Atlanta Firebirds

Nick Arbuckle – 7aa

Kurt Benkert – 7a

Jeremiah Briscoe – 6aa

Connor Cook – 6aa

Ryan Nassib – 8c

The Firebirds are taking a big gamble on rolling with Nick Arbuckle. He’s very unproven but they aren’t hoping to get the world out of him. They just want him to be a game manager and to protect the ball. Kurt Benkert is growing as a decent backup. Ryan Nassib is an interesting guy. The former championship winning quarterback with New York has fallen off, but he’s still actually not all that terrible. It might have been more that teams have been expecting too much out of him. He wasn’t a big-play guy in New York, more a very good game manager who doesn’t turn the ball over. He’s still that guy. At the very least he’s a big guy who can run in goal line situations while still being a threat to make a pass. We’ll see if he has a role in Atlanta.

Birmingham Predators

Dak Prescott – 10

P.J. Walker – 7aa

Dak Prescott is the best in the league. We all know it. He won a title last year and is one of the many reasons why the Predators are a favorite to win it again. The Predators, though, made a great move to acquire P.J. Walker. He has been a fast-riser and has been very good in camp. The mystery moving forward is if the Predators will be able to afford to keep Prescott, even on the tag. Walker isn’t even close to what Prescott is, but if anything happens to him this year or if next year they move on from him, Walker is showing he’s a very good option.

Boston Dragons

J.T. Barrett – 6aa

Jake Browning – 7aa

OW Taysom Hill – 7aa

Cooper Rush – 8aa

Cooper Rush doesn’t play a pretty game but he gets the job done. He completes a nice percentage of his passes, he moves the chains and he wins games. It’s hard to ask for more. The team loves Taysom Hill. He’s a very talented guy who does a lot of different things. He probably isn’t really the best behind center though. He won’t be the best passer but he has a role on the team in some way. Jake Browning has a remarkable D-League season and is performing well in camp. If Rush goes down, Browning might be their best options to lead the team. J.T. Barrett is a dual-threat quarterback who needs to develop more as a passer but has ability to make plays with his legs too.

Buffalo Gunners

Joe Callahan – 6a

Eric Dungey – 6aa

Tyree Jackson – 7aa

Landry Jones – 7

Gardner Minshew – 8aa

Gardner Minshew will prove to be the steal of the draft. The Gunners saw him drop, targeted him, traded up to get him and now they will reap the rewards of having him. The former Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award recipient has been incredible in camp. He is a clear favorite to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. The Gunners have some interesting players behind him. While Landry Jones isn’t really anything special, he is a good backup with experience who in a pinch could be serviceable. Tyree Jackson is a dynamic quarterback. He’s a great runner and had a tremendous D-League season. He could develop into something nice in the SFL. Eric Dungey is a developmental guy showing great potential. Joe Callahan, it’s sad to say, but the former No. 2 overall pick is a bust. He’s just trying to cling onto a job somewhere and it probably won’t be in Buffalo.

Carolina Generals

Quinton Flowers – 6aa

Colin Kaepernick – 8

Johnny Manziel – 7aac

You know who has come into camp really determined and amped up to play? Johnny Manziel. The former Heisman Trophy winner has been the surprise of camp and he wants to get his career back on track. We know he has talent, but will he get it going? And can be beat out Colin Kaepernick? Kaepernick is in a way the opposite of Manziel. While both are polarizing guys with off the field things drawing the attention to them, Kaepernick looks less than less interested in playing while Manziel wants too. Kaepernick completed only 50.7-percent of his passes last year, was 12 TDs and 8 INTs, and looked to run a lot. Now with that said, he is an explosive runner and makes dangerous plays. Quinton Flowers continues to develop and had a very good D-League season.

Columbus Explorers

Joshua Dobbs – 7aa

Danny Etling – 6aa

Brett Kasper – 7aa

Antonio Pipkin – 6aa

We give Joshua Dobbs a lot of flack, but he’s really come a long way from sliding on the one with the game on the line in his debut. He’s getting better, he’s cutting down on his mistakes and he’s playing with nice confidence. He just needs some time to continue his development. Brett Kasper has a rich history in the D-League at this point. That has given him some nice polish to his game. He’s accurate and makes good throws downfield. Danny Etling is a very athletic quarterback but just has to have more time to continue his craft as a quarterback. Antonio Pipkin is athletic but he really needs to work on his accuracy.

Dallas Six-Shooters

James Franklin – 7

Ryan Higgins – 6aa

Josh McCown – 9.d

Luis Perez – 7aa

Jordan Ta’amu – 7aa

Owner Dallas Hartwell made it clear, he thought Josh McCown deserved better than what he endured last year. That was because it wasn’t McCown who wasn’t playing up to the level, it was the team around him that wasn’t up to the level. McCown is still definitely one of the best quarterbacks in the league even at his age. James Franklin has had multiple opportunities in this league and he had some moments but he hasn’t been able to maintain that level.He’s a very good backup who can plug in if needed, but not a starter. Luis Perez and Jordan Ta’amu are showing great potential. Ta’amu is a very good rookie who was with the Raptors through the D-League but showed enough promise as a potential starter the Raptors cashed in on his value. They might live to regret that, though. He’s playing very well and looks to be ahead of Perez right now. He could be the heir to the throne in the future after McCown is finished.

Indianapolis Speed

Brandon Bridge – 7

Josh Johnson – 8

Case Keenum – 9

Case Keenum gets doubted sometimes, but he’s proven himself as a top flight SFL quarterback. That hasn’t changed. Josh Johnson, though. He’s stepped up in a very nice way. At this point it might not be likely he finds a team to start for, but Johnson has had a long career and would be a great backup if called on. Brandon Bridge had potential early in his career but his development stagnated. He is what he is. He’s okay.

Jacksonville Stingrays

Delvin Hodges – 7aa

Brad Kaaya – 7aa

Matt Nichols – 8aa

Vincent Testaverde – 6aa

Matt Nichols has a whirlwind of a few weeks. First, he thought he was going to start for Dallas. After the roster changes, he was in San Antonio and then was immediately shipped out for Bo Levi Mitchell. Nichols was crushed, he thought owner Ryan Clark believed in him and then shipped him out of town when he had a chance to get a different quarterback. But then, Clark brought him in to Jacksonville to be his starter. Nichols went from low back to high. At the same time, his addition has hurt the confidence of Brad Kaaya. The young quarterback has been given up on far too much and just wants an opportunity to start. He’s had regular struggles of a young quarterback and then the rug pulled out from under him. Now, he’s seeing he might not have a chance to become the starter. Delvin Hodges has some work to do but he’s playing very well in camp. Vincent Testaverde is a super raw quarterback but he had a few moments in the D-League and in camp that might help him stick around for an opportunity.

Los Angeles Avengers

Jacob Dolegala – 6aa

Cody Kessler – 7aa

Chase Litton – 6a

Brogan Roback – 6a

Cody Kessler performed well last year and he’s performing well in camp again. He’s had his moments, he just also has to clean up some other areas of his game. He’s firmly ahead at this moment, but keep an eye on Jacob Dolegala. The way he’s playing it really couldn’t be a shock to see Kessler on a short leash. The Avengers should have some confidence in their rookie if needed or called on, but he does have quite a few things to polish up in his game. Chase Litton and Brogan Roback had some hype before but have proven this camp they are purely backups.

Louisville Cougars

Ryan Finley – 7aa

Jeremiah Masoli – 8

Mike White – 6aa

Jeremiah Masoli has done so much with not very much for a while. He’s still got a good amount of ability and is holding off rookie Ryan Finley, but Finley is playing very well. If the Cougars struggle in the first few weeks it wouldn’t be a shock at all to see the Cougars turn things over to their rookie who is oozing potential. Mike White has had some flashes but is definitely behind Finley and Masoli right now.

Miami Mustangs

Bart Houston – 7a

Cardale Jones – 7a

Dakota Prukop – 6aa

Nobody expected much out of Bart Houston when he first joined the D-League but he relished that opportunity and really developed for two seasons. Last year, he was brought in by Miami as a backup, and ended up getting an opportunity starting. Nobody expected much out of him then either, but he played very well. He’s performed well in camp this year too, but he does need to improve his accuracy at this level. Last year he completed just 61.9-percent. Speaking of needing to improve accuracy, Cardale Jones has a rocket for an arm. That was known when Utah was ready to make him their franchise quarterback, but he’s bounced around and has really struggled with accuracy. Still, the talent is absolutely there if he can put it all together. Dakota Prukop has performed very well in the D-League for three years and just keeps getting better.

Michigan Stags

Vernon Adams, Jr. – 7aa

Dominique Davis – 7.d

Garrett Gilbert – 6aa

Ryan Mallett – 7

Last year when the Stags had a lot of success and bench starter Zach Collaros at the end of the year and started Dominique Davis, it made sense when they were just trying to prevent their start from taking hits in meaningless games. But what was very confusing was when Davis remained the starter in the postseason. Davis did play very well in the two starts he made in the regular season. But that success did not continue on into the playoffs. He’s struggled with accuracy and is throwing interceptions in camp. But he’s still had some great moments too. But he hasn’t had nearly as many good moments as Vernon Adams, Jr. The Utah Raptors never really gave Adams an opportunity. Adams did help prevent the Raptors from having a complete disaster of a season but they chose not to bring him back. Now he’s in Michigan and is performing quite well. Adams is showing some dynamic ability with both his arm and legs. Garrett Gilbert is a more prototypical pocket passer but has a way to go before he could be viewed as a starter. We all know Ryan Mallett has an incredible arm, but he has so many other attitude problems it makes it hard to know if he can be trusted to give it his all of if he’s just going to go through the motions.

Milwaukee Warriors

Matt Barkley – 10

Tim Boyle – 6aa

Brandon Silvers – 6a

Easton Stick – 7aa

Matt Barkley is in a new home with a new team but he’s ready to again show he’s one of the top quarterbacks in this league. He’s definitely the starter but Easton Stick has been great in camp. He’s a little arrogant, but he believes in himself and his ability. He lit it up in the D-League and was incredible both passing and running the ball. Against much greater competition we’ll see what he can do, but it’s hard not to believe in the guy. TIm Boyle is an under-the-radar guy but he’s doing very well in camp. He just has to continue improving every day like he has been.

Mississippi Gators

Nick Fitzgerald – 6aa

Vad Lee – 9a

Matt McGloin – 7

The Gators spent huge money to pry Vad Lee away from New York. Lee is an incredible story. He was a little known guy the Marauders took a gamble on. Late in the year three years ago he got some playing time in a lost season and performed very well. Then, he took the league by storm and was an MVP candidate back-to-back years. He’s such a dynamic player. He doesn’t have the best accuracy, but he did improve from two years ago to last year and he’s showing improvement this year. What makes him a threat is his legs. He’s very hard to take down and he extends plays and allows his receivers to get open. The question is if it was him or his elite group of wide receivers that led to his success in New York. We’ll see in Mississippi. The Gators are all-in on Lee too. Matt McGloin has proven he’s mediocre at best. It was a mystery why Nick Fitzgerald didn’t get more of an opportunity in the D-League, but he’s played well enough in camp. He’s a dual-threat guy similar to Lee. If something happens to Lee the offense would have to undergo fewer changes if Fitzgerald took over than if McGloin took over.

Nashville Renegades

Anthony Lawrence – 6a

A.J. McCarron – 9aa

Jarrett Stidham – 7aa

A.J. McCarron has been through it all, but the Renegades rode him all the way to the championship game last year. McCarron performed very well. Of course he had a lot of talent with him and a top-notch running back leading the offense, but McCarron has proven he is a championship caliber signal caller. Jarrett Stidham has done great as a rookie. He could very well be the future of this team after McCarron’s deal runs out. Anthony Lawrence is just an extra camp body.

New Orleans Nightmare

Amir Hall – 6aa

Aaron Murray – 9aa

Trent Solsma – 7aa

Jake Sullivan – 6aa

It’s Aaron Murray’s team without any doubt. He’s had a lot of success in New Orleans and he’s really worked on his accuracy from last year to this year and could be headed to another big year. Behind him there are three interesting small school prospects. Trent Solsma is an NAIA guy. Jake Sullivan played Division II. Amir Hall was another DII player who the team discovered playing professionally in Germany. Solsma actually played quite well in the D-League and seems to have the inside track for the backup job.

New York Marauders

Mike Reilly – 9.d

Kyle Shurmur – 7aa

Manny Wilkins – 6aa

Marquise Williams – 6a

Mike Reilly has a lot of talent, but at 35-years-old it isn’t likely he’ll ever figure out how to be consistent. Reilly has some of the greatest moments you’ll see on a football field. He also makes some terrible mistakes. That has plagued him throughout his career. This time, though, he’s got a load of talent in New York. Throwing to Stefon Diggs, he doesn’t have to be perfect. He can afford a bit of inaccuracy. But things don’t go well, Kyle Shurmur is riding hot after a great D-League season. Shurmur really isn’t ready to become a starter so sitting and watching behind Reilly should benefit him. Manny Wilkins is a raw, but very dynamic quarterback who makes great plays with his legs. Marquise Williams is a similarly dynamic player but has less upside.

Omaha Express

Taryn Christian – 7aa

Chad Kanoff – 6a

Tanner Lee – 6a

Terrelle Pryor – 9

Terrelle Pryor is a dynamic playmaker, but he also just is what he is. He’ll make some great plays, but he’s never going to be a guy who will put his team on his back and carry them to victory. He has accuracy issues, but when he connects or scrambles he’s a threat for a big play. Taryn Christian has a lot of potential behind Pryor. Tanner Lee and Chad Kanoff are purely backups.

Orlando Rockets

Cody Fajardo – 7a

Trevor Harris – 10

It’s never easy to replace a legend, but Trevor Harris has been incredible since he stepped in for Ricky Ray. He’s at the top of his game and is playing lights out football. Cody Fajardo was disappointed he re-signed with Virginia only to be traded. Actually, he was furious. Now, though, he’s showing what skill he has and he’s a stellar backup in the Rockets system.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Trace McSorley – 6aa

Nate Sudfeld – 7aa

Alek Torgersen – 6aa

John Wolford – 6a

Nate Sudfeld has been a solid quarterback for the Bulldogs, but they might want a bit more than solid. He certainly won’t cost them, but he’s probably never going to be a guy they can put the offense on and demand greatness from in big moments. Trace McSorley is a tremendously athletic quarterback who has a ton of success in college. He’s working hard to improve and could end up becoming the starting quarterback if Sudfeld doesn’t show much improvement and just keeps on the same steady path he is on. Alek Torgersen has been waiting for that opportunity. He’s great at reading the defense and at making smart passes but physically, he’s fairly limited. John Wolford hasn’t improved since last year.

Pittsburgh Forge

Tommy Armstrong, Jr. – 6a

E.J. Hilliard – 6a

Jonathan Jennings – 10

Nathan Peterman – 7aa

Jonathan Jennings continues to be one of the very best around. He has led dynamic offenses his entire SFL career and there is no reason to think he won’t continue doing just that now. Nathan Peterman is inconsistent and isn’t very accurate but is the best backup option the team has right now should something happen to Jennings. Tommy Armstrong and E.J. Hillard are purely backups.

Sacramento Bandits

Taylor Cornelius – 6a

Paxton Lynch – 6aa

Chris Streveler – 7aa

Former No. 1 overall pick Chris Streveler never even got an opportunity in Oakland, but he’s in Sacramento with a clear chance to take over. Streveler is very athletic and is able to make plays with his legs. He’s not necessarily a scrambling quarterback, but he’s certainly very mobile. Streveler needs to work on his accuracy and decision making, but that comes with him simply getting more experience and developing. Paxton Lynch can be a solid backup. Like Streveler he’s a solid athlete with the ability to make plays with his legs.

San Antonio Marshalls

Riley Ferguson – 7aa

Bo Levi Mitchell – 10

Dalton Sturm – 6aa

Despite all the maneuvering with owners and teams in Texas, Bo Levi Mitchell is back home in San Antonio and looking to continue his dominance at the quarterback position. Mitchell can come off as cocky and arrogant but the fact is, he believes he’s great and backs it up with his stellar play. He wants two things. He wants a league MVP and he wants a championship trophy and he’s determined to get both to show he’s the best. Riley Ferguson is leading the fight to be the backup. Ferguson had a great D-League season and carried that momentum into camp. Dalton Sturm is a developmental guy.

San Diego Diablos

Brandon Doughty – 6a

Luke Falk – 7a

Chad Kelly – 6aa

Luke Falk wasn’t expected to play much as a rookie but legal issues of Trevone Boykin forced him to step onto the field. Falk wasn’t incredible, but he did his job well and really helped manage the Diablos to the No. 1 seed in their conference in the playoffs. Really, he’s just a game manager. He doesn’t have too many elite traits, but he’s not going to hurt his team. Chad Kelly is a guy many have given up on, but he’s stuck around and he has some skills and honestly more upside than Luke Falk. He just has to continue working on his game.

Seattle Orcas

Matt Moore – 8.d

Arvell Nelson – 7

Michael O’Connor – 6a

Keith Price – 6a

Brett Rypien – 7aa

The Orcas didn’t know what to do at quarterback last year. Their Pacific division dynasty crumbled last year due to age, but also, poor play at quarterback. The team stuck with Ryan Griffin for a long time despite knowing he was nothing more than a game manager. When they needed to rely on him, it didn’t work. Griffin is gone now and the Orcas are looking for their first new starting quarterback in years. Still, it’s a bit of a mystery of what to do. Matt Moore is the top guy right now, but he is getting up there and we know he’s inconsistent. He can have great moments, but he can make terrible decisions. Keith Price had a few good moments the Orcas liked last year, but he’s such a limited quarterback. Arvell Nelson would bring some mobility to the position, but he’s not an accomplished passer. Michael O’Connor is very much a developmental guy. The Orcas do love Brett Rypein. He comes from a strong bloodline of athletes and quarterbacks. He’s making some rookie mistakes, but he’s performing very well in camp and has a ton of room to grow.

St. Louis Stallions

David Blough – 7aa

Gunner Kiel – 6a

Zach Mettenberger – 8a

Zach Mettenberg is still slinging the ball down the field, but keep an eye on David Blough. Mettenberger has done a solid job, but it would probably be difficult to truly label him as a franchise quarterback. Blough has tremendous upside and is playing very well in camp. Gunner Kiel has stuck around as a backup.

Utah Raptors

Taylor Heinicke – 7a

Noah Picton – 6aa

Derek Wendell – 6aa

Mike Kafka has done a decent job working with these guys but it’s still difficult to be too enthusiastic about the group. Taylor Heinicke might have missed his opportunity to start in this league. He’s stuck around as a backup, and that might just be what he is at this point. Noah Picton and Derek Wendell are both star quarterbacks of the Calgary Caribou in the D-League. Wendell didn’t play last year after signing with the Raptors. He’s got the bigger arm and is more the classic pocket quarterback while Picton is more mobile.

Virginia Admirals

McLeod Bethel-Thompson – 7a

Alex McGough – 7aa

Josh Woodrum – 7

Alex McGough was thrown into the fire as a rookie last year. He wasn’t ready, but he experienced a lot and he’s better for it. He’s improved in camp this year. He’s still got a lot to work on but he’s looking to improve from last season. McLeod Bethel-Thompson is a quality backup with a bit of upside. He’s bounced around the SFL and has had opportunities in the CFL to develop his game. Josh Woodrum is a backup.

Washington Wave

Zach Collaros – 9c

Dane Evans – 7a

Grant Kraemer – 6a

Kyle Lauletta – 7aa

The Washington Wave had Kyle Lauletta and many thought they might just turn things over to him this year. He’s a nice developmental quarterback with great potential. However, they weren’t just going to hand it over to another unproven guy. No, instead they paid top dollar for Zach Collaros. He wasn’t the most electrifying quarterback, but he got the job done in Michigan. He does a great job of holding onto the ball and not making many mistakes. Dane Evans has had a strong camp and might fight with Lauletta for the starting job behind Collaros. Grant Kraemer might struggle to make the team unless the Wave want to keep four quarterbacks.

SFL Top 5 QBs

1. Dak Prescott (Birmingham Predators)
2. Jonathan Jennings (Pittsburgh Forge)
3. Bo Levi Mitchell (San Antonio Marshalls)
4. Trevor Harris (Orlando Rockets)
5. Matt Barkley (Milwaukee Warriors)

By the Numbers:
Total QBs: 108
10 Rating: 5 (4.6%)
9 Rating: 8 (7.4%)
8 Rating: 9 (8.4%)
7 Rating: 44 (40.7%)
6 Rating: 42 (38.9%)