Mustangs came out on top with an overtime kick from the Veteran kicker Nick Folk.

Miami started the scoring off in the first with a 55 yard bomb from Bart Houston to Chris Mathews.  The point after was now good. Not a great start for Folk. With 2:47 seconds left in the first he had a chance to make up for the missed extra point , as he booted a 43 yard field goal to give Miami a 9-0 lead.

The second quarter saw Sacramento take it down the field and score on a Bortles to Carter pass. making the game 9-7. Then 5 minutes later Sacramento’s kicker Taylor Russolino  made a 27 yard field goal to put Sacramento up 10-9. With 8 minutes left in the first half Nick Folk  put Miami ahead with a 21 yard field goal. given the Mustangs the lead again at 12-10. Moments later Miami’s defense came up big as they catch Sacramento in the end zone for a safety. Miami lead 14-10 looking like they would take the lead into the half, but moments later Sacramento’s Brandon Banks runs back an 84 yard punt for a touchdown. Giving Sacramento a 17-14 lead going into the second half.

Twenty nine seconds into the third quarter Bart Houston does it again with a 32 yard pass to home town favorite Braxton Berrios as Miami goes up 20-17 after Nick Folk misses his second extra point. With under 2 minutes left in the third Sacramento came on strong as they scored twice. The first was a 1 yard run by  Alfred Morris and the second was a 6 yard pass by Blake Bortles to Brandon Dillon to give Sacramento a 31-20 lead.

The fourth quarter saw Miami  rushing back into the game , as Mike Gillislee scored  a 17 yard rushing touchdown, and then a 2 yard rushing touchdown. This gave Miami a brief 34-31 lead. But with 39 seconds left in regulation, Sacramento  puts the game into overtime as  Taylor Russolino makes a 22 yard field goal.


In overtime Miami stepped up big time. Sacramento  received the ball first. Blake Bortles stepped back for pass trying to throw it on a cross pattern but Perry Riley picked it off given Miami the ball on  Sacramento 16 yard line.  This was a chance for Nick Folk to make up for two previous missed extra points . Two missed points that would have won Miami the game and kept them out of OT.  So 21 seconds into OT Nick folk lines up  at the 16 yard line and boots over the winning field goal. Not only given Miami the game win, But also kicking Miami into sole possession of first place in the division.