Atlanta Firebirds

Head Coach: Rob Ryan (6th Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Dave Ragone (6th Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Chuck Cecil (6th Year)

Rob Ryan too a slight step back in 2017 and missed the playoffs after garnering Coach of the Year honors with an 11-5 record in 2016. Still, his team should once again be really good largely in part to the great work quarterback guru Dave Ragone has been. He’s really proving himself as a great quarterback coach with the work he’s done with both Aaron Murray and now Matt Barkley. That quarterback position is why the team is succeeding. The Rob Ryan and Chuck Cecil led defense ranked sixth in points allowed last year, but 20th in pass defense and just 13th in sacks.

Birmingham Predators

Head Coach: Bob Sutton (2nd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Ken Zampese (2nd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Jason Tarver (2nd Year)

Dak Prescott is great, we clearly know that, because this coaching group really didn’t do much else than luck into a great quarterback. The defense, which Bob Sutton is running, ranked just 17th in the league. The running game, which is supposed to be Ken Zampese’s strength, ranked just 20th. Maybe the team just needs more talent, but outside their passing game there isn’t much to be happy with.

Boston Dragons

Head Coach: Mike Munchak (3rd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Mike Munchak (3rd Year)*
Defensive Coordinator: Joey Porter (2nd Year)

Joey Porter’s defense is great, which is to be expected, but there is nothing to be excited about with the Dragon’s offense. It’s just miserable. And that makes it so much more of a terrible decision for the team to not hire a full-time offensive coordinator. The team finished last in the league in offense and their head coach is still going to be the one calling the plays.

Carolina Generals

Head Coach: Mike Singletary (3rd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Greg Roman (1st Year)
Assoc. HC & Defensive Coordinator: Jeff Fisher (1st Year)

Mike Singletary lost both of his coordinators after last year’s run to the championship game, but that’s fine because he’s brought in two friends who have proven themselves at the highest level. Singletary and Fisher should team up to make for one dominant defense while Greg Roman is back together with Colin Kaepernick trying to rekindle some magic.

Columbus Explorers

Head Coach: Jim Tressel (7th Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Collin Klein (1st Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Carnell Lake (2nd Year)

Jim Tressel may still call the plays, but ownership favorite Collin Klein was brought in as the offensive coordinator. It’s an interesting choice to give a guy just retired that big of a job, but he’ll have great guidance from Tressel. Carnell Lake stepped into the defensive coordinator job last year and led one of the elite defenses in the league. They just need to generate more of a pass rush.

Dallas Six-Shooters

Head Coach: Dan Reeves (1st Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Danny White (3rd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Carl Pelini (3rd Year)

What a ride that was with the Six-Shooters coaching staff this offseason. Owner Dallas Hartwell and Bo Pelini’s clash led to his firing late in the offseason. Then, Kevin Sumlin accepted the job as his replacement, but before signing his contract he took a job at Arizona. That led to the return of Dan Reeves, who hasn’t been seen on the sidelines with a headset since 2003. Is 15 years out of coaching too long? Will there be trouble keeping Carl Pelini happy after the abrupt firing of his brother? It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Houston Wranglers

Head Coach: Rex Ryan (1st Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Dameyune Craig (2nd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Bryan Cox (2nd Year with team, 1st as DC)

Despite the poor inaugural season the Houston Wranglers had all the faith in the world in Bryan Cox to be their head coach of the future, but the man wanted to take a step down from the position to become the defensive coordinator so he could have more one-on-one coaching time with his son, a rookie draft pick for the team this year. So who do they turn to? Well, Atlanta coach Rob Ryan put a god word into Chris Dunn for his brother Rex. That’s right, Rex Ryan will be roaming the sidelines in Houston. At least there will be a reason to watch them this season.

Iowa Threshers

Head Coach: Clint Dolezel (1st Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Ken O’Keefe (1st Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Matt Entz (1st Year)

SFL legend Clint Dolezel finally has a head coaching job after leading the Philadelphia Bulldogs offense to an SFL Championship just a season ago. That was a great choice for the expansion Threshers. He’ll immediately have the respect of the locker room and clearly knows how to win. Ken O’Keefe, the former quarterbacks coach at University of Iowa will continue working with Hawkeye CJ Beathard. North Dakota State defensive coordinator Matt Entz is taking over the same job for the Threshers.

Los Angeles Stars

Head Coach: Mark Hudspeth (2nd Year)
Offensive Coordinator:
Defensive Coordinator: Chris Klieman (2nd Year)

Mark Hudspeth has a remarkable first season with the Stars, leading one of the better offenses in the league despite losing some of the most prolific offensive players in the league from the season prior. But that success also led to offensive coordinator Frank Wilson accepting the head coaching job at UT-San Antonio. Hudspeth, who was a quarterback in his day and has an offensive background will likely take over as the offensive coordinator as well as the head coach while Chris Klieman, who led one of the best pass rushes in the league, returns as defensive coordinator.

Louisville Cougars

Head Coach: Joker Phillips (3rd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Guy Morriss (3rd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Mike Goodpaster (3rd Year)

This is probably the final year for Joker Phillips if he doesn’t make major strides. He’s just 8-24 in two seasons. He did improve by two victories from his first season, but this coaching staff led just the 15th-ranked offense and last-ranked defense. After finishing last in the league in defense isn’t truly amazing Mike Goodpaster stuck around as defensive coordinator.

Memphis Bombers

Head Coach: Teryl Austin (2nd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Jay Graham (8th Year)
Defensive Coordinator:

It was only natural that the with defensive gurus Teryl Austin and Mike Vrabel that the Bombers would have one of the best defenses in the league last year. But that success also vaulted Vrable up to an NFL head coaching position. Austin is probably going to seamlessly take over as the defensive coordinator as well as remaining as head coach. Jay Graham needs to do more with that offense that has too much talent to be finishing just in the middle.

Michigan Stags

Head Coach: Chris Jones (4th Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Eric Bienemy (4th Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Chris Jones (4th Year)*

It’s a perfect partnership for the Stags. Chris Jones is the defensive mastermind while Eric Bienemy is a tremendous running backs coach leading a dominant run-game on offense. Neither guy is flashy, but neither are the Stags. They are just effective and quietly great.

Minnesota Freeze

Head Coach: Mike Jones (10th Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Mike Jones (10th Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Chuck Bresnahan (10th Year)

Of course it’s been a rough two years for the Freeze, but that isn’t the fault of the legendary coach Mike Jones and his staff. The ownership issues have been rough for the organization, but Jones and Chuck Bresnahan have proven they can get the job done.

Mississippi Cottonmouths

Head Coach: Mike Shula (1st Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Wade Wilson (1st Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Mike Trgovac (1st Year)

The Cottonmouths went with big names for their expansion team. While fans are always excited about expansion teams, the roster isn’t usually what generates the interest because it’s typically building, but this coaching staff will generate conversation. We have a Shula. That’s big enough leading the team. But add in a successful and well-respected former NFL defensive coach Mike Trgovac and then long-time NFL player and coach Wade Wilson as the offensive coordinator, they have great credentials and talent on their staff.

New Orleans Nightmare

Head Coach: John Grass (2nd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Pat O’Hara (2nd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Michael Barrow (2nd Year)

John Grass did a strong job in his first season with New Orleans and has the team looking like a playoff team in his second season. It will be up to him and Tyler Cherubini Pat O’Hara t lead the offense under new quarterback Aaron Murray, who is hungry to revitalize his career. Michael Barrow let the 10th-ranked defense last season, a strong improvement over previous seasons.

New York Marauders

Head Coach: Brian Schottenheimer (6th Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Duce Staley (1st Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Ron Cooper (6th Year, 2nd as Defensive Coordinator)

Just when everybody thought Brian Schottenheimer was going to be fired, he got a promotion. The Marauders have a lot of faith in their guy who led them to a championship in 2015, when he garnered Coach of the Year honors, but with that as his only winning season and four double-digit loss seasons, the promotion figures to only give Schottenheimer less of an excuse for failure here in year six. If they don’t make the playoffs, there is nothing to change other than him. Defensive Coordinator Ron Cooper returns again. He’s in his sixth season with the team and second as the full-time defensive coordinator. Even with different pieces he’s regularly led one of the best pass defenses around. The well-respected former NFL running back Duce Staley has been brought in to lead the Marauders running game. They were miserable the past two seasons trying to get it going on the ground.

Omaha Express

Head Coach: Turner Gill (2nd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Tom Rathman (2nd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: John Parrella (2nd Year)

Turner Gill made a solid return 16 years after being led go from Sacramento, but after rebuilding himself he’s got full-support from ownership to coach in a city he’s so beloved. The Express went 7-9 in their return, quite respectable for an expansion team. Tom Rathman and John Parrella are also former Cornhuskers who both ownership and fans love.

Orlando Rockets

Head Coach: Larry Coker (11th Year)
Offensive Coordinator:
Defensive Coordinator: Manny Diaz (2nd Year)

Long-time head coach Larry Coker is still dominating year-after-year. He’ll likely be looking to do it again without an offensive coordinator after Marc Trestman returned to become the head coach of the Montreal Allouettes in the CFL. But Coker has successfully coached the offense before. Manny Diaz was returns as the defensive coordinator after ranking second in the league in run defense and sacks a season ago.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Head Coach: Marty Mornhinweg (2nd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Michael Vick (1st Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Doug Plank (5th Year)

Marty Mornhinweg had the greatest return possible with the Bulldogs. The 2011 coach of the year and former coach of the LA Centurions came back and won the SFL Championship in his first season with the Bulldogs after five years away from the league. He’ll have to be without his offensive coordinator Clint Dolezel, who is now the head coach in Iowa. But Michael Vick, after a successful season coaching the Honolulu Volcanoes in the D-League, after after winning that title last season, is now the offensive coordinator, replacing the original pick of Phil Bogle, who was quickly demoted to offensive line coach. Doug Plank returns for his fifth season as defensive coordinator.

Pittsburgh Forge

Head Coach: Dan Campbell (2nd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Sylvester Croom (2nd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Gary Gibb (2nd Year)

Dan Campbell earned Coach of the Year honors in his first season after taking the expansion Pittsburgh Forge to the playoffs as Atlantic Division champions. He and offensive coordinator Sylvester Croom led one of the most successful offensive units in league history. The defense will really need to improve under Gary Gibb in year two.

San Antonio Marshalls

Head Coach: Gary Crowton (7th Year Back With Team)
Offensive Coordinator: Less Moss (6th Year Back With Team)
Defensive Coordinator: Bret Munsey (6th Year Back With Team)

Gary Crowton and his staff his staff have had a ton of success over the years and are now top give all-time in victories. His second stint in San Antonio have had its ups and downs, but it’s been two great years of ups as they bring them in as possibly even title favorites in some eyes.

San Diego Diablos

Head Coach: Lane Kiffin (1st Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Lane Kiffin (1st Year)
Defensive Coordinator/Assoc. HC: Brady Hoke (1st Year)

How is this going to work? We have the infamous Lane Kiffin, who makes friends with nobody, and his associate head coach and defensive coordinator Brady Hoke, who is a guy who nobody has ever said a negative thing about as a person. It will literally be good coach-bad coach when approaching the players, but the questionable part is neither guy have been particularly successful as coaches on big stages. It’s a very odd pairing in San Diego.

Seattle Orcas

Head Coach: Jim Zorn (19th Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Sherman Smith (5th Year Back with Team)
Defensive Coordinator: Raheem Morris (7th Year)

Jim Zorn, the all-time winningest coach in history, name-sake of the Coach of the Year award, and the guy who has been with the team since the very beginning. Nothing negative can be said about the best coach in the league’s history. And his support staff has been great. Raheem Morris has long been regarded as a great defensive mind and Sherman has been with Zorn for a long time and it’s been a lot of success.

St. Louis Stallions

Head Coach: Charlie Strong (1st Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Bill Legg (1st Year)
Defensive Coordinator: DeMontie Cross (1st Year)

Charlie Strong is a fantastic hire for the Stallions. He’s a great coach, it just wasn’t going to work in Texas and that was fairly clear from the jump. But he’ll look to rebuild his reputation in St. Louis. Bill Legg has done great leading high-powered offenses at Marshall. We will see if it translates to the SFL.

Utah Raptors

Head Coach: Ken Norton Jr. (3rd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Ken Dorsey (3rd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Pepper Johnson (3rd Year)

Some people were calling for Ken Norton Jr. to get fired after year two, but the Raptors were not even close to willing to make a more that quick, especially after the success he had his first season with the franchise. Now in Utah, the group will be looking to rebound with their team. Part of the problem was they went with so many NFL veterans their first season and they just looked their age in year two. Now, the younger guys are ready to step up for this group of coaches.

Washington Wave

Head Coach: Ralph Friedgen (3rd Year)
Offensive Coordinator: Keenan McCardell (3rd Year)
Defensive Coordinator: Chris Cosh (3rd Year)

From 0-16 to 9-7, Ralph Friedgen really turned things around in year two with the Wave. This year they might have their best quarterback yet too, which Keenan McCardell will certainly like. Chris Cosh has a lot of young defensive players to love too. This team is only getting better.