The Arena League’s first member team which is located in Boston has revealed the name, introducing the ‘Beantown Norsemen.’

The team is owned by the same ownership group as the Boston Dragons and Columbus Explorers of the Spring Football League. They will also run the operations of the entire league. The new team will play all their home games at Matthews Arena, a 4,666-seat multi-purpose arena on the grounds of Northeastern’s Campus in Boston, MA.

“The Spring Football League (SFL) owners have been itching for an arena league for years,” the Ownership Group said. “Now, with the support of some other SFL owners, we are in a position to finally build our own league.”

The name represents the Viking heritage, where they were originally called the Norsemen before this modern age. Vikings, Norse, and Northmen were also in consideration, but there were obvious reasons why the Norsemen was ultimately chosen over the others.

The Logo represents a Viking Berserker with the face modeled after one of the greatest and most influential Vikings of all time, Ragnar Lothbrok. The logo shows the Berserker amped up and ready to enter battle, which will fit into our team’s personality on the field and from our fans, absolute badasses. The logo also shows a flame and a lightning bolt which represents the fire and energy these warriors had in Battle. Berserkers were a special group of elite Viking warriors who went into battle without traditional armor. Instead, they wore animal pelts, typically from bears or wolves. They where said to enter battle in a psychotic frenzy and ripped enemy soldiers to shreds.

The colors include two shades of orange, three shades of grey, and white.

“Although there is no prominent Viking history in the city of Boston, we wanted a team name and logo that will fit arena football and our style of passion and energy from the fans, players and front office,” said the Ownership Group. “Plus, I love Viking history and knew if I ever owned another team, this would be the direction I would take.”

The Arena League is set to be the premiere arena league around the world. The inaugural season will begin directly after the SFL Championship in August with 8 teams around the United States and Mexico.