Atlanta Firebirds

Nick Arbuckle – 6aaf

Matt Barkley – 9a

Kurt Benkert – 7a

Peter Pujals – 6a

Matt Barkley continues to be on the edge of truly elite status, though we’re not sure he’ll ever actually get there. But that is fine, he certainly is a successful quarterback and the Firebirds absolutely can win with him. He’s their franchise guy and makes few mistakes. He’s benefitted from great receivers, but he gets them the ball. Kurt Benkert had a very strong showing in the d-league after proving in college to be a guy who just grinds and gets the job done. He isn’t a prolific guy, but could be a great plug in who just moves the ball and doesn’t make mistakes for a game or two. Nick Arbuckle is a solid young guy who has potential. Peter Pujals is an athletic player from Holy Cross but struggled in the d-league. He needs to develop more.

Birmingham Predators

Jake Coker – 6a

Chad Kelly – 6aa

Dak Prescott – 10

Is this the year we see Dak Prescott live up to all the great hype? It absolutely can be. His stats last season did not show his ability because the team had few great weapons for him to throw two, but the talent is absolutely there. Behind him is a worry. Chad Kelly is an interesting player who was given up on by too many teams last season. Jake Coker is just what he is. The Predators have been lucky to not have to play him, but he’s an uninspiring game-manager no team will want to be stuck with for an extended period of time.

Boston Dragons

J.T. Barrett – 6aa

Taysom Hill – 7aai

Bart Houston – 6aa

Cooper Rush – 7aa

Cooper Rush wasn’t overly special last year, but he showed a ton of potential as a rookie. He might be another year away, but he is certainly showing signs of being a franchise quarterback in this league. Taysom Hill is a remarkable athlete who could move all around the field and contribute. QB might be his weakest spot actually, but he can still throw and definitely run to make plays happen, as long as he can stay healthy that is. J.T. Barrett is another really good athlete who has potential but certainly has to develop more as a quarterback. Bart Houston has polished his game for two years in the D-League and will be looking to secure his spot in the SFL after a standout winter.

Carolina Generals

Brandon Allen – 6aa

Nick Davila – 7d

Quinton Flowers – 6a

Colin Kaepernick – 8a

Drew Powell – 6a

The polarizing Colin Kaepernick showed off his athletic ability in his first year as a starter in the SFL. His legs made him true threat. He didn’t have much to throw to so it’s not clear how prolific he can still be with his arm, but he has shown the flashes. Brandon Allen struggled in the bit of time he had last season, but the potential is still there. The team might be better served with a veteran like Nick Davila as the immediate backup. Drew Powell and Quinton Flowers are developmental guys. Flowers is a much better athlete but far from a polished passer.

Columbus Explorers

Joshua Dobbs – 7aa

Jack Heneghan – 6a

Antonio Pipkin – 6a

Joshua Dobbs nearly set the record for rushing yards by a quarterback in his rookie season. The explosive ability is there, but as a passer he needs to polish up a bit. As a rookie he played like a rookie and turned the ball over too much and made too many poo throws. With another year, that is likely to be cleaned up. He had a lot more success towards the end of the season, showing his growth. He has plenty of potential to become an upper echelon quarterback but it’s going to take some time for him to get there. They have to remain patient. Jack Heneghan and Antonio Pipkin are developmental guys from small schools. Pipkin has really struggled, but is young enough and athletic enough to warrant sticking around as a developmental guy.

Dallas Six-Shooters

McLeod Bethel-Thompson – 6a

Johnny Manziel – 7acf

Josh McCown – 9d$

Brogan Roback – 6aa

The Six-Shooters are putting everything into Josh McCown, handing him a huge contract. But it’s a risk. He’s arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the SFL, and can still sling the ball, but at 39-years-old he has to be slowing down. Then again, with a much, much better team surrounding him than he had in Minnesota the last two seasons. The always controversial Johnny Manziel is in the running to be his primary backup. The former Heisman Trophy winner and first round NFL pick has never been able to catch on anywhere and maybe it is too late in his career to expect him too, but the talent is still there. Brogan Roback had a very strong d-league campaign and could prove to be more effective. McLeod Bethel-Thompson has shown flashes but isn’t going to be more than a third quarterback.

Houston Wranglers

Dominique Davis – 7d

Riley Ferguson – 6aa

Paxton Lynch – 6aa

Matt Nichols – 8aa

When the Houston Wranglers decided they were tired with back quarterback play and traded for Matt Nichols it was a breath of fresh air. The quarterback who has always shown potential and had been begging to an opportunity as a starter was pretty awesome for them. While it’s a new system this year with a new coach, we saw how quick he picked things up last season. Dominique Davis is a veteran but is starting to see his athletic ability diminish. Riley Ferguson and Paxton Lynch were both D-League stars looking for opportunities to make SFL squads.

Iowa Threshers

Austin Allen – 6a

C.J. Beathard – 7aaf

Joe Callahan – 6aa

Austin Davis – 7

CJ Beathard looked like a rookie last year with a poor completion percentage and few dynamic moments, but he has potential to do well. Will he become a franchise quarterback? It’s not overly likely, but it’s too early to close the door on that. He could develop into a winner for them if they are patient and don’t expect too much too soon. Behind him it isn’t clear who will be the primary backup. Austin Davis is the veteran, but isn’t anything special. Joe Callahan has had a tough start to his career but still has some potential and would benefit from a team being patient and developing him. Austin Allen is a developmental rookie who didn’t particular shine in college either.

Los Angeles Stars

Jerod Evans – 6aa

Cody Kessler – 7aaf

Chase Litton – 6aa

John Wolford – 6a

It’s really hard to explain, but for some reason Case Keenum just wasn’t getting the job done last year. In the middle of their disappointing campaign, the Stars decided to switch over to Cody Kessler, and he played quite well, showing ability to become the team’s franchise quarterback. Kessler. Now he’s definitely the guy they are moving forward with. Jerod Evans is a developmental backup with potential. Chase Litton will look to build off a good d-league campaign. John Wolford wasn’t great in the d-league, but is an interesting athlete with some dual-threat ability.

Louisville Cougars

Travis Lulay – 7di

Jeremiah Masoli – 7a

Mike White – 6aa

Jeremiah Masoli is an athlete, probably a better athlete than quarterback though. He’s one a decent enough job as Louisville’s starting quarterback, but he’s also not going to be the reason they become a winning franchise. There are worse players than him, but he is what they have for now. Travis Lulay is a veteran who has been plagued with injuries and has already announced this is his final season. Mike White looked really good in the d-league but will need to develop into anything more than an emergency backup.

Miami Mustangs

Brad Kaaya – 6aa

Dakota Prukop – 6aa

Josh Woodrum – 6a

Brad Kaaya is the future of the Mustangs. He was supposed to be the future of the New Orleans Nightmare, but Aaron Murray was marvelous for them and the decision to go with him was made. But that does not mean Kaaya can’t become a starting quarterback in this league. That ability is definitely there, but the Mustangs have to remain patient with him. That could be a tough test for them too because Dakota Prukop is coming off a very strong d-league season and has flashed good potential, but his ceiling is not a high as Kaaya’s. But if needed, he can be a good option. Josh Woodrum isn’t bad, but has a low ceiling. He’s still probably worthy of being on the roster as a backup.

Michigan Stags

Brandon Bridge – 7a

Zach Collaros – 8af

Garrett Gilbert – 6a

Zach Collaros has had his moments and he’s proven he is capable of leading the Stags to a lot of success, but it’s unlike he’ll ever become an upper echelon quarterback. That doesn’t mean the Stags can’t win with him, they went 15-1 with him last season after all and he passed for 3,393 yards with 24 touchdowns and only two interceptions. That is getting the job done. Behind him, the team loves Brandon Bridge. He hasn’t played a lot, but everybody knows how talented he is and that he could be a starting quarterback in this league. Garrett Gilbert is little more than a backup.

Minnesota Freeze

Tim Boyle – 6aa

Taylor Heinicke – 7a

Mike Reilly – 9aa

Mike Reilly has proven himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league and now he’s taking over for maybe the best quarterback in league history. He didn’t have the greatest weapons with the Raptors/Scorpions franchise and while the Freeze are rebuilding, they have some decent receivers for him to work with. Taylor Heinicke is a bit disappointed he isn’t getting an opportunity to start for the Freeze, but he might be out there to up his trade value for another team. Tim Boyle is a developmental backup quarterback.

Mississippi Cottonmouths

Connor Cook – 6aa

Stephen Garcia – 6a

Casey Pachell – 6

Ricky Ray – 8df$

Mississippi thought they had quarterback settled when they traded a boatload of draft picks for Ricky Ray, but the long-time Orlando Rockets star suffered a serious career-threatening injury almost right away. Ray has decided not to hang up his cleats, but the 39-year-old has said that if he suffers another serious injury, then he will retire. If healthy, Ray is still one of the better quarterbacks in the league and his know-how can be huge for a young Cottonmouths team. He’s up there in age so we don’t expect any MVP-like seasons from him anymore, but there are much worse quarterbacks out there. If something does happen, the Cottonmouths have hedged their bets a little bit with Connor Cook. Houston threw him to the wolves and then gave up on him, but with some time to learn behind a legend like Ray and to sit the sidelines, he can really start to develop. Stephen Garcia and Casey Pachell will battle for the third spot if the team decides to keep three quarterbacks.

Nashville Renegades

Trevor Knight – 6a

A.J. McCarron – 9af$

Luis Perez – 6aa

A.J. McCarron gets frustrated with Nashville constantly trading away his targets and adding new guys. He would really love some stability on his offense and if gets it he absolutely can be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s shown that throughout his career. Behind him, Luis Perez showed potential in the D-League. Trevor Knight is an athlete who hasn’t gotten his act together yet.

New Orleans Nightmare

Danny Etling – 6aa

Aaron Murray – 9a

Zach Terrell – 6a

Aaron Murray was awesome for the Nightmare last year, really re-launching his career with a new franchise. Murray took the Nightmare to the Grand Finale and has plenty to build off, especially with time in his system. Danny Etling has potential future starter written all over him and while he’ll need time to grow into that role it certainly should push Murray even more. Zach Terrell is a decent athlete but little more than a third quarterback.

New York Marauders

Vad Lee – 7aa

Arvell Nelson – 6a

Marquise Williams – 6aa

Vad Lee had a truly unexpectedly tremendous season last year. His stats were remarkable, except his completion percentage, which was less than 50-percent. Was last year a fluke? It’s possible. We’ve seen flashes like him before, but the Marauders are committed to the Vad experiment and love his athleticism and ability to make plays by running around the field. In fact, all their quarterbacks are like that. Marquise Williams struggled early on in his career after being an athletic playmaker at North Carolina, but in his third pro season and final year eligible for the d-league he polished up his passing and melded it well with his running. Arvell Nelson is an AFL veteran who caught on with the Marauders at the end of last season. He shares similar skill sets with Lee and Williams but isn’t anything special out there.

Oakland Odyssey

Josh Johnson – 7

Case Keenum – 9a$

Chris Streveler – 6aa

Case Keenum might be the present, but Chris Streveler is the future. Keenum for some reason struggled in Los Angeles last season, but the talent is absolutely there for him to be the league MVP. Eventually, though, Chris Streveler will become the starter. He’s raw, but a tremendous athlete with great potential. But the Odyssey can’t rush him, and signing Keenum for now is proof they aren’t. Josh Johnson is a journeyman veteran who can step in have have decent success in a short stint.

Oklahoma Roughnecks

James Franklin – 7aa

Landry Jones – 6aaf

Ryan Mallett – 7

Nick Stevens – 6a

James Franklin was pretty good in Dallas last season playing game-manager with a heavy-duty rushing attack working with him. Now it will be interesting to see if he can be as good in a role where he’ll be the focal point of the offense. Behind him, there are some guys who can play, but might not be too great. Ryan Mallett has always had a big arm, but his character and accuracy are major problems. Landry Jones guy who is looking to re-launch his career at the place he played college ball in. He’s skilled, but at 29-years-old he probably won’t be more than a low-level starter at his peak. Nick Stevens is a developmental rookie.

Omaha Express

Tommy Armstrong – 6a

Chad Kanoff – 6aa

Tanner Lee – 6aa

Ricky Lloyd – 6a

Terrelle Pryor – 8aa

Last year’s experiment of team’s trying Terrelle Pryor out at wide receiver seems over with Omaha set to make him their franchise quarterback. Pryor is a tremendous athlete and perhaps could be one of the very best wide receivers in the league, but his athleticism also stands out and the Express have decided he has to touch the ball every offensive play. So he’ll be taking the snaps for them. And he’s accomplished as a dual-threat quarterback in the league too. It’s not just a hope and a pray that he can play. But he will have to play at that high level because what they have behind him is not very good. Chad Kanoff and Tanner Lee have potential but are quite a way away from being ready. Kanoff might be more ready as your prototypical passing QB while Lee is the more athletic and mobile guy. Tommy Armstrong and Ricky Lloyd are developmental backups.

Orlando Rockets

Trevor Harris – 9a

Brett Hundley – 7aa

Brandon Silvers – 6a

The Orlando Rockets officially turned over a new leaf last season and made a franchise-shaking move a few weeks in to trade long-time quarterback Ricky Ray. The team toyed around with letting Trevor Harris take over before, but now, it’s officially his franchise and he couldn’t have started his time as the guy any better. Harris took over as the starter a few weeks into the season and ended up leading the Rockets to their third championship. And the depth at the position. Brett Hundley is a talented guy. He’s still rough around the edges, but if needed, he could step in and play well enough. Brandon Silvers is a developmental backup.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Shane Austin – 7

Nic Shimonek – 6a

Nate Sudfeld – 7aa

Alek Torgersen – 6aaf

The Bulldogs took a lot of mis-steps last season at quarterback, putting out perennial under-performers Bryce Petty and Mark Sanchez at quarterback. Then, finally, the Bulldogs went with Nate Sudfeld and he gave their passing game a real spark. He’ll have one of the best running backs around to work with, but he’s a step up from just a game-manager. He only threw one interception and also shows signs of being a dynamic passer at times. But he still has quite a bit to prove. Behind him, veteran Shane Austin might be the best choice for a backup right now. Alek Torgersen and Nik Shimonek are developmental players.

Pittsburgh Forge

Jonathan Jennings – 10F

Matt Linehan – 6aa

Nathan Peterman – 6aaf

Jonathan Jennings has proven for two years that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s maybe the most prolific passer in the SFL and has run the Pittsburgh Forge system to perfection despite not really having any top talent receivers. He just has a lot of solid choices and knows how to work them. Nathan Peterman looks like the top immediate backup, but his ceiling is not very high and he could be pushed by Matt Linehan, who despite poor numbers in college has shown he has all the tools to play the position.

San Antonio Marshalls

Ryan Higgins – 6aa

Bo Levi Mitchell – 10f$

Dan Raudabaugh – 7

Bo Levi Mitchell is another guy who has proven to be one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. He has the arm, the accuracy and absolutely the confidence to play the position. He also has done with without great weapons. He knows how to play. Now it’s just a matter of him showing he knows how to win in the postseason. The Marshalls have been fortunate to not have to play any other quarterbacks. Dan Raudabaugh appears to be the guy should they be put in that position. He’s a veteran, but unproven. Ryan Higgins has done well in the d-league and is looking to carve out an opportunity for himself in the SFL.

San Diego Diablos

Trevone Boykin – 6aa

Brandon Doughty – 6a

Luke Falk – 6aa

Garrett Grayson – 6a

Trevone Boykin is a tremendous athlete and that helped him make his mark with the Diablos last year, but is that athletic ability enough to mask his shortcomings as a drop-back passer. Boykin’s legs makes him a threat, but he will be in for a fight for the starting job against first round pick Luke Falk. Falk isn’t the athlete, but he’s a much more polished passer and once he polished up a bit it seems like he’s going to end up taking over the job. Brandon Doughty is an interesting prospect who was given up on a bit too early by Atlanta. Garrett Grayson has a limited upside and probably just is what he is at this point.

Seattle Orcas

Ryan Griffin – 8

Matt Moore – 8

Keith Price – 6a

Kyle Sloter – 6a

Seattle has created quite an interesting quarterback situation for themselves this season. Ryan Griffin has been their quarterback for quite a few years and while he’s not a gifted talent with the huge arm who checks off all the boxes, he’s a winner. That is tough to unseat, but perhaps looking at his lack of success in the playoffs because of his limited physical ability, the Orcas brought in Matt Moore, who is a guy that checks off every single box, but makes a lot of mistakes as well. Keith Price and Kyle Sloter will likely be battling for the third spot.

St. Louis Stallions

Gunner Kiel – 6a

Zach Mettenberger – 8aa

Phillip Walker – 6aa

Zach Mettenberger had a career re-birth after some struggles in New Orleans two years ago. When the Stallions traded the No. 1 overall pick for him last offseason there were serious questions but he proved the team right with his stellar play. The only complaint would be his inaccuracy. Despite passing for over 4,100 yards with 34 touchdowns and only seven interceptions, he completed just 49.5-percent of his passes. Still, he has a huge arm and can make absolutely every throw he needs. Phillip Walker has a bit more upside than Gunner Kiel. Both are quite below Mettenberger, but it will be an interesting backup battle in camp.

Utah Raptors

Vernon Adams, Jr. – 6aa

Ryan Nassib – 8ac$

Jeff Tuel – 6a

Derek Wendell – 6aa

The Raptors are in a new era. Maybe the most talented quarterback in the league Mike Reilly wanted out of town but the Raptors hedged their bets a bit last year when they traded for Ryan Nassib. Nassib is a quality athlete, but has not put everything together to reach his potential. That said, he did win a championship in New York as a game manager. He’s a step down from a gifted player like Reilly, but he gets the job done when there is enough talent around him. In Washington, there just wasn’t and it failed right away. Aside from Nassib, the Raptors also acquired Vernon Adams, Jr. from Omaha. He’s a tremendously athletic player but has not had an opportunity to prove himself as a quarterback yet. Derek Wendell is coming off a tremendous d-league and should edge out Jeff Tuel. Tuel hasn’t been able to get his career going really and this deep into it he’s said that if he doesn’t catch on he’s just going to retire.

Virginia Admirals

Mike Bercovici – 6a

Cody Fajardo – 6aa

Tommy Grady – 7

Alex McGough – 6aa

Nick Montana – 6a

Drew Tate – 7d

Virginia might have the worst quarterback situation in the league with no clear guy who can be a quality starter. Early on it might be veterans Drew Tate or Tommy Grady, but they are older and very limited at this point. Alex McGough probably has the best potential, but is a long way away from becoming a starting-level quarterback. Cody Fajardo and Mike Bercovici have talent, but their own problems that will likely keep them from getting up on the depth chart. Nick Montana seems to be living off his family name. He’s proven he’s not worthy of a roster spot too many times in this league.

Washington Wave

Danny Collins – 6a

Robert Griffin III – 7aci

Cardale Jones – 6aa

Kyle Lauletta – 7aa

Dustin Vaughan – 6a

Will the Wave turn things over the Kyle Lauletta right away? He’s certainly the most talented of the quarterbacks on the Wave’s team, but he’s still pretty raw and will make rookie mistakes. Cardale Jones might also be ready to step up his game as well. He’s been developing well and did a pretty good job in a few games last year. RGIII is trying to make his comeback. He was blocked by James Franklin in Dallas last year but played pretty well in the time he did play. Can be bew out two young up-and-comers back in DC? Dustin Vaughan and Danny Collins might have a shot on the team because Washington historically has kept way more quarterbacks than teams normally do.

SFL Top 5 QBs

1. Bo Levi Mitchell, San Antonio Marshalls
2. Jonathan Jennings, Pittsburgh Forge
3. Dak Prescott, Birmingham Predators
4. Mike Reilly, Minnesota Freeze
5. Matt Barkley, Atlanta Firebirds

By the Numbers:
Total QBs: 111
10 Rating: 3 (2.7%)
9 Rating: 7 (6.3%)
8 Rating: 9 (8.1%)
7 Rating: 26 (23.4%)
6 Rating: 66 (59.4%)