Week Fourteen Rankings

1. Michigan Stags (13-1) – No Change
Last Week: W – Columbus Explorers – 23-10

The Stags officially locked up a first round bye with their one-sided win over their long-time rival Columbus Explorers. It was a one-sided win, but things weren’t all that easy for them. Their running game struggled without fullback John Conner in the backfield blocking. But Tajae Sharpe continue to improve and step up as a legitimate No. 1 receiver, which is something the Stags do really need if they want to make a serious run at a title. They have everything else.

2. New York Marauders (12-2) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ Louisville Cougars – 17-8

New York’s offensive line had been great all year long, but were just awful against Louisville and the five sacks they allowed resulted in an injury to starting quarterback Vad Lee. At least the Marauders clinched a first round bye and will have Lee back for the playoffs, but these final two weeks of the regular season will be important for the Marauders as they won’t want to lose all their momentum and become stagnant. These next two weeks will also be important for the team to see if they can lean on Jacquizz Rodgers to win them games too. It’s been all about the passing game this year, but Rodgers has loads of talent as well.

3. Atlanta Firebirds (11-3) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ Mississippi Cottonmouths – 35-10

It’s interesting how Matt Barkley has really stepped up since the Firebirds traded Matt Nichols, just like how last year he took off after they traded Aaron Murray. It might say something about Barkley that he struggles with the threat of competition, but if the results are positive, it doesn’t necessarily matter perhaps. The Firebirds have been able to move back into control of their division these past few weeks and could even clinch the division crown this week. It almost seems like the Firebirds needed to simplify. They had too many receivers they were trying to spread the ball out too. Now they can focus. They had a quarterback controversy. Now they can move on with Barkley as their guy. The simplification has worked.

4. Dallas Six-Shooters (11-2-1) – Up 2
Last Week: W – @ San Antonio Marshalls – 20-19

Robert Griffin III led the Six-Shooters to a remarkable and improbable comeback victory over the San Antonio Marshalls. It wasn’t expected, but it showed just how great the team in the Big D is. RG3 was not the featured star of the win. Their defense did give up a lot of yards through the air to Bo Levi Mitchell, but they came up with huge turnovers when they needed them. Their defense also completely shut down a very strong rushing attack of the Marshalls. Their own running game, was incredible, totaling 234 yards. They didn’t need RG3 to blow up. They just needed him to complete some important passes. That is when you know a team is great.

5. Orlando Rockets (10-4) – No Change
Last Week: W – Boston Dragons – 13-12

Without Eric Rogers, the Orlando Rockets struggled to get their offense going. Boston does have a very good defense, but just 170 yards passing should still be considered a big disappointment for them. Luckily, Rogers will be back this week and that should re-spark their passing attack and at the same time give more space for their running game to work. Their run defense has really struggled, and Andre Ellington became the latest back to perform well against them, but their overall defense is still quite strong and can shut teams down.

6. Seattle Orcas (9-5) – Down 2
Last Week: L – Pittsburgh Forge – 28-17

It’s really hard to know what to think about Seattle now. At one moment, you think they have everything they need to make a title run, but then they continually lose to these teams with strong passing attacks. That is the nature of a running team; it’s hard to play comeback. Pittsburgh got ahead at halftime and it was difficult for the Orcas to just keep on running the ball when trying to come back in a hurry because Ryan Griffin just isn’t that quarterback.

7. New Orleans Nightmare (9-5) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ San Diego Diablos – 16-10

Aaron Murray sadly suffered another injury, but this one shouldn’t derail the Nightmare too much since he is only expected to miss one week. But they got a nice showing out of first round draft pick Brad Kaaya in relief. The Nightmare need another win to clinch the playoffs, with Steven Ridley running so well and Kaaya showing he is very capable at the quarterback position, the Nightmare shouldn’t be written off this week.

8. Pittsburgh Forge (9-5) – Up 2
Last Week: W – @ Seattle Orcas – 28-17

It wasn’t long ago when owner Dan Lopez called out his offensive line, but that has seemed to have sparked the team a bit. This is a huge win for the squad pushing to make the playoffs. Pittsburgh has been up and down all year long and looking for a truly signature victory. They got one now. Isaiah Crowell was able to have his way against them, but a cross-country trip to Seattle is never easy but they made it look easy.

9. San Antonio Marshalls (8-5-1) – Down 1
Last Week: L – Dallas Six-Shooters – 20-19

It was a very disappointing result for the Marshalls, losing to the Six-Shooters in the final minute. The Marshalls are still in line to make the playoffs, but two turnovers by an otherwise magnificent Bo Levi Mitchell really cost his team. One of them ended up turning into a touchdown by Dallas, the other the game-winning field goal. But it is a safe bet that the Marshalls won’t have their running game shut down like they did again. If they could have run more down the stretch, that costly late turnover may not have happened.

10. Boston Dragons (9-5) – Down 1
Last Week: L – @ Orlando Rockets – 13-12

There are no moral victories in football, but considering the Dragons were not supposed to make their playoff push this year, the fact that they are 9-5 and just took the Orlando Rockets to the brink is something that they can have a slight smile about. Boston looks poised to get into the playoffs this year and that effort showed they might actually challenge when they get there.

11. Utah Raptors (9-5) – No Change
Last Week: W – @ Iowa Threshers – 20-14

Is Utah really a playoff team? They just need one win or Carolina to lose one game in the next two weeks to secure their postseason spot but this team needs to do something to show they can be more than just a participant. Terrance West has been a solid grinder running out of the backfield, but lacks explosive ability. Mike Reilly has been throwing well, but his weapons are inconsistent. Their defense has great games and bad games. It’s hard to know what to think about this squad.

12. Birmingham Predators (7-7) – Up 1
Last Week: W – @ Carolina Generals – 28-22

The Dak Prescott and Alvin Kamara combination continued to make for a seriously dangerous backfield. The Predators still have very slim hopes of the playoffs, but at the very least they are proving that next year could be their year. They just need to continue to sure up their offensive line and get a few more pieces out at receiver and on their defense and this team can be as good as any of them.

13. Philadelphia Bulldogs (7-7) – Up 1
Last Week: W – Washington Wave – 52-20

The Bulldogs are as dangerous as they come right now, showing that off with 52 points scored against Washington. Jay Ajayi is an elite running back, which we certainly knew, and Nate Sudfeld is a very efficient passer who knows how to not make mistakes. But the Bulldogs were in too big of a hole after going with Bryce Petty and Mark Sanchez early in the season. Next year they figure to be a major threat to get back to the playoffs. This year they have to hope another team crashes and burns.

14. Omaha Express (7-7) – Up 1
Last Week: W – St. Louis Stallions – 24-16

Rex Burkhead might have had the most incredible single-game performance of recent memory, rushing for 231 yards and two touchdowns on just 11 carries. That is ridiculous production and it all but clinched the Express’ spot in the playoffs. Omaha has a one-game leas to St. Louis and a head-to-head tie-breaker because of the season sweep they now have against them. Omaha just needs one win or one St. Louis loss in the final two weeks and the Midwest Division crown is theirs.

15. Carolina Generals (7-7) – Down 3
Last Week: L – Birmingham Predators – 28-22

Nick Davila proved to be a capable quarterback in relief of the injured Colin Kaepernick, but he did not get a win either. He’s just not as explosive and now as good. Kaepernick’s running ability forced defenses to change of their played and it opened up plenty of other things for the Generals. That did not happen against Birmingham without him.

16. Houston Wranglers (7-7) – Up 1
Last Week: W – @ Los Angeles Stars – 31-24

Even without Aaron Jones for most of the game against the Stars the Wranglers didn’t have much of a problem scoring. They managed 31 points as Matt Nichols had another very strong game, throwing for another four touchdowns. Their weapons in the passing game can get the job done. Not having Jones next week will hurt them, but it might not matter either.

17. St. Louis Stallions (6-8) – Down 1
Last Week: L – @ Omaha Express – 24-16

St. Louis could have made their move into the playoffs with a win, but their defense has been the problem for them this year and it let them down again. That was costly, but the Stallions clearly have a high-powered offense that is set in place for future success. This offseason should be focused on catching their defense up to their offense and that should make them a playoff contender.

18. Louisville Cougars (6-8) – No Change
Last Week: L – New York Marauders – 17-8

There are rumors that Joker Phillips might be fired after seeing his team collapse after such a strong start to the season. Their defense played great against a very powerful Marauders passing attack, but the offensive line didn’t hold up and that has continually killed Karlos Williams this season and Jeremiah Masoli needs more help.

19. Memphis Bombers (4-10) – Up 3
Last Week: W – Minnesota Freeze – 31-7

They played Minnesota, but it was still very nice to see the Bombers hit on all cylinders. This year has not gone their way, but their blowout of the Freeze was a great reminder of just how dangerous AJ McCarron can be with all those weapons he has, how punishing of a runner Jordan Howard is, and how amazing their pass rush can be.

20. Washington Wave (4-10) – Down 1
Last Week: L – @ Philadelphia Bulldogs – 52-20

The Wave defense has been an issue all season long and nothing is going to change that right now. The Bulldogs took full advantage of that and lit the Wave up this week. Offensively, though, Cardale Jones is showing some nice ability as a passer, but maybe not enough to secure the job as his own. But the team is certainly not in a bad spot with him going forward.

21. Iowa Threshers (4-10) – Down 1
Last Week: L – Utah Raptors – 20-14

Not having CJ Beathard in the final weeks of the season is certainly not what the Threshers want. Their playoff hopes are now officially finished, so getting him as many reps as possible would be important for future development. That can’t happen, so we’ll be getting a great idea of how Orleans Darkwa is and if he is their future at running back.

22. Columbus Explorers (3-11) – Down 1
Last Week: L – @ Michigan Stags – 23-10

Outside Joshua Dobbs, this team just doesn’t have much to be excited about on offense. And Dobbs has had plenty of bad rookie moments. The Explorers defense just can’t keep them in games like they need. They did a good job limiting the Stags offense, but they didn’t have anything to threaten them, themselves.

23. Los Angeles Stars (3-11) – No Change
Last Week: L – Houston Wranglers – 31-24

As good as Cody Kessler has played, he’s yet to give the Los Angeles Stars a win, which is crazy considering they have also gotten better rushing efforts since going with Brian Hill. At least they got some real positive performances out of Josh Atkinson, who moved up the depth chart, was a very good thing to see. He is an explosive young player who hopefully can work well across from Joe Hills for the rest of the season.

24. Mississippi Cottonmouths (3-11) – No Change
Last Week: L – Atlanta Firebirds – 35-10

Simply, the Cottonmouths don’t have what they need at quarterback right now. The Ricky Ray injury killed them before they could actually get going. Brock Osweiler, Casey Therrauit, Nick Montana, none of them are showing capable of leading this team.

25. San Diego Diablos (3-11) – No Change
Last Week: L – New Orleans Nightmare – 16-10

As has been started week after week, the Diablos simply just don’t have the talent to really compete with any good team, but they should absolutely be thrilled with Alex Collins right now. He’s looking like a franchise running back paired with Trevone Boykin right now.

26. Minnesota Freeze (0-14) – No Change
Last Week: L – @ Memphis Bombers – 31-7

It’s amazing Josh McCown has been as durable as he has been this season. Through 14 games, he’s been sacked 60 times. Another seven of those game against Memphis. Their offensive line seems to be getting worse and worse as the season goes on. Nothing good can happen behind that.

Weekly Awards

Offensive Player of the Week
RB Rex Burkhead, Omaha Express
11 Carries, 231 Rush Yards (21.0 YPC), 2 Rush TDs

Defensive Player of the Week
DE Za’Darius Smith, Michigan Stags
10 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 3 TFL, 1 Hurry

Special Teams Player of the Week
K Andrew Franks, Philadelphia Bulldogs
6-for-6 FGs, 4-for-4 XP, 22 Points

Rookie of the Week
RB Austin Ekeler, Dallas Six-Shooters
15 Carries, 117 Rush Yards (7.8 YPC), 1 Rec, 6 Rec Yards (6.0 YPC)

Playoff Watch

Empire Conference:
1. New York Marauders (12-2) – Atlantic Division Winner / Clinched First Round Bye
2. Atlanta Firebirds (11-3) – Southeast Division Leader / Clinched Playoff Berth
3. Omaha Express (7-7) – Midwest Division Leader
4. Orlando Rockets (10-4) – Clinched Playoff Berth
5. Boston Dragons (9-5)
6. Pittsburgh Forge (9-5)

Metropolitan Conference:
1. Michigan Stags (13-1) – Central Division Winner / Clinched First Round Bye
2. Dallas Six-Shooters (11-2-1) – Mid-South Division Winner / Clinched First Round Bye
3. Seattle Orcas (9-5) – Pacific Division Leader
4. New Orleans Nightmare (9-5)
5. Utah Raptors (9-5)
6. San Antonio Marshalls (8-5-1)

Record Watch

Team Rushing Yards – Current Record: Seattle Orcas – 3,144 (2017)
Seattle Orcas on pace for 3,566 Rush Yards

Rushing Yards – Current Records: Isaiah Crowell (16 Games) – 2,562 (2017) / Barry Sanders (18 Games) – 2,605 (2001)
Isaiah Crowell (Seattle Orcas) on pace for 3,072 Rush yards
**Isaiah Crowell has broken both records with 2,688 rushing yards this season through 14 games

Rushing Attempts – Current Record: Isaiah Crowell – 444 (2017)
Isaiah Crowell (Seattle Orcas) on pace for 494 Rushing Attempts

Rushing Touchdowns – Current Record: Isaiah Crowell – 24 (2017)
Jay Ajayi (Philadelphia Bulldogs) on pace for 23 Rushing Touchdowns

Total Offense – Current Record: Isaiah Crowell – 2,786 (2017)
Isaiah Crowell (Seattle Orcas) on pace for 3,253 Total Yards
**Isaiah Crowell has broken the previous record. He has 2,847 total yards through 14 games

Rushing Yards by a Quarterback – Current Record: Tim Tebow – 1,241 (2015)
Joshua Dobbs (Columbus Explorers) on pace for 1,213 Rushing Yards

Receiving Yards – Current Records: Allen Hurns (16 Games) – 2,059 (2016) / Demetrius Allen (18 Games) – 2,175 (2001)
Eric Rogers (Orlando Rockets) on pace for 2,415 Receiving Yards
**Eric Rogers has broken Allen Hurns’ 16-game record with 2,093 Receiving Yards through 14 games.

Receiving Touchdowns – Current Record: Allen Hurns – 23 (2016)
Eric Rogers (Orlando Rockets) on pace for 22 Receiving Touchdowns

Kick Return Yards – Current Record: LaMichael James – 1,838 (2016)
Tyreek Hill (Washington Wave) on pace for 1,995 Kick Return Yards

Punt Return Yards – Current Record: Brandon Banks – 982 (2016)
Garry Brown (Philadelphia Bulldogs) on pace for 1,458 Punt Return Yards
**Garry Brown has already broken the previous season record, currently has 1,276 Punt Return Yards through 14 games

Kicker Points – Current Record: Justin Tucker – 157 (2015)
Alex Henery (Michigan Stags) on pace for 152 Kicker Points

SFL News

Stags clinch first round bye

With a 23-10 win over their arch-rival Columbus Explorers the Michigan Stags, which had already clinched the Central Division crown, clinched a first round bye in the playoffs. The league’s new playoff format gives the top two division winners a first round bye in the playoffs. The Stags are 13-1 and need just one more win or a Dallas loss in the final two games of the season to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They are also the host of this year’s Grand Finale.

Marauders clinch Atlantic Division and first round bye

Despite an injury suffered by Vad Lee that will keep him out of the rest of the regular season, the New York Marauders have clinched both the Atlantic Division title and a first round bye in this year’s playoffs. The Marauders are 12-2, bouncing back from last season’s five-win season. Lee is expected to miss three weeks, making him eligible to return in the second round of the postseason, after the team’s bye week. The Marauders have won their first division title since 2010, when they went 10-6. Their 12 wins are the most for the franchise since winning 13 games in an 18-game season in 2001.

Six-Shooters win Mid-South Division and clinch first round bye

While James Franklin was on the sideline and former Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III made his first start in professional football in a year and a half, the Six-Shooters were able to rely on their tremendous running game and defense to get a critical win over long-time rival San Antonio. And that win clinched the Six-Shooters the Mid-South Division. And with the tie on their record, the eventually winner of the Pacific Division could not pass them in the standings, meaning they have secured a first round bye as well. The Six-Shooters should claim home field advantage if they win out and the Stags lose out.

Firebirds and Rockets clinch playoff berths, but still fighting for Division

Both the Atlanta Firebirds and Orlando Rockets have secured their spots in this year’s postseason, but at 11-3, the Firebirds hold a one-game lead on the Rockets. The two teams meet in Atlanta in Week 16, a game that will likely determine the Division champion.

Crowell breaks Barry Sanders’ 18-game rushing record in just 14 games

Isaiah Crowell’s incredible season eventually became a question of when he would set the league’s all-time rushing record. Crowell has been on pace to eclipse 3,000 rushing yards since the beginning of the year and has not fallen off. Through just 14 games, though, he broke Barry Sanders’ rushing record of 2,605 yards. Crowell rushed for 199 yards against the Pittsburgh Forge, putting his season total up to 2,688 yards. He is on pace to rush for 3,072 yards. He also broke his own record for all-purpose yards in a season. He is on pace for 3,874 yards.

Andrew Franks sets single-game kicker record

With six field goals and four extra points, Andrew Franks broke Justin Tucker’s previous record of 18 kicker points in a game with now 22 points. Tucker set the previous record for the San Antonio Marshalls on May 23, 2015. Franks, for the Philadelphia Bulldogs, had 22 points against the Washington Wave.

Kenny Vaccaro on the verge of joining the SFL

It is a bit of a mystery why former first round NFL draft pick Kenny Vaccaro is still on the free agent market, but that might be to the benefit of an SFL team. With NFL training camps having begun and Vaccaro still without a team, he is accepting offers from SFL teams. The Houston Wranglers currently appear to be the front-runners to sign the former University of Texas standout.

Marauders invite Vince Young and Arvell Nelson for tryouts

With the injury to Vad Lee, the New York Marauders are now in the market for a second quarterback to backup Josh Woodrum, who is expected to start the final two games of the regular season. The Marauders invited both Vince Young and Washington Valor quarterback Arvell Nelson in for tryouts for the job. Nelson just led the Valor to the Arena Bowl XXXI championship. Young was with the Houston Wranglers last season but did not get any time on the field. The team is expected to make their signing by Thursday.

Week 15 Preview

Columbus Explorers (3-11) @ Pittsburgh Forge (9-5)
The Pittsburgh Forge were called out by their owner not too long ago and now are coming off a huge victory over the Seattle Orcas. Pittsburgh seems to be able to grind down opposing defenses a bit more with James Conner at the lead running back and that lets Devontae Booker work more in space, but the team is still all about Jonathan Jennings, who is coming off a three-touchdown performance. Columbus has the No. 2 pass defense in the league, and do have a dangerous quarterback in Joshua Dobbs, but it is going to be hard to see the Forge taking their foot off the gas against a team with few dynamic offensive players.
Pick: Pittsburgh Forge

Birmingham Predators (7-7) @ Orlando Rockets (10-4)
Though they got a win, Orlando really struggled without Eric Rogers, but good new for them is that he will be back this week. But at the same time, this week is going to be a challenge against a team that is getting things together. Birmingham has slim hopes at making the playoffs, but they are still alive and are at least playing to set themselves up for a postseason run next season. If they can step up and beat Orlando, that is going to be a huge statement. But beating Orlando certainly isn’t something that should be the favored result.
Pick: Orlando Rockets

Dallas Six-Shooters (11-2-1) @ Boston Dragons (9-5)
There is nothing overly exciting about either of these teams, but this might be the most competitive game we see this week. It’s going to be a throwback to smashmouth football, with hard hits on defense, running games leading the way, and a tremendous battle in the trench. Dallas really showed how good their team is when they got a victory without James Franklin. Boston has been exceeding expectations all season too and are at home. This is a coin-flip game.
Pick: Dallas Six-Shooters

Carolina Generals (7-7) @ Memphis Bombers (4-10)
Nick Davila put up a tough fight, but the Generals couldn’t get a win over the more dynamic Birmingham Predators last week. This week they will be on the road against an under-achieving Memphis Bombers squad, but a squad that reminded everyone last week how great they can be when things click for them. The Bombers had a cushy matchup against the hapless Minnesota Freeze, but it was still a showcase of AJ McCarron’s ability as a passer, how dangerous their receivers are, how punishing of a runner Jordan Howard is, and how explosive their pass rush could be.
Pick: Memphis Bombers

Iowa Threshers (4-10) @ Mississippi Cottonmouths (3-11)
With CJ Beathard’s season now finished due to injury, the Threshers will likely lean a lot more on Orleans Darkwa. He’s done pretty well and will look to exploit a matchup against the 21st-ranked run defense. The key to his success, however, will be seeing whoever their quarterback is not make costly turnovers. Mississippi has been trying to figure out quarterback themselves since Ricky Ray got hurt. They haven’t been able to find anything and it’s been a huge struggle since.
Pick: Iowa Threshers

Omaha Express (7-7) @ New Orleans Nightmare (9-5)
When healthy, the New Orleans Nightmare have proven they are among the very best teams in the league. The problem is, Aaron Murray suffered another injury that will keep him out this week. The Nightmare lost four-straight games to start the season when Murray was hurt. They still have a great running game, but Omaha has the best run defense in the league. They might not be able to exploit the Express’ last-ranked pass defense (which was significantly improved as it is with the addition of Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones). Meanwhile, Omaha’s tremendous running game really should exploit the Nightmare’s 26th-ranked run defense.
Pick: Omaha Express

San Diego Diablos (3-11) @ Michigan Stags (13-1)
Michigan isn’t likely to take their foot off the gas this week even though they have clinched a first round bye. They just need to make sure they get one more run to secure homefield advantage, and San Diego is the small obstacle in their way. The Diablos have been more competitive with Trevone Boykin, but nowhere near good enough to compete with perhaps the most complete team in the league.
Pick: Michigan Stags

St. Louis Stallions (6-8) @ Minnesota Freeze (0-14)
The Stallions hopes of the playoffs has almost evaporated as they have been swept by the Omaha Express are are back on the tie-breaker as well, but the team also achieved more than expected this season. The Stallions were not supposed to be in playoff contention this season, even in a division that was expected to be pretty bad. But they have set themselves up well for a strong run next season. They just have to make sure they keep building some momentum heading into the offseason. They had a strong start, but suffered a major drop off in the second half. They should continue to show their offensive power against the Minnesota Freeze. The Freeze’s offensive line likely won’t let them get a win this year. They have weapons, but even against the worst pass rush in the league it is hard to imagine Josh McCown getting enough time to take advantage of it all.
Pick: St. Louis Stallions

Los Angeles Stars (3-11) @ San Antonio Marshalls (8-5-1)
As well as Cody Kessler has played, he has not gotten the Stars a win yet this season. Getting his first first win as their starter will be a tough task against the San Antonio Marshalls this week. The Marshalls are not happy at all about their loss to the Six-Shooters. Bo Levi Mitchell was throwing the ball all over the place but just a slight few mistakes were too much to overcome. The Marshalls need to get this win to secure their spot in the postseason.
Pick: San Antonio Marshalls

Houston Wranglers (7-7) @ Utah Raptors (9-5)
The Utah Raptors keep getting wins, but it seems like the Houston Wranglers have a lot more offensive power right now. But it is also up in the air if Aaron Jones will play next week. It does look like he will end up playing, and if he does, the Wranglers will have their balanced offense to go against the tough Raptors defense. The Wranglers are also in deep discussions with Kenny Vaccaro, which could challenge a struggling passing offense of Utah.
Pick: Houston Wranglers

Louisville Cougars (6-8) @ Seattle Orcas (9-5)
While rumors swirl that Joker Phillips could be fired after failing to capitalize on a strong start to the season, the Seattle Orcas are going to be on a mission to once again clinch the Pacific Division crown. They had their chance to do that last week but were upset by the Pittsburgh Forge. This week their defense is going to be on a mission to shut down the Cougars.
Pick: Seattle Orcas

Atlanta Firebirds (11-3) @ Washington Wave (4-10)
Atlanta is fighting to keep ahead of their division and a win over Washington would just about clinch things for them. They are definitely the better team, but their pass defense really hasn’t been as good as their talent and Cardale Jones does have a big arm that can get the ball down the field.
Pick: Atlanta Firebirds

Philadelphia Bulldogs (7-7) @ New York Marauders (12-2)
Oh man, this rivalry game has a new wrinkle in it now. It was a close game last time, but now the New York Marauders don’t have Vad Lee. We don’t really know anything about Josh Woodrum. The biggest thing we expect to learn is if the Marauders success was because of Lee or because of all the weapons they have. It makes sense that he was a product of the weapons and if that is the case Woodrum might not be much of a drop off. But expect them to run a lot more against the Bulldogs, and expect their defense to hold off the competitive opponent just enough for the win even with the backup quarterback out there.
Pick: New York Marauders