Unable to find a good enough cornerback available in the sixth round, the team traded for former SFL starter Elie Bouka.

It’s been a busy offseason full of trades for the Raptors, but when one the clock in the sixth round, the team wasn’t inspired by any of the players remaining, so they put their only remaining draft pick on the block and acquired a former starting SFL cornerback for it.

The Raptors acquired Elie Bouka from the Houston Wranglers for the pick. An additional defensive back was what the team was looking to draft, but were unable to find any better options than a former SFL starter. Bouka led the Wranglers with 10 pass deflection to go with 51 tackles last season.

“Elie is a proven veteran but is still pretty young too,” Head Coach Ken Norton Jr., said. “We were looking at a number of cornerback, but Bouka was better than the options out there in our view so the trade was a no-brainer.”

With Bouka, the Raptors have six cornerbacks Sam Shields and Abdul Kanneh are returning starters, but the team is very high on rookie Taron Johnson and second-year cornerback Corn Elder. Elie Bouka is likely the fifth guy ahead of Josh Thomas.