Atlanta Firebirds

OL Brett Boyko – 6a

C Dan Clark- 8.d

OT Joel Figueroa – 7a

C Mike Filer – 8

C Kristian Matte – 7

OL/DL Kahlil McKenzie – 6a

OL Patrick Mekari – 7aa

OT Austin Pasztor – 8a

OL Shane Richards – 7a

OG Quinton Spain – 9aa

OG Chance Warmack – 9

OT Leonard Wester – 8aa

Quinton Spain and Leonard Wester are coming into the year looking great and are looking dominant in camp. Chance Warmack looking very strong as well. The veteran is a very steady member of the Firebirds o-line. Austin Pasztor is another veteran looking steady again as well. The spot up for grabs might be center. Mike Filer is a tough as nails center, but Patrick Mekari has looked very good and is pushing for his spot. Can the veran hold him off? Shane Richard and Joel Figueroa are both looking like solid contributors should anything happen to their starters.

Birmingham Predators

OT Oday Aboushi – 9aa

OL Calvin Anderson – 6a

OT Adam Bisnowaty – 8aa

C Bradley Bozeman – 8aa

OG Jahri Evans – 7.d

OL Wyatt Miller – 6aa

OG Jordan Morgan – 8a

OL Mo Porter – 6a

Bradley Bozeman looks like a real star in the making. This could be his year to dominate, but at the very least he should be great and lead the interior of this offensive line. Jordan Morgan should be solid next to him, but Oday Aboushi and Adam Bisnowaty are the strength of the o-line on the outside. Jahri Evans was supposed to be the first starter, but he’s looking very slow and uninspired in camp. Wyatt Miller really isn’t ready to start but if Evans isn’t performing the Predators might have to make that change.

Boston Dragons

OG Larry Allen, Jr. – 6aa

OT Kwabena Asare – 6aa

OL Zack Bailey – 6aa

OT Kirby Fabien – 7

OL Jesse Gibbon – 7aa

OG Evan Johnson – 7a

OL Mark Korte – 7aa

OT Connor McDermott – 7aa

OT Jordan Mills – 10

OL Trey Rutherford – 7a

OG Ryan Sceviour – 6aa

OT David Steinmetz – 6a

Jordan Mills absolutely dominated last year, leading the league in pancakes and taking home Offensive Player of the Year honors. He’s back and looking great. He’s the one dominant force the Dragons have, but they have a lot of potential. Jesse Gibbon has been very impressive and he’s quite flexible in where he can play on the interior. Mark Korte is also a flexible interior player and looks good and could start again this year. Connor McDermott is another guy showing strong potential. He played well last year but could be headed for an even better season. Evan Johnson had a terribly disappointing season in 2019, but he’s not giving up and is looking to keep his starting job on the inside. He’s getting pushed by Larry Allen, Jr. and Ryan Sceviour.

Buffalo Gunners

OG Ryan Bates – 6aa

OT Ike Boettger – 6aa

C Ryan Crozier – 6aa

C Casey Dunn – 6aa

OT David Edwards- 7aa

C James Ferentz – 7aa

OG Brandon Fusco – 10.d

OG Sean Harlow – 7aa

OT Koda Martin – 6aa

OT Aaron Monteiro – 7aa

OT David Sharpe – 8aa

OT Josiah St. John – 7a

Brandon Fusco has long been one of the elite offensive linemen in the SFL, but he’s showing some signs of his age. Still, he’s top of the line. And he’s made David Sharpe a lot better too. Sharpe is hitting his stride and is looking to break into the upper echelon in his own right. After those two, the Gunners are resting on potential. Neither Sean Harlow nor James Ferentz really stepped up as hoped last year, but the year of experience might have set them up for the success they are hoping for this year. Experience should keep both guys in the starting lineup. They are head of the other guys pushing them. The last starting spot up for grabs is at offensive tackle opposite Sharpe. Josiah St. John started last year for Utah. He was okay, but in his first season starting he showed some flashes, however, rookies David Edwards and Aaron Monteiro have made great cases for themselves. Monteiro had a great D-League season and has translated that success into success at camp.

Carolina Generals

OG/OT Tyrell Crosby – 8aa

OG Geoff Gray – 7aa

OG/C Jordan McCray – 6a

OT Brandon Parker – 9aa

OG R.J. Prince – 6a

OT Trent Scott – 7aa

OT/OG Matt Tobin – 9

C Wayne Tribue – 8.d

Brandon Parker has had two great years in a row and now looks like he’s ready to make a name for himself as an elite player in the league. Tyrell Crosby had a good rookie year and followed that up with a fantastic camp. He’s looking very strong mostly at tackle, but he could be a good guard too. Matt Tobin might slip inside to let Crosby play outside. Tobin is another flexible player. He is coming off a strong 2019 with the Generals as well but is starting to slow down a little bit. Still, he’s got a few good years left in him. The Generals need to start looking for at least a backup for Wayne Tribue. Jordan McCray just isn’t cutting it. Tribue is starting to slow down as well, but is still plenty serviceable. Geoff Gray is showing nice potential in camp. Trent Scott would be pushing for playing time on most teams but is going to struggle seeing the field behind Parker and Crosby and/or Tobin.

Columbus Explorers

OG Shane Bergman – 8a

OG Deyshawn Bond – 7aa

OG/C Darius Ciraco – 7aa

OG/C Pat Elfein – 10

C/OG Vitas Hrynkiewicz – 6aa

OT Devon Johnson – 6aa

OT Jamarco Jones – 6a

OT Ryker Matthews – 7a

OT Pace Murphy – 6a

OT Greg Robinson – Incarcerated, Could Not Report

OG Khaliel Rodgers – 7aa

OG Chris Schleuger – 6a

In late February, Greg Robinson got arrested in Texas with a massive amount of drugs and is now facing 20 years in prison. That’s a massive loss for the Columbus explorers losing their dominant left tackle, but they have to find a new person. That hasn’t been easy. This team is absolutely loaded inside, but at tackle, Ryker Matthews has been solid, but probably isn’t going to become a shut down left tackle. Devon Johnson seems a year away from really being able to contribute. Maybe they could manage to trade one of their interior players for a good tackle. On the inside, Pat Elfein has been dominant and really might push for Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2020. He’s good at both guard and center and that provides nice flexibility with their depth inside. Shane Bergman has probably locked up a starting spot at guard while Deyshawn Bond has shown a lot of improvement after last year, as has Darius Ciraco. Khaliel Rodgers continues to surprise and impress everyone. Vitas Hrynkiewicz has really impressed in camp as a good center and might eventually become a starter, if not this year then in the not so distant future.

Dallas Six-Shooters

OG Tony Adams – 6a

C Jack Allen – 6a

OG Venzell Boulware – 6aa

OG Jermaine Eluemunor – 7aa

OG Brad Erdos – 7a

OT Ethan Greenidge – 7aa

OL Ryan Hunter – 6aa

OG Damien Mama – 6a

OG Anthony Steen – 7

OT Tyree St. Louis – 6aa

OG/OT Maea Teuhema – 6a

Nobody was sure what to expect out of Ethan Greenidge, but he was very awesome in the D-League and has translated that into tremendous success in training camp. He might just be the best offensive linemen the Six-Shooters have right now. Dallas has a very young offensive line so there might be some struggles, but there is plenty of room for growth. Jermaine Eluemunor has shown nice potential as well. He was so-so last year, but the experience really might pay some dividends Brad Erdos and Anthony Steen are the veteran leaders of the group and are fine options. Tyree St. Louis and Venzell Boulware are showing good potential and could push for some starting time. Jack Allen and Tony Adams have been pretty disappointing compared to their expectations after last season.

Indianapolis Speed

OG Tyrone Crowder – 6

OT David Foucault – 7.d

OG Philippe Gagnon – 6a

C Hroniss Grasu – 7a

OG John Greco – 8.d

OT Cornelius Lucas – 7aa

OT Rees Odhiambo – 7

C/OG Javon Patterson – 6aa

OG Duke Robinson – 7.d

OT Ryan Schraeder – 9.d

Ryan Schraeder was a very nice addition and gives some strong veteran leadership and know-how, but his best days are definitely behind him and it adds to the age for the Indianapolis Speed’s defense. They are a group that has a lot of age, but they do have a few young prospects they will work to get significant time for. John Greco is another older player who is still good enough to make an impact. David Foucault and Duke Robinson are slowing down and there may be better options. Cornelius Lucas and Javon Patterson are the two top guys for the future. Both are showing very nice potential. Patterson is flashing strong skill, but he and veteran Hroniss Grasu are locked in a tough battle for the starting center job.

Jacksonville Stingrays

OG/C Nick Allegretti – 6aa

OT Orlando Brown, Jr. – 10

OL Kyle Chung – 6aa

C Cameron Dillard – 7a

OG Vlad Ducasse – 7.d

OT/OG Roubbens Joseph – 7a

OT Rick Leonard – 6aa

OG/OT Keaton Sutherland – 6aa

C/OG Bunchy Stallings -6aa

OG Trevon Tate – 6a

OG Wyatt Teller – 7aa

OT Menelik Watson – 8.d

Orlando Brown, Jr. was an incredible addition for the expansion Jacksonville Stingrays. He’s already one of the very best offensive linemen in all of football, just an absolutely dominant player on the line. The Stingrays have their franchise left tackle, and Wyatt Teller is a solid piece on the line to go with him. He’s showing nice ability. After those two, it’s a mixed bag. Menelik’s experience is likely going to land him a starting job, but he’s definitely nearing the end of his career. Roubbens Joseph could push him at tackle, though. Rick Leonard is showing good potential but is inconsistent. At guard, Vlad Ducasse hasn’t shown much and it hurts the Stingrays. Keaton Sutherland and Buchy Stallings are developmental guys, but one of them might have to step up now. Cameron Dillard continues to surprise and impress people at center.

Los Angeles Avengers

OT Jamil Demby – 6aa

OT Chuma Edoga – 7aa

C Nico Falah – 6aa

OG Taylor Hearn – 6a

OT Andreas Knappe – 6a

C Brad Lundblade – 6aa

OG Erik Magnuson – 7aa

OT Tyler Roemer – 6aa

OG Najee Toran – 6aa

OG Christian Westerman – 8

OT Chad Wheeler – 9aa

OT Andrew Wylie – 9aa

Head coach Hugh Freeze has done a great job helping his offensive linemen, though maybe not as much as he otherwise would since he’s doubling as the offensive coordinator right now. Chad Wheeler and Andrew Wylie are a dominant bookend duo, perhaps the best in the entire league. Inside, Christian Westerman is a veteran who never quite lived up to expectation, but he’s done a solid job in his career. After those three there is virtually no experience among the rest of the guys, but Erik Magnuson is looking to finally push into a starting job after a nice camp. Najee Toran is pushing him but is a bit behind. At center, it’s a dead heat between Nico Falah and Brad Lundblade, likely without a starter officially being committed to until after the preseason. Jamil Demby and Tyler Roemer are solid tackle prospects who are developing behind Wheeler and Wylie.

Louisville Cougars

OT Alex Boone – 8.d

OT Geron Christian – 7aa

OG Fou Fonoti – 7a

OG Colby Gossett – 6aa

C Gino Gradkowski – 7

OG Corey Levin – 7aa

OT Kylan Murphy – 6aa

C/OG Brian Schwenke – 9

OG Gregory Van Roten – 8aa

OT Travis Vornkahl – 6aa

OT Jaylan Ware – 6

Alex Boone and Brian Schwenke have been two tough-as-nails veterans leading this o-line for quite a bit now. Both seems to be nearing the end of their careers, but they are still very sturdy players who can make an impact this year while the younger players develop. One of those younger players who has developed is Geron Christian. He’s ready to start at offensive tackle opposite Boone while Kylan Murphy and Travis Vornkahl continue to develop behind them. Schwenke can play guard or center, but might be best used inside at center. Gino Gradowski is such a limited veteran center, it might be better to get Corey Levin time inside at guard opposite Gregory Van Roten. Van Roten hasn’t played much in his career but he is dominating in camp and looks like he’s going to be a real force on the line. Golby Gossett is showing nice potential Fou Fonoti is a decent veteran if needed in a pinch.

Miami Mustangs

C Tim Barnes – 8.d

OG Beau Benzschawel – 7aa

OT/OG William Campbell – 7

OT J’Michael Deane – 7.d

C Justin Falcinelli – 6a

OG/OT Breno Giacomini – 8.d

OT Colin Kelly – 6a

OT Jamar McGloster – 6aa

C Patrick Morris – 6aa

C Phillip Norman – 7a

OG/OT Adam Pankey – 6aa

OT Justin Renfrow – 7a

C Nate Trewyn – 6aa

OT Terran Vaughn – 7a

OT/OG Garry Williams – 7.d

Miami has an interesting mix of veterans and prospects. Beau Benzschawel is definitely the best of the youth they have. He should be set to be a starter from day one after the camp he’s having. After him, though, some of these young guys might need a bit more time to develop. Jamar McGloster, Adam Pankey, and Nate Trewyn are all showing very good potential and could develop into good players in the very near future. Terran Vaughn, Phillip Norman and Justin Renfrow are ahead of those guys right now, but don’t nearly have the potential. Tim Barnes, Greno Giacomini, and Gary Williams are older veterans who are still hanging around. The Mustangs could end up learning on them because of their experience, but all of them are on the decline.

Michigan Stags

OG Philip Blake – 7.d

OT Juwann Bushell-Beatty – 6a

C Ryan Cave – 7

OT Dennis Daley – 8aa

C Jon Gott – 7.d

C J.C. Hassenauer – 6a

OG Danny Isidora – 7aa

OG Tre’ Jackson – 8a

OT Stephanie Nembot – 7

OT Halapoulivaati Vaitai – 8aa

OT Sam Young – 8.d

Dennis Daley has been incredible as a rookie and has star written all over him. Halapoulivaati Vaitai had some starting opportunities last year and that experience has given him confidence this year and he looks ready to take over full time. The Stags do love depth, and they still have veteran Sam Young. He’s been a starter for the Stags for some time, but it looks like the younger players have surpassed him and it might be a logical time to make the switch. Inside, Tre Jackson hasn’t quite lived up to the hype he had when he first game into the league but he’s been a quality player. Danny Isidora has nice potential and has built off last season well. Center could be a worry spot. Jon Gott is ahead of J.C. Hassenauer, but he’s nearing the end of his career. Ryan Cave has a very limited ceiling, but could be serviceable at the position.

Milwaukee Warriors

OG Matthew Albright – 7

OT Cameron Bradfield – 8.d

OT Shon Coleman – 8aa

OG Drew Desjarlais – 7a

OL O’Shea Dugas – 7aa

OL Donnell Greene – 6aa

OT Manasa Foketi – 8

OG Alex Redmond – 8a

C Demetrius Rhaney – 7

C/OG Chase Roullier – 10

OL Kyle Saxelid – 6aa

OG Landon Turner – 7

C Tanner Volson – 7aa

Chase Roullier looks ready to become an elite player in the league. He’s had a dominant training camp. Nobody is getting past him. He can play multiple spots, but he is best at center and a great one. But with Tanner Volson having a nice, surprising camp, the Warriors may keep Roullier outside. At guard, the Warriors do have Alex Redmond playing very well, building on last year’s campaign. O’Shea Dugas performed very well in the D-League and could take a starting spot if Roullier does play at center. Drew Desjarlais has been pushing Dugas, though. Landon Turner had some time starting in Utah last year but was very underwhelming and has been underwhelming in camp as well. Manasa Foketi is a good veteran tackle who is very tough. Shon Coleman is more of a finesse guy, but is even better on the other side. Cameron Bradfield is slowing down, but still a solid option.

Mississippi Gators

C Luke Bowanko – 8

OG/OT Deion Calhoun – 6a

OG Lester Cotton – 6a

C Cornelius Edison – 6a

C/OG B.J. Finney – 8aa

OT Mitch Hyatt – 6aa

OG Arie Kouandjio – 7a

C/OG Phillip Manley – 7

OG/OT Anthony Parker – 7

OT Matt Pryor – 6aa

OG David Quessenberry – 7aa

OT Derek Sherrod – 7.d

OT Olisaemeka Udoh- 6aa

OG/OT Brandon Washington – 6

B.J. Finney and Luke Bowanko maybe haven’t become elite players, but both are very good at what they do and provide very nice toughness and experience in the middle. Finney is more natural as a center but is just as good at guard,allowing him to bump out for Bowanko to play the middle spot. David Quessenberry has gone through hell in his career but he battled back from Lymphoma and continues to battle. Now, he’s battling for a starting job and he looks like he’s going to get it, beating out veterans Phillip Manley and Anthony Parker. Offensive tackle is going to be a bit more of a worry spot than the interior, but Mitch Hyatt, Matt Pryor and Oli Udoh are all showing flashes of potential. They are, however, all inconsistent.

Nashville Renegades

OL/DL K.C. Bakker – 6a

OG Don Barclay – 8.d

OG David Beard – 7aa

C Evan Boehm – 8aa

OG Parker Ehinger – 8aa

OT George Fant – 10

OT Jason Fox – 10.d

OT Chaz Green – 7aa

OG/OT Martez Ivey – 6aa

OL Ian Park – 6a

George Fant and Jason Fox are the best tackle duo in the league by a wide margin. They just dominate opponents and are now teamed together ready to make a serious impact together. Inside those two, the Renegades have a lot of talent. Parker Ehinger and Evan Boehm were a part of the game draft class as Fant and have both been a steady as they come. Both can bully opponents and have been a big part of the dominant run game the Renegades have. The only starting spot likely up for grabs is the second guard spot opposite Ehinger. Don Barclay is still a solid player, but age is starting to catch up to him and David Beard is in his prime pushing to move ahead of him. Martez Ivey has had a nice camp as well but is behind Barclay and Beard.

New Orleans Nightmare

OT/OG Alex Bars – 6aa

C Russell Bodine – 10

OG Hjalte Froholdt – 6aa

C/OG Kyler Fuller – 6aa

OT Desmond Harrison – 7

OT Jerald Hawkins – 7aa

OT Joe Haeg – 9aa

OT/OG Patrick Neufeld – 8

OL Moquot Ruffins – 7.d

C/OG Kyron Samuels – 6a

OG/OT Aslam Sterling – 7

OL Neal Tivis – 6

OG Sebastian Tretola – 7

OL Anthony Vereen – 6aa

OT Toby Weathersby – 6

While Russell Bodine and Joe Haeg are proving to be two of the best around, particularly Bodine, who again is stepping up as maybe the best center in the league, the Nightmare have to be disappointed in Desmond Harrison. He’s faced legal troubles this offseason, came in out of shape, has missed meetings and has been late to practices. It hasn’t been a good situation, and it’s very troubling because he did show so much potential as an immediate starter as a rookie. Haeg will bump to the left side and take over there. Harrison at this point is battling a young and hungry Alex Bars and veteran Patrick Neufeld for his job. Neufeld has done a very nice job and could unseat Harrison. There is a tough battle at guard for both jobs. Hjalte Froholdt might stand out the most, but there is tough competition with veterans Kyle Fuller, Aslam Sterling, and Sebastian Tretola all having their moments in making their own case. Anthony Vereen isn’t ready to start, but has been a very interesting NAIA find that is showing good potential.

New York Marauders

C Evan Brown – 7aa

OT Michael Dunn – 6

OT Bobby Evans – 7aa

C Anthony Fabiano – 7aa

OT Ulrick John – 8

OG Kyle Kalis – 8aa

OG Ted Karras – 10

OT Alex Lewis – 10

C Alex Mateas – 7a

OG/OT Timon Parris – 6aa

OG Ross Reynolds – 6aa

OT Brett Toth – 6a

Development. Two years ago the Marauders had a dominant offensive line but saw more than just a few pieces leave, depart, or retire. They stuck with their young guys and now they look to have one of the best offensive lines in the league again after they all developed. Ted Karras has turned into an elite guard in the league. Alex Lewis has been a top starter since day one and is building off his very successful 2019 season. Those two are dominant on the left side. The right side is a bit younger. Ulrick John has been a very nice veteran presence solidifying one of the tackle spots, but it might be rookie Bobby Evans’ time to shine right away. The Marauders were able to get Bobby Evans in the dispersal draft and he’s been great in camp and looks like a future star. Kyle Kalis was a project last year but the former New Orleans Nightmare first round pick has a lot of experience and is getting better and better each year. Ross Reynolds is a tough, but raw rookie who is flashing some potential. Timon Parris and Brett Toth haven’t shown they could be more than backups. They were both just okay in the D-League. Their futures on the roster are uncertain. Center is the position in the starting five that is uncertain. Last year the Marauders went with Evan Brown, but he made a lot of mistakes. They brought in Anthony Fabiano, who has developed well, but has also bounced around the league because he’s been very consistent. Alex Mateas has struggled in the SFL in the past, but he went up to Canada, refined his game, develops and could push for that starting job too.

Omaha Express

OG Abdul Beecham – 6aa

C Tanner Farmer – 6aa

OL Alex Fontana – 7aa

OT Xavier Fulton – 7.d

C Joey Hunt – 7aa

C Wesley Johnson – 8.d

OT David Knevel – 6aa

C Jordan Mudge – 9.d

OL Ucambre Williams – 7a

Wesley Johnson and Jordan Mudge have definitely been the two best players on the Omaha Express’ offensive line. The problem is they both play the same position, center, and only one can see the field. The other problem is both are older and Joey Hunt is a hungry young center with a much brighter future. They have some decisions to make at center. Outside that position there are some different question marks. Alex Fontana is showing good ability and potential at offensive guard. Ucambre Williams is a very versatile offensive lineman. He might line up best at offensive tackle, but could play anywhere. David Knevel and Abdul Beecham are proving to be worthy of developmental investment with strong moments. Tanner Farmer is showing nice flashes too…but he is another center.

Orlando Rockets

OT Byron Bell – 9.d

OG Travis Bond – 8

OT Stanley Bryant – 9

OG/OT Jemarcus Hardrick – 7

OG Fred Johnson – 7aa

C Brett Jones – 6aa

OG Jason Lauzon-Sequin – 7a

OL Nolan MacMillan – 6a

OT Matt O’Donnell – 7a

OT Martinas Rankin – 7aa

OG Brandon Revenberg – 8aa

OT Jacob Rudy – 7a

C Justin Sorensen – 8.d

This doesn’t seem like the most dominant Orlando Rockets offensive line we can remember, but they are, as always, loaded with depth. Byron Bell and Justin Sorensen are sturdy players but are both pretty much at the end of their careers. Travis Bond and Stanley Bryant haven’t hit that decline yet, but are getting older as well. But both are very talented players. Brandon Revenberg is looking like the future of the Rockets offensive line. He’s showing great ability and potential. Martinas Rankin and Fred Johnson are good players capable of starting for most teams, but might just have to wait their turn in Orlando. It’s hard to find a player who isn’t showing decent potential or ability on this offensive line. They might not have top end talent, but they have a load of guys who are worthy of playing and even starting for most teams.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

C Parker Collins – 6a

OG/OT Cole Croston – 7a

OT Tommy Dennis – 6aa

OT Avery Jordan – 6aa

OT/OG Charles Leno, Jr. – 10

OG Brendan Mahon – 6aa

OG/C Connor McGovern (Penn State) – 7a

OG Wes Schweitzer – 9a

OG Dakoda Shepley – 6aa

OG Zach Wilkinson – 6aa

OG/C Stefen Wisniewski – 9.d

Charles Leno has long been an elite player in this league and doesn’t look like he’s close to slowing down any time soon. But this might be the best Bulldogs offensive line we remember in a long time. Connor McGovern is a very talented prospect with a great future ahead of him. Wes Schweitzer has played very well, also, and is bullying opponents in the trench. Stefen Wisniewski is older, but he was a tremendous addition for the Bulldogs. He’s an NFL guy with a ton of experience and success. The only spot that doesn’t appear to have a top guy at it is right tackle. Cole Croston has been inconsistent. He’s mostly a guard but could compete at tackle as well. Tommy Dennis and Avery ordan are developmental guys but one of them could step into the job and be solid because they’ll have plenty of help from the guard next to them.

Pittsburgh Forge

OT Isaiah Battle – 7

OL Tom Compton – 9a

C Brian Folkerts – 7

OT Matt Gono – 6aa

OT Jaryd Jones-Smith – 7aa

OG Michael Jordan – 7aa

C Leo Koloamatangi – 6aa

OT Cyrus Kouandjio – 7

C Patrick Lewis – 7

OT Matt McCants – 7

OG Cyril Richardson – 7

OG Jordan Roos – 6aa

OG Dallas Thomas – 7

OT Tony Washington – 8.d

Tom Compton has provided the Forge some serious toughness in the trench. In previous years their high powered offense has been missing the trench toughness, but last year they were able to run more successfully and showed more grit in the trench, largely because of Compton. No. 1 overall draft pick Michael Jordan adds to that toughness at guard. The Forge traded everything to get the No. 1 pick and their guy. He’s been a great addition. The Forge o-line still needs to get better, but they have good pieces. Jaryd Jones-Smith and Jordan Roos are showing very nice potential. Leo Koloamantangi is showing much greater flashes than veterans Brian Folkerts and Patrick Lewis. However, the veterans have been more consistent. Tony Washington is another tough veteran at tackle, though his best days are behind him.

Sacramento Bandits

OT Derek Dennis – 8.d

OG Kadeem Edwards – 6

OG Jerald Foster – 6a

OG Nate Herbig – 6aa

OL Dominick Jackson – 6a

OT Luke Joeckel – 8

OT Brandon Knight – 6aa

OT Jake Rodgers – 6aa

OT Justin Skule – 7aa

OG Marquez Tucker – 6a

OG Aundrey Walker – 6aa

Derek Dennis is closer to the end of his career than even his prime, but he’s still a sturdy and consistent offensive tackle who could be huge for the Bandits while their young line develops. Luke Joeckel has had a nice run in the SFL and similarly, should provide nice consistency at tackle for the Bandits. Justin Skule could push those guys for time by the season’s end, though. The rookie has looked great in camp and is the future of the Bandits’ o-line. Brandon Knight and Jake Rodgers are showing nice potential at tackle, but are quite inconsistent and need more time to develop. Inside it is a different situation. The Bandits don’t appear to have a worthy center and might be forced to make a trade. At guard, Aundrey Walker and Nate Herbig probably aren’t ready to start but might be thrown into the fire right away.

San Antonio Marshalls

OG Caleb Benenoch – 8aa

OG Spencer Drango – 8aa

OG Nick Gates – 7aa

C/OG Peter Godber – 6aa

OT Denver Kirkland – 7

OT Joseph Noteboom – 8aa

OT SirVincent Rogers – 8.d

OG/C Austin Schlottman – 7aa

C/OG A.Q. Shipley – 10

OT Dan Skipper – 6aa

A.Q. Shipley is still not very happy he signed a big contract to stay in New Orleans and has ended up back in San Antonio through a trade. But he’s using that anger to dominate in practice. He’s on a mission this year. Shipley can play guard, and usually does, but he’s been working in at center a lot too because Caleb Benenoch and Spencer Drango have been playing great as well. That trio inside is dangerous and should dominate opposing defensive lines. Austin Schlottman is showing amazing potential, so is Nick Gates, but both might have to wait their turn because the guys ahead of them are just playing so well. Tackle is slightly a different situation. Joseph Noteboom looks great, and continually is flashing potential to be a great player, but veteran SirVincent Rodgers is a tough, experienced veteran who can till hold more than his own.

San Diego Diablos

OT T.J. Clemmings – 9

OT Andre James – 6a

OG Connor McGovern (Missouri) – 9aa

OG Caleb Peterson – 6a

OT Ryan Pope – 6a

C Scott Quessenberry – 7aa

OG Nico Siragusa – 6aa

OT Freddie Tagaloa – 6a

OG/C Siofisa Tufunga – 6a

Connor McGovern looks amazing, really capable of contending for the league’s Offensive LIneman of the Year honors. Next to him, T.J. Clemmings isn’t overly flashy, but he’s consistently one of the better tackles in the league. They make up a great left side and Scott Quessenberry has developed very well at center. On the right side, there are some questions. Nico Siragusa just hasn’t developed like the Diablos would have hoped. He had a bad 2019 season and isn’t looking confident in camp this year. Right tackle is going to be a real worry spot.

Seattle Orcas

OG Ryan Bomben – 8.d

C Jake Brendell – 7a

OG Sukh Chungh – 8aa

OT Thaddeus Coleman – 8.d

OG Nila Kasitati – 7aa

OT Yosuah Nijman – 6aa

OT Chidi Okeke – 6aa

C Ross Pierschbacher – 6aa

OT Na’ty Rodgers – 6aa

OT Chris Van Zeyl – 8

Part of last year’s struggles for the Orcas could be put on the disappointing play of their offensive line. Typically a team that goes with a lot of older veterans, the Orcas went with some young guys they had been developing at guard and they did not play well early in the year at all. Then, they started to play better and last year’s experience in the fire looks like it has really benefited Sukh Chungh and Kila Kasitati. Chungh is coming into this year angry, wanting to make up for last year and he’s bulldozing defensive linemen. Kasitati is playing well and is showing great potential. They both might be separating themselves from a much older Ryan Bomben. At center, the Orcas have an interesting decision. Jake Brendell has been around for a few years and looks ready to start, but Ross Pierschbacher has incredible potential to maybe become an All-SFL player in his future. At tackle, the Orcas have two veterans. Thaddeus Coleman is a tough guy, he’s proven that in the SFL going back to helping save Utah’s o-line. He’s just getting older now and is slowing down. Even older than him, Chris Van Zeyl is just an ageless wonder. He is playing better than he had in his entire career at 36-years-old. Yosuah Nijman, Na’ty Rodgers, and Chidi Okeke are showing nice potential, but they could be sitting and developing behind the veterans right away unless. Though, the Orcas are seeing the payoff of throwing Chungh and Kasitati into the fire probably a year before they were ready.

St. Louis Stallions

OT Paul Adams – 6aa

OT Taylor Chappell – 6a

OG Johnathan Cooper – 8.d

OT Julien Davenport – 8aa

C Reese Dismukes – 6

OT Joe Kupcikevicius – 6a

OG Skyler Phillips – 6a

OG Terronne Prescod – 6a

OT Corey Robinson – 8

C John Toth – 6a

Julien Davenport has been a great surprise in camp, playing the best he has in his career. He’s showing he’s a franchise left tackle right now, which is very needed for this team. Corey Robinson is playing like the solid veteran he him opposite him. In between them there are some questions. Johnathan Cooper is slowing down but is still a big bully for opponents at guard. There isn’t much to be excited about at the other guard spot or center or in their depth.

Utah Raptors

OT Jackson Barton – 7aa

OT Gerhard de Beer – 7

OT Will Holden – 8aa

OT Dieugot Joseph – 6

OG Sua Opeta – 6aa

OG Ben Powers – 6aa

OG Dru Samia – 6aa

C/G Matt Skura – 9aa

OT Sam Tevi – 9aa

OG/OT Cole Toner – 6aa

OG Salesi Uhatafe – 6aa

C Willie Wright – 6aa

The Raptors committed to building a very strong offensive line this year and it looks like they accomplished that mission. Returning are Matt Skura and Sam Tevi, who have been great for the team and have been great in camp. Tevi has proven himself as a very good left tackle after starting last year on the right side. He was just too good not to move into the blindside spot. Skura is a flexible swing interior lineman, but he’s solidified the center spot this year with Luke Bowanko leaving. Will Holden has had some very good years in Mississippi but is now looking to continue his success in Utah and continues to play well at right tackle. Guard was an interesting spot for Utah last year. They didn’t know what to do when Isaac Asiata shockingly called it quits and just tried everybody at guard. Former third round pick Cole Toner has solid success, but wasn’t amazing. He still is proving worthy of that investment they made in him. Sua Ben Powers and Dru Samaia were dominant together in college at Oklahoma and have made their way together here in the SFL. They could be the starters again. Toner, Salesi Uhatafe and Sua Opeta are all really pushing for opportunities. Sua Opeta played very well in the D-League. Jackson Barton had an amazing D-League season, proving to be one of the top o-linemen to play this year. He has a bright future.

Virginia Admirals

C Travis Averill – 6a

C Austin Blythe – 9aa

OL Donovan Clark – 7

C Michael Couture – 7a

OG Avery Gennesy – 6a

OG Jason King – 6

OG Hayworth Hicks – 7.d

OT Terry Poole – 7

OT Jah Reid – 7.d

OG Hunter Stewart – 6a

OG Aaron Stinnie – 7aa

OT Josh Wells – 7aa

OG Spencer Wilson – 8.d

The Admirals have had a pretty good camp for their o-linemen. Austin Blythe is looking great and has given the Admirals a dominant player right in the middle of their line. He’s also a master quarterback of that line, playing the center spot great to set up the other players for success. Aaron Stinnie and Josh Wells have played very well and are chomping at the bit for significant playing time this year. Spencer Wilson brings good veteran leadership and experience to the o-line. There could be a question about right tackle if Wells locks up the left tackle spot. Terry Pool has just been okay. Jah Reid is slowing down.

Washington Wave

C/OG Kody Afusia – 7

OG Dariusz Bladek – 7aa

OT Chris Clark – 8.d

OG Willie Colon – 9.d

C Asotui Eli – 6a

OT Derwin Grey – 6a

OG Tyler Holmes – 8

C Sean McEwen – 7aa

OG/OT Damian Prince – 6aa

OT Brandon Shell – 8aa

OT Eric Smith – 6aa

Willie Colon is 36 years old and is somehow still better than just about every other player on the field. He’s got that old man strength. He’s not a guy who is going to sweep and push guys down the field, but nobody is moving him backwards. Chris Clark is another veteran presence the Wave will be relying on. They do have some youth and potential, though. Brandon Shell could end up proving to be one of the better tackles in the league. Sean McEwen is playing very well and looks ready to solidify himself at center. Dariusz Bladek has been one of the guys the team has been trying to develop and it looks like this is the year they might see the payoff. Eric Smith and Damien Prince could eventually develop into decent players. Tyler Holmes is a solid guard who has a long history of success at the pro level.

SFL Top 5 OL

1. OT Jordan Mills (Boston Dragons)
2. C Russel Bodine (New Orleans Nightmare)
3. OT Orlando Brown, Jr. (Jacksonville Stingrays)
4. OG Ted Karras (New York Marauders)
5. OG/C Pat Elfein (Columbus Explorers)

By the Numbers:
Total OL: 338
10 Rating: 12 (3.6%)
9 Rating: 22 (6.5%)
8 Rating: 56 (16.6%)
7 Rating: 114 (33.7%)
6 Rating: 134 (39.6%)