Atlanta Firebirds

CB Brandon Boykin – 10.d

CB Rashard Fant – 6aa

CB Mike Hilton – 10

CB Nick Marshall – 8a

CB Dexter McDougle – 7aa

CB Chandon Sullivan – 7aa

FS Eric Berry – 10.di

DB Tyson Graham, Jr. – 6a

S Siran Neal – 7aa

S Bacarri Rambo – 9.d

It’s going to be hard to find a better secondary than the Firebirds. They have made huge investments and have developed very well. Mike Hilton has stepped up and gotten better every year and is at the top of his game. Brandon Boykin is slowing down just a bit, but is still one of the best cornerbacks around. Nick Marshall continues to be a great option at slot corner, but Dexter McDougle and Chandon Sullivan are playing great and are going to push the veteran for time. At safety, Bacarri Rambo has long been a dynamic playmaker for the Firebirds but they made a huge investment to add Eric Berry. He’s one of the best coverage guys in the game still. Now, injuries are a worry with him. If he’s healthy, he’s the best. He just has to stay healthy. Siran Neal has had a great camp.

Birmingham Predators

CB Ben Benwikere – 9

CB Blake Countess – 7aa

CB Rashad Fenton – 6aa

CB LaDarius Gunter – 9

CB Shakial Taylor – 6aa

CB Alterraun Verner – 8.d

SS Clayton Fejedelem – 9aa

FS Eddie Jackson – 10

Birmingham had made strong investments in their secondary and they were a great unit last year and a huge season why they ended up winning the championship. This year that group pretty much returns. Ben Benwikere and LaDarius Gunter are a very strong starting duo. Blake Countess is a solid slot corner. Alterraun Verner is really slowing down and has considered retiring, but he’s still hanging in there. Rashad Fenton and Shakial Taylor are showing solid potential. The team has no depth at safety but Clayton Fejedelem and Eddie Jackson make up one of, if not the best safety duos around.

Boston Dragons

CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun – 7aa

CB Elie Bouka – 7a

CB Danny Johnson – 6aa

CB Nickell Robey-Coleman – 10

CB LaRico Stevenson – 7.d

CB Jamar Summers – 9a

CB Ronnie Yell – 9

S Lukas Denis – 6aa

FS John Franklin III – 6

FS Winston Guy – 9.d

SS Jayron Kearse – 7aa

SS James Sample – 8a

S Weston Steelhammer – 6aa

Colin Durina teams always have a top, top-end shutdown cornerback. Nickell Robey-Coleman has been that guy for a while and he truly is among the best shutdown corners in the game. This year, though, he has another top flight cornerback playing across from him in Jamar Summers. Summers has played very well and has developed very well into a near elite cornerback. Ronnie Yell has been another force. The Dragons have a great set of cornerbacks between those three. Danny Johnson is showing good potential. At safety, Winston Guy is still a top guy, but is on the decline. James Sample is playing well in camp. Jayron Kearse is showing great potential and should push for a much bigger opportunity.

Buffalo Gunners

CB Hamp Cheevers – 7a

CB Pierre Desir – 9aa

CB/S Desmond King – 8aa

CB Cameron Lewis – 6aa

DB Eric Murray – 9aa

CB Jalen Myrick – 6a

CB Lafayette Pitts – 6aa

CB Marcus Rios – 7a

FS Treston DeCoud – 7a

SS Demetrius Flanagan-Fowles – 6aa

S Royce Metchie – 6a

FS Kai Nacua – 7aa

SS DeShawn Shead – 9.d

S Kenny Vaccaro – 10

While DeShawn Shead is starting to slow down a bit, he and Kenny Vaccaro are two devastating safeties. The only worry might be that neither are particularly strong in coverage. We’ve seen this in the past where a team has two top talents at safety, but they just don’t compliment each other well. Kai Nacua has been developing well and might be the best coverage safety, though maybe just barely over Treston DeCoud. At cornerback, the Gunner have some very good ones. Owner Eric Murray bet on cornerback Eric Murray for no other reason than they have the same name. But that looks like it’s paying off. Murray the player is developing into one of the best defensive backs around. He actually does have the ability to play free safety as well. Pierre Desir was a guy who was trying to get his feet under him just a few years ago, but he definitely has and he’s become one of the best and most consistent coverage corners in the entire league. If Murray does move back to safety, the Gunners still have Desmond King. He’s not quite the cornerback Desir or Murray are, but he’s really coming into his own. Marcus Rios is a very good and reliable depth corner. Hamp Cheevers has taken everybody by surprise. He was a surprise in the D-League and he’s proven all his doubters wrong again in camp with very good practices.

Carolina Generals

CB Grant Haley – 8aa

CB Demetrius McCray – 8

CB Quenton Meeks – 6aa

CB Zach Sanchez – 8a

CB Marcus Sayles – 7a

CB Clevan Thomas – 7.d

CB/FS Jack Tocho – 8

FS Kenny Ladler – 9a

S Bryce Peila – 9.d

SS Delvon Randall – 6aa

Clevan Thomas has tried his comeback, but at the age of 40 he just looks worn down and finished. It’s sad for such a legend. He’s said if he makes the team, he’ll gut it out for the rest of the year and retire at the end. If he doesn’t, he’s officially hanging up the cleats right away. Thomas has done so much in his career. We’ll see what happens with the Hall of Famer. He does still have a shot to make the team because the Generals do like having depth, but the Generals are a team with some good players in their secondary. They might lack one elite star. Kenny Ladler might be the closest to it. He’s a very skilled coverage safety and he works perfectly with the hard-hitting safety Bryce Peila, a former linebacker. Jack Tocho has worked some at safety but is a versatile guy. He really stepped up and beat all expectations last year. Zach Sanchez is building momentum off a quality year last year with Oklahoma and he’s enjoying his new home. Demetrius McCray is another guy who has really stepped up. None of them are top flight, but all very competitive cornerbacks. Grant Haley is probably the biggest surprise of camp. He’s come in looking great.

Columbus Explorers

CB Tyler Castillo IV – 6aa

CB Marcus Cooper – 9

CB Ken Crawley – 8

CB DeAndre Farris – 6a

CB Justin Hardee – 6aa

CB Jonathan Jones – 8aa

CB Dakari Monroe – 6aa

CB Alexander Myres – 6aa

CB David Rivers – 7aa

S Chris Brockman – 7aa

S Quintin Demps – 7.d

FS Branden Dozier – 7a

S Robbie Grimsley – 6aa

SS Alex Kocheff – 6aa

S Will Parks – 8aa

S Brandon Wilson – 6a

You can sense it happening, it’s just taken a bit longer than expected, but Will Parks has the makings of being a top notch safety. He’s jumped around the league quite a bit in a short amount of time at this point, which you’d think would hurt his confidence, but instead it’s given him a big chip on his shoulder and he’s come out in camp strong. Jonathan Jones has had a fantastic camp. Once viewed as maybe just a depth cornerback, now he might be their starter opposite Marcus Cooper, who continues to show he is a top cornerback in the league and a legit No. 1. Ken Crawley has put in a very competitive camp as well. So had David Rivers, who is showing great potential. Tyler Castillo IV, Justin Hardee, and Dakari Monroe are all showing nice potential at cornerback but just aren’t ready for top roles quite yet. At safety, Demps has long been the top guy but his age is really catching up to him. He’s made a case for the Hall of Fame throughout his career, but at 34 years old he’s just not as fast or explosive as he used to be. Parks has stepped up at the top safety and he’s good both in the box and in coverage. Brandon Dozier was probably looked at as the other safety coming into camp and he’s played well, but Chris Brockman has had a great camp. He’s been a big surprise but he’s had three great D-League campaigns and has really developed well. Robbie Grimsley and Alex Kocheff look pretty good. Brandon Wilson is such a versatile player and contributes in so many ways, though he’s got limited upside as a safety.

Dallas Six-Shooters

CB Alfonzo Dennard – 8

CB Jeremy Kellem – 8

CB Keisean Nixon – 7aa

DB Tre Roberson – 8a

CB/FS James Romain – 8

CB Brandon Williams – 8aa

CB Asantay Brown – 7a

SS Jamal Carter – 6aa

S Ahmad Dixon – 7

S Malik Gant – 7

S Corey Moore – 8a

DB Tavierre Thomas – 7aa

S Armani Watts – 7aa

When you see the Dallas Six-Shooters secondary you see a lot of good players. That’s good. But there could be a bad side to that they are all good, but nobody is really great. We’ve seen secondaries like this do well, but we’ve seen some really struggle too. It just depends if anybody steps up and improves during the season. Dallas does have a couple of guys who look like they are trending up more than just playing steady. Brandon Williams has been a very nice surprise in camp. He’s performed better than expected and could be the guy who steps up during the season. Tavierre Thomas also could. He’s a versatile defensive back that could contribute in a few places. Armani Watts and Keisean Nixon have done very well under Jerry Glanville’s tutelage as well. They have very much benefitted from having him work closely with them. So the shooters do have some risers, but are they good enough or ready to beat out many of their steady veterans for time. Alfonzo Dennard, Jeremy Kellem, Tre Robinson, James Romain, and Corey Moore are all very good defensive backs. That shows how deep with talent this group is, but they are all very, very steady and we know who they are. They are all good, but might be better as guys who accompany top guys more than being the top guys.

Indianapolis Speed

CB David Amerson – 8.d

CB Jalen Davis – 7aa

CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu – 8

CB Jermaine Gabriel – 8

CB Justin King – 8.d

CB Coty Sensabaugh – 8

CB Cameron Sutton – 9aa

CB Cassius Vaughn – 8.d

CB Shareece Wright – 8.d

SS Marcus Allen – 6aa

SS Matt Elam – 6

S Josh Jones – 7aa

FS Rahim Moore – 8

SS Calvin Pryor – 8

If it weren’t for the great showing by Cameron Sutton the Indianapolis Speed might actually be disappointed. They are another one of those teams with a lot of good players, but other than Sutton, nobody is looking really good or great, and many of them are older and on the decline. Mike Nolan has done a great job with all the veterans he does have, but it’s all about Cameron Sutton. He’s the star of the team and with his length and athleticism he is going to be a tough guys to complete passes against. Josh Jones and Jalen Davis are showing nice potential. Even though right now they might be a slight step behind many of the other veterans, they could be worthy of the investments in playing time.

Jacksonville Stingrays

CB/S Devin Abraham – 7aa

CB/S Will Davis – 8.d

CB Clifton Duck – 6aa

CB Josh Hawkins – 8a

CB Jeremy Lane – 9

CB Kareem Orr – 6aa

CB Tyler Patmon – 9

CB Ryan Pulley – 7aa

SS Anthony Harris – 10

FS Brian Poole – 10

SS Max Redfield – 6aa

FS Sheldrick Redwine – 7aa

SS Darius West – 6aa

FS A.J. Westbrook – 6a

FS Jalen Young – 6a

It’s still a mystery how Jacksonville ended up with an elite player in their prime like Brian Poole. How any team let a player of his caliber go is just crazy. But, it was to the expansion team’s benefit and they have had an incredible showing out of Anthony Harris. Not only are those two looking like elite cornerbacks, but they compliment each other very well at safety. Sheldrick Redwine has had a great rookie camp and looks like he could really turn into something in the future for Jacksonville. At cornerback, Tyler Patmon has been a very good veteran in the league and Jeremy Lane, while sometimes does struggle as the No. 1 cornerback against opponents best receivers, he has been incredible as a No. 2 cornerback. Lane was an addition from New York, as was Josh Hawkins. Hawkins performed very well as the slot corner in New York and those two together look to bring the winning ways of the Marauders to the Stingrays. Ryan Pulley and Devin Abraham look like they can become really good players. Will Davis is slowing down.

Los Angeles Avengers

CB Jamal Agnew – 6aa

CB Tre Herndon -8aa

CB Isaiah Johnson – 7aa

CB Iman Marshall-Lewis – 7aa

CB Tarvarus McFadden – 7aa

CB Fabian Moreau – 9aa

S Mike Bell – 6aa

FS Taylor Loffler – 9aa

SS Eric Pinkins – 7aa

FS D.J. Reed – 7aa

While the Avengers seem crazy for letting Brian Poole go, they have a lot of talent left in their secondary. Taylor Loffler has gotten better each year and might be the new playmaking safety. He’s great at putting himself in position to make big plays. But the big time defensive back here is Fabian Moreau. We all knew he was destined to be a star when he was drafted, and now he’s looking like he’s meeting those expectations. Tre Herndon has performed very well opposite Moreau at cornerback but they have plenty of talent capable of playing nickel and dime at a high level. Isaiah Johnson and Tarvarus McFadden are looking really good. They are a slight step ahead of Iman Marshall-Lewis, but he performed very well in the D-League and set himself up for success with the Avengers. At safety, Eric Pinkins is the best box-type safety to compliment Loffler’s coverage ability. Don’t sleep on D.J. Reed to sneak some time in.

Louisville Cougars

CB Des Lawrence – 8aa

CB Avonte Maddox – 8aa

CB Kalan Reed – 6aa

CB Tatum Slack – 6a

CB Ken Webster – 7aa

SS Kavon Frazier – 8aa

SS Josh Harvey-Clemons – 7aa

SS Ashely Lowery – 6a

SS Taylor Mays – 8.d

While Taylor Mays is showing his age, Perry Fewell has done a spectacular job with this secondary. Kavon Frazier, Des Lawrence, and Avonte Maddox are all looking great while Ken Webster and Josh Harvey-Clemons have been great surprises in camp. Those five, along with the veteran Mays, can make this group a tough one, which is very needed for the Cougars. Their secondary has been their weak link the past few years and have cost them. Lawrence and Maddox stand out at cornerback but Webster really has shined as a slot corner. They could use a more natural coverage safety, though Mays still has decent enough coverage ability. However, he is naturally better against the run.

Miami Mustangs

CB Sherrod Baltimore – 7a

CB Andre Chachere – 7aa

CB Mike Daly – 7a

CB Michael Jackson – 6aa

DB Jaquan Johnson – 6aa

CB Robert McClain – 8.d

CB Ezra Robinson – 6aa

CB Rashard Robinson – 7a

CB Mitchell White – 8

SS Tevin Carter – 7aa

SS Ken Fontenette – 8.d

S Jordan Hoover – 7a

S Tray Matthews – 6aa

Andre Chachere was a very nice addition and somewhat of a surprise last year for the Mustangs and he’s carried that momentum from the D-League and now his first SFL year into this year’s camp. He’s performed quite well. Mitchell White is a very reliable veteran. Sherrod Baltimore isn’t performing as good as White, but he’s also been a steady veteran. Rashard Robinson is a former fourth round NFL pick but is getting things together in the SFL. Michael Jackson and Jaquan Johnson could be the future of the unit if the Mustangs remain patient with them. Ezra Robinson continues to outperform expectations. At safety, Tevin Carter was the shock of the veteran’s combine last year after coming in from the D-League and earned a contract with the Mustangs. He played quite well and is leading the pack of safeties this year. Ken Fontenette is still a quality veteran. He’s slowing down but he’s holding off Jordan Hoover at this moment. Tray Matthews is a developmental guys.

Michigan Stags

CB Jeremy Clark – 6a

CB Josh Johnson – 7a

CB Cre’von LeBlanc – 7aa

CB Tony Lippett – 10

CB David Long, Jr. – 7aa

CB Darius Phillips – 7aa

CB Keith Reaser – 7aa

SS Clayton Geathers – 10

FS DeAndre Houston-Carson – 7aa

S Marqueston Huff – 7

S Montae Nicholson – 9aa

S Shamarko Thomas – 8

The Stags are wizards when it comes to stacking their secondary year after year despite regularly losing top guys. This past offseason it was Charles Gaines who left, two years ago it was John Ojo. The Stags were just fine after losing Ojo and appear in amazing shape without Gaines. Tony Lippett and Clayton Geathers are elite defensive backs. Lippett is a very athletic cornerback and Geather is a very productive strong safety. But the depth the Stags have is great as always. At safety, former first round draft pick Montae Nicholson has developed into a top guy and looks ready to really make a huge statement this year. Shamarko Thomas is looking for his career comeback. He won a title with the New York Marauders before going to the NFL. Things didn’t quite pan out there, but he’s come into camp with the Stags playing very well. De’Andre Houston-Carson is developing very well, too. He’s got great potential. At corner, there aren’t any elite guys right now after Lippett, but some of the Stags guys certainly have the ability to become that by the season’s end. Cre’von LeBlanc might be ahead right now but David Long, Jr., Darius Phillips, and Keith Reaser could develop into very quality starters.

Milwaukee Warriors

CB Jalen Allison – 6a

CB Jared Bell – 6a

CB Delvin Breaux – 8

CB Aaron Grymes – 8

CB Winston Rose – 8aa

S D’Cota Cox – 6a

FS Josh Evans – 8

S J.T. Gray – 6aa

SS Jeron Johnson – 8.d

S Andrew Wingard – 7aa

Not exactly a strength for the Warriors, their secondary has a few decent veterans but few guys to build on. Winston Rose and Andrew Wingard are about the only guys the team really could look to build around right now. Rose has developed very well and is coming in with great swagger and confidence. Wingard is very fundamental and has a great football I.Q. He’s quicker than fast and has a high motor. He’s a constant overachiever and is very good at his role. J.T. Gray has a lot of potential, but needs to develop more. Delvin Breaux and Aaron Grymes are sturdy veterans, but both would struggle against elite receivers. Josh Evans is a reliable veteran coverage safety, but again, against elite passing games he might struggle to keep up. Jeron Johnson is still a good player but is trending down.

Mississippi Gators

CB Kevin Fogg – 8a

CB Tevin Homer – 6

CB Jayron Hosley – 7

CB Anthony Murray – 6a

CB Jamal Peters – 6aa

CB Kevon Seymour – 6a

SS Brian Blechen – 7

FS Rickey Jefferson – 6a

S Tarvrius Moore – 7a

FS Brandian Ross – 9

Brandian Ross is a very good veteran capable of captaining this young secondary of the Gators. Tarvrius Moore looks to be beating out Brian Blechen for the other safety job, though just barely. Blechen might be better in the box, but Moore has slightly better coverage skills and with cornerback being pretty thin and without a true star, the Gators could use the coverage skills are safety. Kevin Fogg is the top cornerback and is a solid veteran presence. Jamal Peters is showing a lot of very good potential to grow. He might beat out veteran Jayron Hosley purely because of his upsite. Hosley would be better matched up against slot receivers anyway.

Nashville Renegades

CB Ishmael Adams – 6aa

CB John Ojo – 9.d

CB Shaquille Richardson – 9

DB Damon Webb – 6a

SS Duke Ihenacho – 9.d

FS Jalen Mills – 10

FS Nick Orr – 6a

As usual, depth isn’t a strength of the Renegades, but top-end talent is. John Ojo had an incredible first year with the Renegades and brought his winning attitude from Michigan and New York to the team and it really paid off. Shaquille Richardson certainly learned a lot from him and it has benefited him. After those two, there is little at cornerback. However, Ishmael Adams is a great athlete who is known for his return ability but continually gets better at cornerback despite his size. At safety, Jalen Mills has developed into a top-tier safety. Duke Ihenacho brings major pop in the box.

New Orleans Nightmare

CB Dwayne Hollis – 7.d

CB Donnie Lewis, Jr. – 6aa

DB Kamrin Moore – 7a

CB Dante Redwood – 6a

CB Kendall Sheffield – 7aa

CB Savion Smith – 7a

CB Josh Victorian – 7

CB D.J. White – 8aa

S John Battle – 6a

SS Deon Bush – 9aa

S Kurtis Drummond – 8a

SS Kyries Hebert – 7.d

FS T.J. Lee – 8a

S Roderick Teamer – 6a

S Deionte Thompson – 7aa

Deon Bush, once again, is coming in looking great and like a real difference maker in the Nightmare secondary. He’s got a nice amount of help, though. T.J. Lee and Kurtis Drummond are very nice veterans and Deionte Thompson has shown a lot of potential at safety. At cornerback, D.J. White leads the pack. He showed very good potential in his career and has been relishing an opportunity as a starter in New Orleans. Kendall Sheffield is showing amazing potential and looks like he could eventually be the best cornerback this team has. He’s beating out veterans Kamrin Moore and Savion Smith right now. Donnie Lewis, Jr. might push for some playing time right away in a reserve role.

New York Marauders

CB Kris Boyd – 7aa

CB Courtney Bridget – 7

CB Chandler Fenner – 7

CB Charles Gaines – 10

CB Holton Hill – 8aa

CB Picasso Nelson, Jr. – 6aa

CB Tye Smith – 9

FS Deshon Elliott – 6aa

SS Trayvon Henderson – 6aa

S Will Hill – 8

FS Tedric Thompson – 9aa

SS Mike Tyson – 6a

Last season the Marauders came into the year with a ton of depth at safety. They made some trades, and immediately regretted cutting into it. Will Hill had been a very valuable player for the Marauders. Before the year they traded him to Miami and just a few weeks later had to bring him back. He is just too productive, even off the bench. It didn’t help that Eric Reid missed a lot of the season with an injury. They moved him out all together, but are relying on Tedric Thompson to take over that spot. He was a budding star and took advantage of his opportunity last year. Now he looks like a star at safety. Deshon Elliott was a quality depth addition for the team and has some nice potential. Trayvon Henderson continues to out-perform expectations. At cornerback, the Marauders missed John Ojo from two years ago. They made things worse but Jeremy Lane is now gone too. So they brought in another top cornerback previously of the Michigan Stags, Charles Gaines. He’s at the top of his game and is performing very well. Tye Smith sometimes struggles against top-end receivers, but has grown into one of the better cornerbacks in the league. They make a great duo. Chandler Fenner and Courtney Bridget have been very valuable reserve corners for the Marauders, but they brought in a pair of very talented guys, Holton Hill and Kris Boyd. Hill had a very good year in Houston last year while Boyd is showing great potential as a rookie. They are improvements athletically, but don’t expect Fenner or Bridget to just not find ways to contribute. SFL legacy Picasso Nelson, Jr. is fighting for a roster spot but made a strong case for himself with a great D-League season and has brought that momentum into camp.

Omaha Express

CB Anthony Brown – 9aa

CB Donatello Brown – 7

CB Jordan Brown – 7

CB Elijah Campbell – 6a

CB Justin Gilbert – 9

CB Chris Jones – 7aa

CB Charvarius Ward – 8aa

SS Tre Boston – 10

FS Chip Cox – 6.d

FS T.J. Heath – 8.d

S Tyree Robinson – 6a

While Tre Boston has been a remarkable safety for the Express, bringing a great toughness and edge to the secondary, it is the cornerbacks that might rank among the best in the league. Anthony Brown has really stepped up and looks to be one his way to becoming one of the very best in the league, but Charvarius Ward might actually have the greater high-end upside. Ward has been incredible and has mega-star written all over him. He’s still fairly young but by this time next year we could be talking about him being one of the most shutdown cornerbacks in the league. Justin Gilbert has done an incredible job salvaging his career in the SFL. Chris Jones looks like he could become something very good in the near future. The Express don’t have any top guys at safety after Boston. T.J. Heath is the best of the bunch but is starting to show his age.

Orlando Rockets

DB DaShaun Amos – 6aa

CB Tony Brown – 7aa

DB Robertson Daniel – 6a

CB Michael Davis – 8aa

CB Richard Leonard – 8a

CB Kenny Moore II – 9aa

CB Parry Nickerson – 6aa

CB Anthony Orange – 8

CB Garry Peters – 8

FS Andrew Adams – 8aa

S Kentrell Brice – 8aa

S Alden Darby – 7a

S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson – 7aa

FS Dexter McCoil – 8

S Derrick Moncrief – 8a

S George Odum – 7aa

DB Greg Reid – 8

While the Rockets aren’t coming into the season with an elite shutdown cornerback like they have in previous years, they certainly have some top talent. Kenny Moore II is a top guy this year, stepping up and having a great camp to take over the top job at cornerback. Michael Davis is showing great promise as well. Richard Leonard, Anthony Orange, and Garry Peters are very good veterans and provide tremendous depth to the Rockets. Tony Brown is showing great potential and might even move up the depth chart above some of those veterans because of the promise he has. The Rockets will miss Adrian Amos at safety, but Kentrell Brice, a former first round pick, is finally stepping up and showing he’s more than capable of leading that unit. Andrew Adams has performed very well for the Rockets and is looking very strong in camp. Greg Reid and Dexter McCoil are quality veterans, but Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and George Odum might be more worthy of getting reps because of their younger age and potential to get better.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

CB Kabion Ento – 6aa

CB Brandon Facyson – 6aa

CB Nate Hairston – 7aa

CB Amani Oruwariye – 6aa

CB Kevin Toliver – 6aa

CB Don Unamba – 8a

CB Tavon Young – 10

SS Antonio Allen – 8.d

FS Sean Chandler – 6aa

DB Anthony Cioffi – 7a

SS Rayshawn Jenkins – 8aa

Tavon Young has battled, he really has, but he’s a top guy. He is a top guy because he is constantly battling. While typically, the Bulldogs secondary have been run by Young and Antonio Allen, Allen has really started to slow down and appears headed toward retirement before too long. He is still a quality safety, but the Bulldogs have prepared for his decline. Rayshawn Jenkins looks really good and ready to take his place. Antonio Cioffi isn’t the top free safety around, but he is beating out Sean Chandler right now. At cornerback, the spot opposite of Young looks like it might be Don Unamba. He’s played well. He’s limited in what he can do, but he’s not going to be a liability. Nate Hairston is playing well. Brandon Facyson, Amani Oruwariye, Kabion Ento, and Kevin Toliver are showing a lot of promise. Hairston might be the best of that group right now but there is little separating them.

Pittsburgh Forge

CB Ron Brooks – 7

CB Tommie Campbell – 7

CB Rasul Douglas – 8aa

CB Robert Nelson, Jr. – 7

CB Teez Tabor – 6aa

CB Frankie Williams – 6a

CB Daryl Worley – 9aa

S Lorenzo Jerome – 6a

SS Harold Jones-Quartey – 7a

FS Jordan Whitehead – 9aa

S Xavier Woods – 9aa

Historically, the Forge have had to rely on their high-powered passing offense because their secondary struggled to stop their opponents. Now, the high-powered passing offense might not need to be great, and instead just will be great in blowouts because the secondary has finally grown into one with really top notch players. Daryl Worley was thrown into the fire as a rookie and sometimes looked lost, but now, with so much experience under his belt, he’s developed into a top cornerback. As has Rasul Douglas. Those two look very strong while they have a trio of solid veterans providing good depth. At safety, the Forge have a top-notch duo of Xavier Woods and Jordan Whitehead. Both are very athletic players with very strong coverage ability. Harold Jones-Quartey can hold strong against the run.

Sacramento Bandits

CB Bryce Jones – 6aa

CB Mike Jones – 6a

CB Deatrick Nichols – 6a

CB Joe Powell – 7a

DB Raysean Pringle – 6aa

CB Sam Shields – 8.d

CB Mike Stevens – 6a

S Cody Brown – 7aa

FS Antoine Pruneau – 7a

SS Andrew Soroh – 6aa

This looks like it might be a rough year for the Bandits secondary. Rod Marinelli is working hard with his young secondary, but that is just it, they are very young and will have growing pains. Veterans Sam Shields and Antoine Pruneau are two veterans the Bandits might have to rely on, though Shields is definitely slowing down. Powell is a study veteran but Cody Brown looks like he could become a really good player and eventual star of this defense, maybe even right away. Bryce Jones and Raysean Pringle are two coverage guys who are showing nice potential while Andrew Soroh is showing nice pop in the box.

San Antonio Marshalls

CB Kenneth Acker – 9

CB Ciante Evans – 8aa

CB Tre Flowers – 10

DB Patrick Levels – 8a

CB Corey White – 8aa

S Brandon Alexander – 8a

FS Miles Killebrew – 9aa

S Derrick Kindred – 10

FS Eric Reid – 10

The Marshalls have put together an elite group of defensive backs. Eric Reid battled injuries last year but continues to be a top of the line coverage safety among the very, very best. Derrick Kindred has stepped up in a huge way and has blossomed under Bob Stoops. He was always solid for New York, played well last year and now really has clicked with Stoops guiding him. Miles Killebrew is another top of the line coverage safety who played well in Minnesota in his career but is now really becoming a special player. It wouldn’t be unexpected to see the Marshalls regularly play with three safeties on the field with this much talent at the position. Brandon Alexander would start for most teams but might have to ride the bench more than he’s like. They have a similarly great problem at cornerback. Tre Flowers has developed into a top notch cornerback. Corey White might be one his way. Kenneth Acker might never reach that elite status but he’s long been a top of the line cornerback. Ciante Evans is showing incredible promise. Patrick Levels is playing great too. Not a single defensive back for the Marshalls hasn’t performed to a level of a starter for most teams.

San Diego Diablos

CB Alvin Hill – 7a

CB Damon Kazee – 8aa

S Kameron Kelly – 7

CB Byron Maxwell – 8.d

CB Brad Watson – 8a

CB Darious Williams – 6aa

S Parker Baldwin – 6aa

SS Shiloh Keo – 7.d

S Adarius Pickett – 6a

SS Jordan Sterns – 6a

S Darian Thompson – 8aa

FS T.J. Ward – 7.d

Byron Maxwell, T.J. Ward, and Brad Watson did a great job carrying this secondary last year. Maxwell and Ward in particular provided great veteran leadership and Watson continued to over-achieve. Maxwell and Ward are now slowing down at their advanced sports age. Watson is still playing well but we know his limitations. But the Diablos have a new duo ready to step up and take over. Damon Kazee could become a top of the line cornerback, keeping Watson in better matchups as the No. 2, where he can use his length to make up for his limited athleticism. Darian Thompson is a very gifted safety and could take over that spot. Parker Baldwin could be battling Ward for time. Baldwin is showing nice potential but still needs time to develop. Darious Williams is showing a lot of potential at cornerback but also is still pretty raw. Alvin Hill and Kameron Kelly are quality veterans.

Seattle Orcas

CB Matt Boateng – 6aa

CB Greg Ducre – 7

CB E.J. Gaines – 9

CB Ed Gainey – 9

CB Marrio Norman – 7.d

CB Jonathan Rose – 7a

CB Trumaine Washington – 7a

SS/DB Tunde Adeleke – 8aa

S Kenneth Edison-McGruder – 6aa

FS Monshadrik Hunter – 7a

FS Neil King – 7.d

FS Shalom Luani – 6aa

SS JoJo McIntosh – 6aa

FS De’Andre Montgomery – 6aa

E.J. Gaines and Ed Gainey are the pair of steady veterans back and looking for a rebound season for the Orcas. They have been together for a while and play very well across from each other. This year, Trumaine Washington and Jonathan Rose are stepping up and look better than they did last year, ready to step up and play nickel and dime packages. Matt Boateng is showing nice potential, but might just need more time to develop. At safety, Tunde Adeleke was a big surprise last year and looks very good coming into this year. He sets a strong tone across the middle jacking up receivers. The Orcas are still looking for their coverage safety in the era after Tashaun Gipson, but Monshadrik Hunter is playing well, though Shalom Luani and De’Andre Montgomery have quite a bit of potential. Neil King is slowing down. JoJo McIntosh and Kenneth Edison-McGruder are more in-the-box type safeties but are playing well in camp.

St. Louis Stallions

DB Ikie Calderon – 6a

CB Deiondre’ Hall – 6aa

CB Julian Love – 6a

CB Aarion Penton – 6aa

CB D’Montre Wade – 8aa

CB Jamar Wall – 8.d

S Chuck Clark – 9aa

S Marcell Harris – 8aa

FS LaRoche Jackson – 7.d

S Rob Rolle – 6a

SS Ray Vinopal – 6a

FS Major Wright – 8.d

Chuck Clark is on the brink of stardom. He has an amazing story. He’s not the most athletic defensive back, he’s not the biggest, nor does he have the best vertical leap, but nobody is smarter than him on the field. He is so good as reading offenses and controlling his defense that he’s earned the green dot to be the captain on the field. Marcell Harris is coming along very well with Clark too. Harris is more athletic, so with Clark running things, Harris compliments him well with his ability to get all over the field. At cornerback, Jamar Wall has given the Stallions a good effort, but he is slowing down. D’Montre Wade is the new stt of the unit. Aarion Penton and Deiondre’ Hall will benefit from time to develop more.

Utah Raptors

CB Maurice Canady – 7aa

CB Corn Elder – 7aai

CB Taron Johnson – 8aa

CB Abdul Kanneh – 8

CB Nate Meadors – 6aa

CB Duke Shelley – 6aa

CB Channing Stribling – 7a

CB/FS Brandon Watson – 6aa

SS Sergio Brown – 9.d

FS Adrian Colbert – 8aa

FS/CB Montre Hartage – 7aa

SS Leo Musso – 7a

Taron Johnson is the future of this group. He performed very well last year, but now is his time to step up. Maurice Canady might just be edging out some other players for the second starting cornerback spot. He’s good, but certainly not great.Corn Elder might be better in a nickel role. Abdul Kanneh is a very nice veteran the team has leaned on for a while, but now with his age he’s slowing down a bit. The Raptors did invest heavily in cornerback in the draft. Duke Shelley stands out among their three rookies but he, Nate Meadors and Brandon Watson all need time to develop. At safety, Sergio Brown continues to perform above expectations but it looks like it’s about to be turned over to Adrian Colbert as the leader of the safeties. Colbert was a late draft pick a few years ago but he’s continually gotten better and looks set to step up and take over this year. Montre Hartage is a very good looking rookie while Leo Musso is a tough safety who has continually overachieved.

Virginia Admirals

CB Adonis Alexander – 6aa

CB Juston Burris – 8aa

CB Harlan Miller – 6a

CB Jimmy Moreland – 7aa

CB Captain Munnerlyn – 10

CB Fred Obi – 8.d

CB Orlando Scandrick – 8.d

CB Ryan Smith – 8aa

CB Tremon Smith – 6aa

CB Greg Stroman – 7aa

CB Bradley Sylve – 6a

S Demetrious Cox – 6a

S Raven Greene – 6aa

FS Amani Hooker – 6aa

Captain Munnerlyn has long been one of the very best cornerbacks in the league and this year he has some good help. Juston Burris and Ryan Smith were both in Carolina previously but not are now getting going in Virginia. Smith has been pretty successful throughout his career. Burris has been a late bloomer but looked really good in camp this year. Jimmy MOreland looks like a great rookie and really could turn into something special. Fred Obi and Orlando Scandrick are solid veterans but are both over the hill. At safety, the team is very thin. Raven Green and Amani Hooker might be thrown into the fire. They have potential but probably aren’t actually ready right now. They will have some bad moments but have had very nice moments in camp.

Washington Wave

CB Tyneil Cooper – 6a

DB Kerfalla Exume – 7aa

CB Mark Fields – 6aa

CB J.C. Jackson – 8aa

DB Maurice Leggett – 8.d

CB Will Likely – 6a

CB Rico Murray – 8

CB Chris Randle – 8.d

SS Micah Abernathy – 6aa

FS C.J. Moore – 6aa

FS Derron Smith – 8a

SS Daimion Stafford – 8.d

SS Dondre Wright – 7a

There might be a changing of the guard in the nation’s capital in the secondary. Chris Randle and Maurice Leggett did well last year holding things together, but now those two are slowing down in camp. But J.C. Jackson and Derron Smith look ready to take over. Jackson has been fantastic. Last year he was a young guy who wasn’t too sure of himself and made mistakes, but this year he’s looked really confident, is performing very well and is looking like a top guy. Karfalla Exume showed up in the D-League and is bringing that momentum into camp. Randle is still holding strong and provides a nice veteran presence. Rico Murray is a sturdy player. Leggett can play cornerback but was playing safety for the Wave last year. Smith was a highly-touted player in Nashville before leading the Raptors in pass deflections. Daimion Stafford is slowing down but Dondre Wright is playing well. C.J. Moore and Micah Abernthy are talented prospects showing good potential.

SFL Top 5 DBs

1. CB Nickell Robey-Coleman (Boston Dragons)
2. FS Eric Reid (San Antonio Marshalls)
3. FS Eric Berry (Atlanta Firebirds)
4. CB Captain Munnerlyn (Virginia Admirals)
5. FS Brian Poole (Jacksonville Stingrays)

By the Numbers:
Total DBs: 356
10 Rating: 18 (5.0%)
9 Rating: 38 (10.7%)
8 Rating: 89 (25.0%)
7 Rating: 99 (27.8%)
6 Rating: 112 (31.5%)