An up and down season to say the least, an amazing offense and a piss poor defense. Many offensive records were broken and a majority of the players were towards the top of the league. The defense on the other hand simply allowed too many points on the season and was the main reason the Steelmakers missed the playoffs by a single game. Overall, the offensive performances kept the season exciting and a good amount of players sealed their spots on their respective SFL teams.


Jake Browning – Browning destroyed his predicted stats from the league media’s office before the start of the season. He finished towards the top of every passing category and threw for over 1000 yards more than any Steelmaker has before. As he 100% secured the backup spot in Boston, there are talks of him returning to Youngstown next season.


Kevin Strong – Strong was one of the few bright spots on the Steelmaker’s defense. He finished tied for 3rd in sacks in the league and all but secured a roster spot on the Dragons defense.


Michael Walker – Walker led the league in punt returns a majority of the season and ultimately finished at the top. He goes down as the best return man in Youngstown History and all but secured the starting return man spot for the Dragons.