The streak continues for the Boston Dragons this season, win, loss, win, loss, and a win.

It was all first half in this game, maybe the most boring of the season. Jason Sanders struck gold in the first score of the game from 20 yards out to take a 3-0 lead in the 1st quarter. Cooper Rush and company drove down the field once again as Andre Ellington took one in from 1 yard out thanks to a lay out block by Zach Line opening a gaping hole that a grandma could walk through with a walker. Right before halftime, Rush hit the fan favorite Taysom Hill for the touchdown from 8 yards out in a 17-0 route.

Boston legitimately had nothing to lose in the 2nd half and shut the game plan down by giving Ellington the rock. After 125 yards on 25 carries, and a defense who only allowed a field goal in the entire game, a 17-3 win was a solid win.

The Defense allowed 18 players make a tackle in this game, showing every man matters in a dominate win.

Even though Rush threw for a measly 162 yards, he threw for 72%. Ellington, hit another 100 yard marker this game. Luke Tasker led the team in receiving with 46 yards, but Hill was only 3 yards shorts with an extra catch and a TD.

The defense was led once again by Tramon Williams with 7 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 forced fumble. Kyle Emanuel and David Parry also racked up a sack. All 3 sacks this game caused forced fumbles.

Sanders is perfect once again going 1-1. Mike Scifres pinned 3 inside the 20.

The Boston Dragons meet their match in Week 6 as they face the Pittsburg Force who have the same 3-2 record.