Coming off the Boston Dragons’ second straight playoff appearance, the team unveiled its new logo for the 2020 season and beyond.

The logo commemorates the start of a new era of football in Boston. The Dragons moved from Charleston two seasons ago, and after making two straight playoffs, the organization realizes that we need a logo that has a history pertaining only to Boston, and not the old city. However, the colors were kept the same to keep the entire team history in tact, adding some new accent colors to the Green and Gold, a darker green, a white, and a gray, to bring the logo together.

The primary logo prominently displays a fierce dragon head, representing the style of play the fans like to see on the field. The most prominent feature of the new design is the eye, showing a D for Dragons.

The alternate logos were also redesigned, the main alternate being the dragon wing we have seen on our helmets over the years. The wing became sleeker and more realistic looking to follow the fierce design of the primary logo. You will also see the dragon horns on helmets this season.

The font has also been upgraded, giving the letter edges some spine, to resemble the spikes of the dragon’s neck.

There will obviously be many variations of the uniforms and helmets including White, Green, Gold, Grey, and Black from top to bottom. Some mock designs are below. New uniforms will be in the works this offseason as well.

The logo was brought to life by Wildman Designs.