Atlanta Firebirds

Robert Davis – 7aa

Penny Hart – 6aa

Bug Howard – 6aa

Kyran Moore – 7a

Cam Phillips – 7aa

DeVier Posey – 8

Steven Sims – 6aa

Justin Sumpter – 6aa

Preston Williams – 8aa

The Firebirds have had a rich history of top wide receivers on their team. This year they don’t have that elite guy like Allen Hurns or Cameron Meredith at the top of their roster, but the Firebirds have plenty of young talent that you develop into that guy. They are great at finding wide receivers. Rookie Preston Williams looks like he could be that guy right away. He’s had a spectacular training camp and is making amazing catches. He’s big and athletic and a tough matchup for opposing defenders. Robert Davis had a decent enough year last year for the Firebirds but still had plenty of room to get better. Now he’s really being pushed by rookied Penny Hard and Steve Sims, both of whom had good D-League seasons they are building on. Cam Sims wasn’t used much last year but is showing good promise. DeVier Posey is the veteran of the group and is playing very well. He is athletic but has limited upside because of his age. So we’ll see how he fits in. Kyran Moore is a reliable possession receiver. Bug Howard is really starting to develop. He just needs some opportunities but he’s learning how to use his body to shield defenders from making a play on the ball while he’s catching it. He’s a capable tight end as well. Justin Sumpter is showing decent promise.

Birmingham Predators

Justin Blackmon – 9.d

SJ Green – 9.d

Kelvin Harmon – 7aa

Greg Little – 7.d

Josh Malone – 8aa

Chad Owens – 7.d

Somehow, last year at 33-year-old, S.J. Green had his greatest season as a pro. It was amazing to see what he could do as he caught 78 passes for 1,322 yards, nine touchdowns and played a major part in the Predators winning a championship. It is impossible to imagine he can repeat that now at 34-year-old, but he’s successful because of his hands and route-running and ability to position himself more than his explosive ability, so he still looks like he could be a reliable receiver for the Predators. Justin Blackmon isn’t losing some of his explosive ability, but even if he loses some he’s more explosive than most people. Blackmon’s issue is his hands. He’s so boom or bust. He had 17 more drops than the second player on his team last year. But he’s a big-play guy. Josh Malone was a reliable third receiver for the Predators last season, and he’s looking good again. However, Kelvin Harmon might be the team’s best chance to develop an elite wide receiver. Harmon looks like a really special talent. Greg Little and Chad Owens are really showing their age and have really slowed down.

Boston Dragons

Pierre Garçon – 9.d

OW Taysom Hill – 7aa

Lil’Jordan Humphrey – 7aa

Jeff Janis – 8

Hergy Mayala – 6aa

Brody Oliver – 6aa

Colby Pearson – 6a

Nelson Spruce – 6a

Luke Tasker – 9

Jordan Taylor – 7

Michael Walker – 6aa

Jake Wienke – 7a

Luke Tasker just continues to impress. It doesn’t seem to matter what his physical limitations are, he’s just great at catching the ball. In many ways, he’s similar, though much less athletic, than his coach Hines Ward. He goes through traffic, fights for positioning, and makes tough catches in traffic. The Dragons brought in Pierre Garcon and he’s a quality receiver, but with Tasker lacking athleticism, it might not be a great combination of those two. They’ll need Hergy Mayala or Lil’Jordan Humphrey to spread the defense while Tasker and Garcon catch the underneath stuff. Humphrey was marvelous in the D-League. Mayala was great in the D-League as well. Humphrey was better, but they’ve been running neck-and-neck in camp. Taysom Hill is a Swiss Army Knife. He’s a quality receiver, but he’s probably not the best option to be used all over the field regularly as a receiver. In certain spots in the redzone, though, he can be a deadly thread. Jeff Janis and Jordan Taylor are more quality receivers, but guys who lack much explosiveness. Brody Oliver is showing decent potential. Michael Walker could develop into a good athletic receiver who can stretch the field.

Buffalo Gunners

Bralon Addison – 8aa

Davaris Daniels – 8a

Gehrig Dieter – 6aa

Thomas Ives – 6aa

Anthony Johnson – 7aa

J.J. Jones – 6aa

Diontae Spencer – 7aa

Marquis Valdes-Scantling – 8aa

Marquez Valdes-Scantling had some good moments but some missed opportunities last year. However, with a year under his belt he’s come into the season on a mission and he looks really good and confident right now. Bralon Addison has been a wonderful surprise. He’s looking explosive and the best he ever has in camp this year. The Gunners brought in Davaris Daniels after he was one of the few bright spots in Virginia to be a steady and reliable wide receiver for them. He’s performed quite well and could find a slot role for the Gunners. Anthony Johnson and Diontae Spencer are both showing nice improvement and potential. Gehrig Dieter is very raw and just needs time to develop. Thomas Ives is in a similar boat. J.J. Jones is explosive, but is much more a return specialist who happens to play a receiver, than a receiver who is a return specialist.

Carolina Generals

Tanner Gentry – 8a

Mack Hollins – 7a

Malachi Jones – 6a

Kamar Jorden – 8a

Jakobi Meyers – 7aa

Anthony Ratliff-Williams – 6aa

Ryan Switzer – 6aa

Carlos Thompson – 6a

John Ursua – 7aa

Nick Williams – 6

Kamar Jorden is pretty upset and has come into the year with a major chip on his shoulder. Last year he pushed himself in camp and was rewarded with no targets. He instead saw Dez Bryant collect a big paycheck out on the field every game, playing lazy and catching just five passes all year. Jordan is leaving no doubt. He wants the ball and he’s performed even better this year and wants to catch the ball and be a starter. Tanner Gentry is a sure-handed guy, but is pretty limited in what he can go athletically. Ryan Switzer is another sure-handed guy, but isn’t going to stretch a defense. Jakobi Myers and John Ursua, though, are guys who will stretch the defense. Ursua is an explosive receiver who had tremendous success in the D-League.. Anthony Ratliff-Williams is pretty raw but is showing potential.

Columbus Explorers

Dan Arnold – 7aa

Keke Coutee – 8aa

Danny Etling – 6a

Deonte Harris – 6aa

Lamar Jordan – 6aa

Jake Kumerow – 7aa

Mekale McKay – 7a

Daniel Petermann – 6aa

Trey Quinn – 8aa

Trey Quinn has the making of a really good wide receiver. Though he’s not very explosive at all, he’s catching everything coming his way. And that’s perfect, because Keke Coutee is looking like he could become a really explosive, dynamic wide receiver. He’s making huge plays right now. They are a good combination. Dan Arnold and Jake Kumerow bring very good size to the group and are very tough matchups in the redzone when thrown jump balls. Mekale McKay has tried many times to make a team in the SFL, but he might be able to carve out a role this time with his continued growth in other leagues. He’s got pretty good hands. Daniel Petermann is a proven explosive return man. He just has to be more consistent making the catches. Deonte Harris is another tremendously explosive guy in the return game who just needs time to develop as a receiver. Danny Etling is an athletic quarterback who is trying out playing wide receiver but he has a lot to work on to become a reliable pass catcher.

Dallas Six-Shooters

Dez Bryant – 9.d

Jody Fortson – 6aa

Matt Heller – 6a

Eugene Lewis – 7aa

Jalin Marshall – 7aa

Damon Ratley – 7aa

Josh Reynolds – 8aa

Cam Sims – 6aa

Collin Taylor – 8.d

Ka’Raun White – 7aa

Dan Williams – 7a

Dez Bryant was a real mystery last year. He played every game for Carolina, but he only ended up with five catches all year. He played with no emotion or energy and just went through the motions. However, he also didn’t have the greatest passing quarterback. Now, in Dallas, he has a legend throwing him the ball. Bryant is clearly not what he used to be, but he’s still a tremendous talent and with Josh McCown throwing to him, things could be different. And if it isn’t, the Six-Shooters have some other options. Josh Reynolds is playing very well and looks like he could be a nice weapon for Dallas. Collin Taylor is starting to slow down, but the strength of his game is his size and positioning. He’s a big target and should still be a weapon in the redzone. The Six-Shooters have plenty of young explosive options. Consistency, or lack there of, will plague these guys, but they will benefit from development and playing time. Ka’Raun White is coming two a couple incredible years in the D-League. He’s developed well already and was very explosive there. That is translating into camp right now. Eugene Lewis wasn’t used much last year but is really looking great in camp. He’s just waiting for his opportunity to show what he can do. Damon Ratley might have the most potential of the group, though he doesn’t have many elite traits. He’s just solid all around. Jalin Marshall is a very explosive player who just needs to catch the ball better. Cam Sims didn’t get a ton of playing timelast season but has a lot of potential. Jody Fortson is another interesting developmental prospect.

Indianapolis Speed

Kelvin Benjamin – 9

Keelan Doss – 6aa

Lemar Durant – 7a

Dorial Green-Beckham – 7a

Trey Griffey – 6a

Quadree Henderson – 6aa

Trindon Holliday – 6

Steve Ishmael – 6aa

Olabisi Johnson – 7aa

Quinton Patton – 7

Vyncint Smith – 7aa

Tim White – 7aa

Damion Willis – 6aa

Does anybody know what to expect out of Kelvin Benjamin at this point? He’s very big and he does have talent, but since his incredible rookie year in the NFL it’s been all downhill. Can he revive his career in the SFL? He’s performed very well in camp, though the Speed will have to deal with a lot of drops. He’s head and shoulders the most gifted receiver the team has, but they have something pretty good in rookie Olabisi Johnson. He’s playing great right now and has great upside. He’s holding off Vyncint Smith and Tim White, but White is coming in looking to prove something. He was very successful as a rookie but his past few years haven’t been. He’s really worked on his game and is looking for a resurgence. Dorial Green-Beckham is a gifted athlete. He’ll struggle with consistency, but he’ll make some nice plays. Keelan Doss is showing great potential. Damion Willis and Steve Ishmael have good potential as well. Quadree Henderson is explosive but is much more a return man than a receiver.

Jacksonville Stingrays

Jaron Brown – 10

Kenny Lawler – 7aa

DaMarkus Lodge – 7aa

Tyree McCants – 6aa

Kelvin McKnight – 6aa

Nyqwan Murray – 6aa

Hunter Renfrow – 8aa

Jaron Brown might be considered a late bloomer, but he’s at the height of his prime right now and is looking to have another big year in 2020, leading his new team. Another late bloomer with really nice explosive ability is Kenny Lawler. He’s a downfield playmaker. Rookie DaMarkus Lodge is really pushing him after showing great ability in the D-League and bringing that confidence into camp. But the best rookie is Hunter Renfrow. He’s not explosive, but he catches everything. He might not lead this team in yard, but he very well may lead them in catches. Tyree McCants is showing nice potential. Kelvin McKnight and Nyqwan Murray both have solid potential as well but might be just a step behind McCants right now.

Los Angeles Avengers

Deontay Burnett – 6aa

Jamal Custis – 6aa

Jazz Ferguson – 6aa

Jakeem Grant – 6aa

Joe Hills – 9.d

KeeSean Johnson – 7aa

Da’mari Scott – 6aa

Jordan Williams-Lambert – 7a

Even though the legendary Joe Hills is on the decline, he’s still a very good weapon for the Avengers. He’ll make big plays, and that is needed because the team needs some time to develop some other receivers before they can afford to move on from him. KeeSean Johnson and Jamal Custis lead that field of quality developmental receivers. Those two are flashing dangerous abilities, but just simply need time to continue developing. Deontay Burnett and Da’Mari Scott are flashing great potential, but also need to really polish their skills. Jazz Ferguson might be fairly limited but he can be explosive. Jakeem Grant has made a name for himself as a returner far more than he has as a receiver.

Louisville Cougars

Phillip Barnett – 7

Arrelious Benn – 7

Ray-Ray McCloud – 6aa

Paul McRoberts – 6a

JoJo Natson – 7aa

Maurice Purify – 7.d

James Quick – 6aa

Naaman Roosevelt – 8

Jaylen Smith – 6a

Naaman Roosevelt provided very good veteran leadership for the Cougars receivers last year. He is still a nice presence, though he is getting older. JoJo Natson is developing into a quality receiver after starting out with a reputation purely as being a return man. Maurice Purify can’t be relied on like he used to be, but James Quick and Ray-Ray McCloud are showing potential. They are both talented but are raw. Arrelious Benn and Phillip Barnett night be relied on as consistent veterans while those two develop.

Miami Mustangs

Jaelon Acklin – 6a

Chance Allen – 6aa

Reggie Begelton – 8a

Braxton Berrios – 7aa

Kenny Britt – 7.di

Felix Faubert-Lussier – 7aa

Chris Matthews – 9

Austin Proehl – 7a

Kenny Stafford – 7a

Jamari Staple – 7aa

Chris Matthews continues to put up big numbers. He is not the fastest or quickest, but he works himself open, uses his size to shield off defenders, and has reliable hands. Those traits haven’t gone away at all. Braxton Berrios is still performing well and is an explosive player. His hands are better this year too. He’s on the brink of becoming a pretty special player. Jamari Staple has had two years of incredible play in the D-League. He came in very raw, but was electric in the D-League. Felix Faubert-Lussier was another D-League star. He didn’t have too much playing time last year but is still showing nice ability and is pushing for an opportunity this year. Reggie Begelton has a tremendous camp and has gone from a body out on the field to a guy who can really make some plays. The Mustangs have quite a bit of potential on this team. That makes it easier to handle Kenny Britt’s decline. Austin Proehl has had a very good camp as well and is pretty sure-handed. He isn’t too explosive but he’ll catch everything.

Michigan Stags

Fabien Guerra – 6aa

Tre McBride – 6a

Marken Michel – 7a

Hakeem Nicks – 7.d

Riley Ridley – 7aa

Tajae Sharpe – 9aa

Greg Ward, Jr. – 6aa

Tajae Sharpe has come along very strong. He might have taken a bit longer than desired to become the No. 1 the Stags wanted, but he’s gotten there and has really hit his stride. The Stags don’t have Jalen Saunders anymore to be his running mate, but that means somebody has to step up. It very well may be rookie Riley Ridley. He’s performed great in campe and is showing a ton of potential. Former quarterback Greg Ward, Jr. is also finally starting to look comfortable having made the transition to wide receiver. Marken Michel is a very good receiver, though he’s limited as an athlete. Still, he can contribute and be successful. Tre McBride and Fabien Guerra are solid players as well, though best as depth options. Hakeem Nicks’ comeback isn’t going great. He’s really slowed down.

Milwaukee Warriors

Cameron Batson – 6aa

Antonio Brown – 10

Antonio Callaway – 8aa

Robert Foster – 8aa

Russell Gage – 7aa

Roger Lewis – 7

Darius Shepherd – 6aa

The Warriors spent huge money to bring in Antonio Brown. We all know he’s as talented as they come, but will he be an issue in Milwaukee? Time will tell, but he’s dominating the competition out there. Antonio Callaway dominated competition as a rookie. He’s similar to Brown in many ways, including having off the field problems. We’ll see how the team handles the two of them together. On the field, those two are great, but the team has some good talent in addition. Robert Foster had a solid 2019 season and has built on it very well. He’s looking sharp. Russell Gage is showing off a lot of talent. Darius Shepherd and Cameron Batson are developmental guys but have a lot of potential, particularly Shepherd has a ton of potential. Roger Lewis is reliable but isn’t going to be a game-breaker.

Mississippi Gators

Trey Brock – 6a

Hakeem Butler – 7aa

Malachi Dupree – 7a

Keyarris Garrett – 8aa

Antwane Grant – 6a

Dontrelle Inman – 7a

Jeremy Kerley – 8.d

Braxton Miller – 7a

Quentin Sims – 8a

Keyarris Garrett continues to perform well and continues to prove himself as Mississippi’s best option in the passing game. Jeremy Kerley is slowing down, but Hakeem Butler is really looking good in camp. He could have a special rookie season. But the best surprise for the Gators has been Quentin Sims. He was incredible for the then-Phoenix Scorpions way back when in a short period of time, before destroying his hip. Sims tried to come back multiple times but it was always too soon. He finally took an extended break to heal and he has. He’s fully healthy, has confidence in his body to hold up and he’s using his size to really be a good target. As dynamic as quarterback Vad Lee is, he does have accuracy issues at times, so Sims’ side and catch radius are coming in handy. Dontrelle Inman is showing some nice explosiveness. So is Braxton Miller, a former quarterback who is finally looking comfortable at wide receiver. Malachi Dupree is a sturdy over-the-middle target. He won’t break off big plays but he doesn’t drop much of anything.

Nashville Renegades

Ricky Collins, Jr. – 9a

Tyreek Hill – 10

Malcolm Mitchell – 9ai

Aldrick Robinson – 9.d

Continually the story is, Nashville has tremendous talent, but very little depth. The Renegades have four top-notch wide receivers, three of the very best around and one more who is very good, but that’s it. Tyreek Hill is as much of a big play guy as there comes. He’s a threat for a home run every time he touches the ball. Malcolm Mitchell is a touchdown machine and continues to make plays. Aldrick Robinson is starting to see his age catch up to him, but he’s been remarkable and runs such great routes. Ricky Collins, Jr. is another top-notch receiver. Last year he led the Marshalls offense with 74 receptions, 1,108 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns. It doesn’t matter who the Renegades throw too, they are a weapon.

New Orleans Nightmare

LaMark Brown – 7a

Darrion Dillard – 6aa

Jeff Fuller – 7.d

Carnel Harley – 6aa

Chad Hovasse – 6aa

Jaelen Strong – 6aa

Trent Taylor – 9aa

Marquess Wilson – 8

Trent Taylor is having another very good camp and looks like he’ll be a reliable pass catcher again this year. The Nightmare know they can throw his way and he’ll catch the ball. Jaelen Strong is the big bodied receiver who compliments the smaller Taylor well and he’s had a good camp, but they will need Darrion Dillard to step up and use his speed to stretch the defense. LaMark Brown has a little bit of ability to stretch defenses, but he’s more a guy who works his body to make catches in crowded spaces. Marquess Wilson is another reliable pass catcher but not a huge big-play guy. Jeff Fuller is slowing down. Carnel Harley is a very big guy with nice potential. Chad Hovasse is a scrappy pass catcher but a limited athlete.

New York Marauders

Stefon Diggs – 10

R.J. Harris – 7a

Tyron Johnson – 6aa

Equanimeous St. Brown – 7aa

Antoine Wesley – 7aa

Reggie White, Jr. – 6aa

Chris Williams – 9.d

Olamide Zaccheaus – 7aa

There is elite and then there is Stefon Diggs. He’s beyond eite. He’s incredible and a true game-breaker for the Marauders. With a bigger armed quarterback throwing to him, it could be a magical year for Diggs. The Marauders were stunned when Brandon Coleman announced his retirement. Diggs and Coleman were an elite duo. But with Coleman’s retirement, the Marauders have prepared well. We really aren’t far removed from Chris Williams putting up over 1,900 receiving yards. He’s slowing down a bit, but he wasn’t used properly last season and could be headed for a big bounce back year. Equanimeous St. Brown is a talented young player who showed great promise in Dallas last year bit has continued his development in New York. Olamide Zaccheaus and Antoine Wesley starred in the D-League. Zaccheaus is a small, but dynamic player. Wesley had a lot of success because he is such a great pass catcher, but he has to bulk up to be able to fight off tougher cornerbacks at this level. R.J. Harris has had opportunities before, but he went to the CFL, worked on his game, developed and now looks like he could become a contributor. Tyron Johnson and Reggie White, Jr. have potential but need a lot of time to develop.

Omaha Express

Shaq Johnson – 7a

Tanner McEvoy – 8a

Justin McInnis – 6a

Bryant Mitchell – 7aa

Stanley Morgan – 6aa

Brandon Powell – 6aa

Lucky Whitehead – 8

Tanner McEvoy is coming off a very good 2019 season. He’s limited in his upside, but he’s a good possession receiver. This year he might benefit from Lucky Whitehead. Historically, Whitehead had whiffed on some opportunities as a receiver and has mostly served as a return man, but now he’s really come along as a receiver and is using his explosive ability we’ve seen him use returning the ball to create separation as a receiver. If he’s the deep threat that will allow McEvoy to run his more natural crossing routes as a possession receiver. Bryant Mitchell only caught eight passes a year ago but he’s had a really good camp and should se a huge increase in catches as a much bigger part of the offense. Shaq Johnson was the team’s third leading wide receiver in catches. He might not be the third guy anymore but he can still have a valuable role on the team as he continues to get better with his spacing. Brandon Powell and Stanley Morgan both have a lot of potential but just need time to develop their games.

Orlando Rockets

Markieth Ambles – 7

Shaquelle Evans – 8a

Jason Moore – 6aa

Byron Pringle – 6aa

Dominique Rhymes – 7a

Eric Rogers – 10

Derel Walker – 9a

Brandon Zylstra – 7a

Few wide receivers have had the incredible production Eric Rogers has had. Simply, he’s been amazing and he’s a home run threat every time he catches the ball. He’s made his quarterbacks better and other wide receivers on his team better by being able to move the coverage over. And still produce. Derel Walker has had a lot of success in the Rockets offense and normally would be a team’s No. 1 wide receiver, but he’s an incredible second weapon after Rogers. Shaq Evans wasn’t a big part of Oakland’s offense last year but in Orlando he’ll see a big increase in play. He’s looked very good in camp. Brandon Zylstra, Dominique Rhymes, and Brandon Zylstra are fantastic depth options for the Rockets. Byron Pringle might create a nice role for himself after success in the D-League. Jason Moore could develop into something very good if given time to develop.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Adarius Bowman – 8.d

Garry Brown – 6a

Chris Godwin – 10

DaeSean Hamilton – 7aa

Rashard Higgins – 7aa

Keith Kirkwood – 6aa

Justin Watson – 6aa

It was bound to happen, and it did. Long-time No. 1 receiver Adarius Bowman has been tremendous for the Bulldogs, but the 34-year-old has really taken a step back. Speed wasn’t ever really a huge part of his game, so he’s still more than just serviceable as a bigger-bodied option over the middle, but the Bulldogs success will be because of Chris Godwin. He might be the most talented wide receiver the Bulldogs have had in recent memory. Maybe even the best wide receiver they have ever had. He led the team last year but he’s been incredible in camp this year. He’s beating everyone who tries to defend him in camp. Rashard Hiddings and DaeSean Hamilton are fighting for the slot job. Hamilton might have the lead in that battle. He was a bigger part of the offense last season and could start cutting into Bowman’s targets too. Higgins is a quick receiver who is still a threat when he is on the field. Keith Kirkwood and Justin Watson are developmental guys who need time to get better. Watson has very high upside.

Pittsburgh Forge

Bryan Burnham – 10

Simmie Cobbs, Jr. – 6a

Charles Johnson – 8.d

Darius Prince – 7

Rashad Ross – 7

Brad Sinopoli – 8

Bryan Burnham has been a tremendous weapon for the Pittsburgh Forge. When they first came back into the league they had this dynamic offense, but it was with a bunch of weapons and no game-changers. Burnham has consistently developed into their top guy and he very much is. He’s the play-maker they missed early on. Brad Sinopoli is another guy who keeps getting better. Remember, he used to be a quarterback at the pro level. Now, he’s a seasoned veteran at wide receiver. At 6-foot-4, he knows how to take advantage of his size to make plays. Charles Johnson is slowing down, but considering he was always faster than everyone else on the field, he’s still a big-play threat, though the Forge will have to deal with drops. Simmie Cobbs, Jr. is a quick slot-type guy who could carve out a larger role in the offense this year. Darius Prince and Rashad Ross are quality veteran depth players.

Sacramento Bandits

Darvin Adams – 7a

Brandon Banks – 8

Duron Carter – 8

Greg Ellingson – 8

Colton Hunchak – 6a

Andre Lindsay – 6a

Cameron Meredith – 10

Terrell Owens – 7.d

Coming in as an expansion team, the Sacramento Bandits knew they needed one guy who could make big plays. They have that in Cameron Meredith, who has had a couple incredible seasons in Atlanta, where he proved himself as a top receiver in the league. We’ll see what he’ll do with a lesser talent at quarterback, but he’s still a tremendous talent in his own right. Sacramento actually has a lot of talent at wide receiver. It really is a strength of the squad. Duron Carter for some reason just wasn’t able to get himself involved too much in New York last year despite running well and getting open. Statistically, expect a bounce-back from him. Greg Ellingson is 31-years-old, but he’s at the top of his game right now. Brandon Banks is a very interesting player. For years, he was an elite return man, but he ended up out of the league because he wasn’t producing as a receiver. So what did he do. He went up to Canada, worked incredibly hard on his game as a pass catcher and now he looks like a real threat. At 32-years-old, he’s a better receiver than he ever has been and still has the explosive ability we all know him to have from his return ability. Darvin Adams expects to be involved in some way. Terrell Owens is 46-years-old and he’s a shell of what he once was, but he’s still such a crafty receiver. Last year nobody really expected anything out of him in Seattle, but he was still out there catching first downs in key situations.

San Antonio Marshalls

Josh Atkinson – 7

Linell Bonner – 7aa

Steven Dunbar – 6a

Armanti Foreman – 6a

Brandon LaFell – 8.d

Gary McKnight – 7aa

Kenbrell Thompkins – 7.d

D’Haquille Williams – 8a

As much talent as the Marshalls have, they aren’t as talented at wide receiver. Duke Williams has stepped up and might be their best option. He’s a very good receiver but isn’t really the game-breaker and might be better as a No. 2 guy. With that said, Linell Bonner and Gary McKnight might not be as polished of receivers but are building on tremendous D-League seasons and both have that big-play ability. McKnight averaged 18.1 yards per catch in the D-League. The team might have been banking on Brandon LaFell and Kenbrell Thompkins, but the two veterans have struggled in camp. Both are still more than just serviceable, but at this point in their careers they are pretty limited in what they can do.

San Diego Diablos

Aaron Dobson – 7

Emmanuel Hall – 6a

Allen Lazard – 8aa

Rueben Randle – 9

David Sills – 7aa

Rod Windsor – 7.d

Kendall Wright – 8.d

Rueben Randle salvaged his career in New Orleans and is now looking to be the top receiver for the San Diego Diablos. He’s performed well in camp and is using his size to his advantage. However, it is Allen Lazard who is the star of the group. He’s still developing but he has tremendous upside and can turn into something very good out there. He’s had a great camp. David Sills is building off a remarkable D-League season and might make an impact right away, especially considering Kendall Wright and Rod Windsor are really starting to drop in production. Wright is still a steady possession guy but Windsor might not be a viable option anymore. Aaron Dobson still hasn’t done much to shed the nickname “Dropson”. He probably never will, but he’s figured out some other parts of his game to put himself in the best position to try to make catches.

Seattle Orcas

Emmanuel Arceneaux – 8.d

Jevon Cottoy – 6aa

Jared Dangerfield – 6a

Armanti Edwards – 7

Dezmon Epps – 6a

Janarion Grant – 6a

Krishawn Hogan – 7aa

Gunner Olszewski – 6aa

A.J. Richardson – 6aa

Long-time steady Orcas wide receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux is starting to see his skills diminish on the field. He’s never been the most electrifying option for the Orcas, but he’s still a solid pass catcher who could be headed toward filling the key third down in traffic receiver that Terrell Owens was for so long. But, the Orcas need some other players to step up before that happens. Krishawn Hogan is definitely in the best position to become the team’s leading receiver. He’s become a reliable possession receiver. Gunner Olszewski is another small school guy. He’s shown nice flashes in camp but he is also a possession guy and not a guy who can stretch the field. He’ll catch just about everything that comes his way, but just isn’t much of a threat to make huge plays. Armanti Edwards might be the biggest deep threat the team has, though he’s clearly a veteran who is limited in his upside. A.J. Richardson has very nice potential and could become that kind of receiver, but he’s very raw right now. Jevon Cottoy might end up being just like Emmanuel Arceneaux. He’s a big receiver who works well in traffic. He just has to develop. Janarion Grant hasn’t developed as a receiver. His impact is as a tremendous return man.

St. Louis Stallions

Brice Butler – 10.d

Emmanuel Butler – 6aa

Rashad Greene – 6aa

Andy Jones – 6aa

Elijah Marks – 6a

Isaiah McKenzie – 8aa

J’Mon Moore – 6aa

Ron’quavion Tarver – 6a

Brice Butler has been a big-time playmaker for the Stallions. What he did two years ago was proven to be by no means a fluke as he followed it up with a great 2019 season. He’s not as explosive as he was the past two years, but he’s still very explosive and is a big playmaker in camp right now. Isaiah McKenzie has developed very well and is becoming a very good second option for the team. He compliments Butler’s speed quite well, too. After those two it’s very much a mixed bag. Andy Jones and J’Mon Moore have experience, but Emmanuel Butler is a talented rookie who is making nice plays. Jones is more the possession guy while Moore has very good size and could become a redzone threat. Keep and eye on Rashad Greene. He’s had a great camp. He came in with a chip on his shoulder after not being utilized much as the team’s return man last year, but he’s also really worked hard to prove himself as a viable receiver as well. He’s a determined player and if he clicks, he is about as explosive as anybody.

Utah Raptors

Martavis Bryant – 8ac

Deon Cain – 7aa

Scotty Miller – 7aa

Mitchell Picton – 6aa

Keenan Reynolds – 7a

Artavis Scott – 6aa

Kenny Shaw – 7a

Tevaun Smith – 7a

Brandon Thompkins – 7.d

Dede Westbrook – 10

Drew Wolitarsky – 7a

The Raptors have brought in a ton of wide receivers hoping to find a group that will succeed. We know Dede Westbrook is definitely the top guy here. He has great hands and makes big plays. He’s very reliable. After him, we don’t know a ton of what the Raptors have. It’s hard to know what to expect out of Martavis Bryant. He’s a tremendous talent, but he’s got off-the-field issues. He could provide great big-play ability for the Raptors, though. Deon Cain was acquired after he had such a good rookie season in Dallas. He could be headed for a bigger role. Scotty Miller is a very talented player the team loves. He could be headed for a quality rookie season and has great potential. Kenny Shaw has been around for a while, but at this point he is what he is. He is reliable, but he’s probably never going to get targeted again like he was when he led a bad Wranglers team in receiving a few years ago. Tevaun Smith is making his second run in the league. He’s a fast guy and could carve out a role because of his speed. Drew Wolitarsky is a fundamentally sound, big-bodied receiver who is developing. Mitchell Picton was great in the D-League for three seasons and is carrying that momentum and confidence into camp. Artavis Scott has a lot of potential. He catches everything but isn’t very fast or explosive. Keenan Reynolds took a while to make the transition to wide receiver but finally looks like he can be a good option in the passing game. Brandon Thompkins’ time is up. He’s at the very end of his career.

Virginia Admirals

Isaiah Ford – 6aa

Flynn Nagel- 6a

Daikiel Shorts – 7a

Tommy Shuler – 6a

Darius Slayton – 8aa

Rod Streater – 8.d

It was a surprise when the Admirals did not try to bring Davarus Daniels back, knowing he was their team’s leader in receiving yards and touchdowns, and knowing Rod Streater is starting to show his age and is slowing down. However, the Admirals look like they have found a future star in Darius Slayton. The rookie has been incredible in camp. He’s making big plays and really brings a playmaker to the Admirals passing game. Streater is slowing down but he’s still doing to be a reliable pass catcher. Daikiel Shorts is playing well and can make some good catches over the middle. Isaiah Ford is showing good potential and should be involved. Flynn Nagel and Tommy Shuler are added bodies who might make some catches in deep reserve.

Washington Wave

Keelan Cole – 8aa

DeVonte Dedmon – 6aa

Khadarel Hodge – 7aa

Brayden Lenius – 6aa

Kimi Linnainmaa – 6a

De’Mornay Pierson-El – 6a

Cortrelle Simpson – 6aa

Jalen Saunders – 8a

Derrick Willies – 6aa

Keelan Cole is a talented receiver. He hasn’t had the step up in camp as hoped this year, but he’s still performing very well and has tremendous potential. Khadrel Hodge is a very good running mate along with Cole. Hodge is also showing very good potential. Jalen Saunders was a great addition in the offseason. Saunders has been quite successful in Michigan. He’s somewhat limited in what he can do, but he’s very good at what he does. That is a solid trip for the Wave to work with. The Wave have quite a few developmental guys showing good potential. DeVonte Dedmon might lead the back right now after performing well in the D-League, but Cortrelle Simpson definitely has the big play potential and that could lead to him carving out a bigger role than Dedmon over the course of the season.

SFL Top 5 WRs

1. Antonio Brown (Milwaukee Warriors)
2. Stefon Diggs (New York Marauders)
3. Eric Rogers (Orlando Rockets)
4. Tyreek Hill (Nashville Renegades)
5. Chris Godwin (Philadelphia Bulldogs)

By the Numbers:
Total WRs: 248
10 Rating: 10 (4.0%)
9 Rating: 16 (16.9%)
8 Rating: 42 (33.9%)
7 Rating: 84 (33.9%)
6 Rating: 96 (38.7%)