Week 14 Rankings

1. Birmingham Predators (13-1) – No change
Last Week: W – @ Houston Wranglers – 19-3

2. Orlando Rockets (12-2) – No Change
Last Week: W – Miami Mustangs – 20-13

3. Michigan Stags (12-2) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ Columbus Explorers – 27-24

4. San Diego Diablos (11-3) – No Change
Last Week: L – @ Oakland Odyssey – 20-12

5. Nashville Renegades (9-5) – No Change
Last Week: L – Louisville Cougars – 13-12

6. New York Marauders (9-5) – No change
Last Week: L – @ Atlanta Firebirds – 23-9

7. Pittsburgh Forge (9-5) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ Dallas Six-Shooters – 24-13

8. Boston Dragons (9-5) – Up 1
Last Week: W – Utah Raptors – 24-19

9. Atlanta Firebirds (8-6) – Up 1
Last Week: W – New York Marauders – 23-9

10. Dallas Six-Shooters (8-6) – Down 2
Last Week: L – Pittsburgh Forge – 24-13

11. Los Angeles Stars (8-6) – No Change
Last Week: W – Omaha Express – 23-16

12. New Orleans Nightmare (8-6) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ San Antonio Marshalls – 20-10

13. Omaha Express (7-7) – No Change
Last Week: L – @ Los Angeles Stars – 23-16

14. Oakland Odyssey (7-7) – Up 6
Last Week: W – San Diego Diablos – 20-12

15. Minnesota Freeze (7-7) – Up 4
Last Week: W – Virginia Admirals – 31-28

16. Houston Wranglers (6-8) – Down 1
Last Week: L – Birmingham Predators – 19-3

17. Miami Mustangs (6-8) – No Change
Last Week: L – @ Orlando Rockets – 20-13

18. San Antonio Marshalls (6-8) – No Change
Last Week: L – New Orleans Nightmare – 20-10

19. Iowa Threshers (6-8) – Up 3
Last Week: W – @ Carolina Generals – 30-20

20. Washington Wave (6-8) – Up 4
Last Week: W – Philadelphia Bulldogs – 24-12

21. Philadelphia Bulldogs (6-8) – Down 7
Last Week: L – @ Washington Wave – 24-12

22. Carolina Generals (6-8) – Down 6
Last Week: L – Iowa Threshers – 30-20

23. Columbus Explorers (5-9) – Down 2
Last Week: L – Michigan Stags – 27-24

24. Utah Raptors (5-9) – Down 1
Last Week: L – @ Boston Dragons – 24-19

25. Louisville Cougars (4-10) – Up 2
Last Week: W – @ Nashville – 13-12

26. St. Louis Stallions (4-10) – Down 1
Last Week: L – Seattle Orcas – 26-3

27. Oklahoma Roughnecks (4-10) – Down 1
Last Week: L – @ Mississippi Cottonmouths – 26-10

28. Mississippi Cottonmouths (4-10) – Up 2
Last Week: W – Oklahoma Roughnecks – 26-10

29. Seattle Orcas (3-11) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ St. Louis Stallions – 26-3

30. Virginia Admirals (2-12 – Down 2
Last Week: L – @ Minnesota Freeze – 31-28

Week 14 Awards

Offensive Player of the Week
RB Tim Hightower, Washington Wave
24 Rushes, 125 Rush Yards (5.2 YPC), 2 Rush TDs, 4 Rec, 36 Rec Yards (9.0 YPC)

Defensive Player of the Week
DT Grady Jarrett, Atlanta Firebirds
7 Tackles, 4 Sacks, 1 Hurry

Special Teams Player of the Week
K Wil Lutz, Atlanta Firebirds
3-for-3 FG (48, 47, 44), 2-for-2 XP, 11 Points

[b}Rookie of the Week[/b]
DE De’Shawn Hand, Pittsburgh Forge
5 Tackles, 1 Sack, 2 TFL

Playoff Standings

Empire Conference
1. Birmingham Predators (13-1) – Southeast Division
2. New York Marauders (9-5) – Atlantic Division
3. Omaha Express (7-7) – Midwest Division
4. Orlando Rockets (12-2)
5. Boston Dragons (9-5)
6. Pittsburgh Forge (9-5)

Metropolitan Conference
1. Michigan Stags (12-2) – Central Division
2. San Diego Diablos (11-3) – Pacific Division
3. Nashville Renegades (9-5) – Mid-South Division
4. Dallas Six-Shooters (8-6)
5. Los Angeles Stars (8-6)
6. New Orleans Nightmare (8-6)

Tie-Breakers in order: Head-to-Head, (For Division Championship only – Division Record), Conference Record, Point Differential, Points For, Points Against

Playoff Scenarios

Empire Conference

With two wins head-to-head over Orlando, Birmingham will clinch the division and Empire Conference home field advantage with one win in the final two weeks or one loss for Orlando in the final two weeks.

Orlando could over-take Birmingham for the division and Empire Conference home field advantage with two wins, and two Birmingham losses in the final two weeks.

New York controls their own destiny for the No. 2 seed and if they win out, they clinch the division and a first-round bye. Boston could or Pittsburgh are currently tied with New York with the best record in the division, but both would lose a tie-breaker based on division record. New York and Boston split, New York swept Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh beat Boston once this year with a head-to-head matchup coming in Week 16. Neither Boston nor Pittsburgh could match New York’s five division wins.

If New York loses one of their last two games, Boston could win the division with two wins to finish the year. Pittsburgh could win the division if they win both of their final two games with one New York loss. If New York loses both of their final two games, Boston could win the division with one win, but would have to beat Pittsburgh or our manage to overcome their 62-6 point differential disparity in the final two weeks. Even if Pittsburgh loses to Washington, if they beat Boston, they would have the head-to-head sweep.

Omaha will win the division if they win out. They can win the division if they win in their final two games to clinch the Mid-West Division based on a superior division record if Houston suffers one loss. Omaha and Houston play in Week 16. Houston has one head-to-head victory over Omaha and could over-take Omaha if they Omaha wins in Week 15 but loses in Week 16 and the Wranglers in both weeks. Iowa can only win the division and get into the playoffs if they win out, Omaha and Houston both loose in Week 15 and tie against each other in Week 16.

Orlando will finish either as the No. 1 seed if they win their division or as the No. 4 seed as the top wild card in the playoffs if they fail to overtake Birmingham for the Southeast crown. After them, Boston and Pittsburgh would be the 5th and 6th seeds.

The only other team in the Empire Conference capable of being a Wildcard team is the Atlanta Firebirds. If Atlanta wins out, they would need New York to suffer at least one loss and have then not win the Atlanta Division (ATL owns a head-to-head tie-breaker). Boston owns a head-to-head win over ATL if they finish with an even record. Atlanta could only surpass Pittsburgh’s conference record advantage if Pittsburgh loses out and Atlanta beats Orlando. Pittsburgh and Atlanta both have 6 conference wins through 14 weeks. Pittsburgh has two conference games remaining, Atlanta has one.

Metropolitan Conference

Michigan currently has the No. 1 seed in the conference with a one-game lead over San Diego and a one-game conference record lead over San Diego. A Michigan win over Carolina in Week 17 would clinch the top seed for then regardless of any other games as it would put them at worst tied with an overall record with San Diego but ahead in the tie-breaking conference record. San Diego could take over the top spot if Michigan loses twice and they win out. If SD wins out and Michigan loses one game, Michigan would have to lose to Carolina in Week 16. If both teams finish 13-3 with identical 11-1 conference records, San Diego currently has a 28-point, point differential advantage. Both teams have clinched first round their division and first round byes. Nashville cannot catch San Diego, which they have not played, but cannot catch their conference record tie-breaker even with an even 11-5 record should they win out and SD lose out.

Nashville has a one-game lead in the Mid-South with games left against a non-conference opponent (Philadelphia) and division rival Dallas. Nashville can win out to clinch the division or suffer one loss if their win is over Dallas and New Orleans suffers one loss.

New Orleans plays non-conference opponents Boston followed by division opponent Louisville. They hold a one-game division lead over Nashville, but trail one game overall. If New Orleans wins out, and Nashville has one win, their split head-to-head record would move the tie-breaker for the division crown to division record. Nashville would have to have beaten Dallas and New Orleans would have to have their loss be against Louisville, moving the tie-breaker to conference record, which at that point Nashville would have the advantage with.

If New Orleans beats Louisville, but loses to Boston, they could win the division if Nashville loses to Philly in Week 15 and to Dallas in Week 16 and Dallas loses in Week 15 to San Diego. In this situation, NOLA, Dallas and Nashville would all be 9-7 and New Orleans would have the superior division record.

If New Orleans and Dallas both win out and Nashville has one loss (to Dallas) all three teams would be 10-6, and again, New Orleans would have the three-way tie-breaker.

If Dallas wins out and Nashville and NOLA both split, Dallas would win the division with a one-win advantage.

Los Angeles is currently set to be in the playoffs, but would miss if they lose both of their final two games (@ ATL, @ Utah) and Oakland wins both of there (@ Seattle, vs. Minnesota).

If LA loses would clinch a playoff spot with one victory. If they lose out, the winner of the Oakland vs. Minnesota game would have to win their other game to top LA for a playoff spot, or if LA gets a win, the winner of the Oakland/Minnesota game would need to win out and have NOLA and Dallas both to lose out.

Carolina could get into the playoffs if they win out, giving them and 8-8 overall record and 7-5 conference record, if Minnesota and Oakland split their final two games and two of LA, Dallas and/or NOLA lose out and they make up their point differential disadvantage. San Antonio would be in the same scenario but would need Carolina to lose a game.

Projects Draft Order

1-2. Jacksonville Stingrays / Sacramento Bandits
3. Virginia Admirals (2-12)
4. Seattle Orcas (3-11)
5. Oklahoma Roughnecks (4-10)
6. Mississippi Cottonmouths (4-10)
7. St. Louis Stallions (4-10)
8. Louisville Cougars (4-10)
9. Utah Raptors (5-9)
10. Columbus Explorers (5-9)
11. Philadelphia Bulldogs (6-8)
12. Houston Wranglers (6-8)
13. Miami Mustangs (6-8)
14. Iowa Threshers (6-8)
15. San Antonio Marshalls (6-8)
16. Carolina Generals (6-8)
17. Washington Wave (6-8)
18. Minnesota Freeze (7-7)
19. Oakland Odyssey (7-7)
20. Atlanta Firebirds (8-6)

Week 15 Preview

San Antonio Marshalls (6-8) @ New York Marauders (9-5)
Pick: New York Marauders

Washington Wave (6-8) @ Pittsburgh Forge (9-5)
Pick: Pittsburgh Forge

Los Angeles Stars (8-6) @ Atlanta Firebirds (8-6)
Pick: Atlanta Firebirds

Houston Wranglers (6-8) @ Michigan Stags (12-2)
Pick: Michigan Stags

Columbus Explorers (5-9) @ Louisville Cougars (4-10)
Pick: Columbus Explorers

Omaha Express (7-7) @ Birmingham Predators (13-1)
Pick: Birmingham Predators

Orlando Rockets (12-2) @ Mississippi Cottonmouths (4-10)
Pick: Orlando Rockets

Boston Dragons (9-5) @ New Orleans Nightmare (8-6)
Pick: New Orleans Nightmare

Carolina Generals (6-8) @ Minnesota Freeze (7-7)
Pick: Minnesota Freeze

Miami Mustangs (6-8) @ Iowa Threshers (6-8)
Pick: Miami Mustangs

St. Louis Stallions (4-10) @ Oklahoma Roughnecks (4-10)
Pick: St. Louis Stallions

San Diego Diablos (11-3) @ Dallas Six-Shooters (8-6)
Pick: San Diego Diablos

Virginia Admirals (2-12) @ Utah Raptors (5-9)
Pick: Utah Raptors

Oakland Odyssey (7-7) @ Seattle Orcas (3-11)
Pick: Seattle Orcas

Philadelphia Bulldogs (6-8) @ Nashville Renegades (9-5)
Pick: Nashville Renegades