In an announcement made today, owners of the newly formed The Arena League (TAL) made known their plans to begin league play in the Fall of 2020. Led by owners of the Spring Football League, the TAL’s mission will be to provide a platform for the Spring Football League’s free agents to continue their playing careers, while providing high quality entertainment to the local communities they play in.

Now that the Arena Football League is defunct, The Arena League will strive to become the premiere arena football league around the world.

Before the new league’s kickoff, there will be several announcements made including team names, logos, cities, ownership, draft pools, a league schedule, and more. Member team announcements should be made in the coming weeks.

The TAL will fall under the Spring Football League’s umbrella, adding their second alternate league. The SFL will now operate two outdoor leagues, one Major League and one Minor League, and now one arena league.