Atlanta Firebirds

Robert Davis – 6aaf

Trindon Holliday – 6

Isaiah McKenzie – 6aaf

Cameron Meredith – 9aaf

Malcolm Mitchell – 8aaf

Paul Turner – 6aa

Albert Wilson – 8aaf$

Atlanta doesn’t have former league MVP Allen Hurns anymore, but they still have plenty of great weapons to work with. Cameron Meredith was originally viewed as an afterthought draft pick, but he exploded in 2017, so much so that the team was willing to trade Hurns, who was going to leave for the NFL in the offseason anyway, in the middle of the year. That move also proved to be great for them for the future too as they got Malcolm Mitchell. As a rookie, Mitchell had a great season, catching 48 passes for 936 yards and 11 touchdowns. Albert Wilson should be heavily involved as well as the speedy athlete running up the sideline. After those three top guys it is a mix of prospects and projects. Robert Davis and Isaiah McKenzie are both promising local prospects who given opportunities could do fairly well. Paul Turner didn’t do much as a rookie, but when he did catch the ball he made big plays, averaging 20 yards per catch. Trindon Holliday won’t do much as a receiver but is the best return man in league history.

Birmingham Predators

Justin Blackmon – 8aac

Isaiah Burse – 6a

Quinshad Davis – 6aa

Jeremy Kerley – 7aac

Greg Little – 7ac

Josh Malone – 7aa

Chris Williams – 9aa

We have a lot of unknowns with the Predators receiving corp, but the one thing we do know is that Chris Williams can catch the ball. Williams caught 125 passes for 1,588 yards and 11 touchdowns last season. He didn’t make a bunch of big plays, but was successful in high volume production. So with him as the possession guy, the Predators are set, but very interestingly are the two big names the Predators brought in. Justin Blackmon is the most interesting. We have not seen Blackmon on a football field since the 2013 NFL season, who who knows what he can still do, but he is only 28-years-old and looked like he was blossoming into one of the elite gifted receivers in the entire NFL before all of his drug suspension derailed his career. Greg Little is another guy making a comeback. He had a great 2015 season with the LA Stars, but for some reason never played another season in the league after catching 59 catches for 933 yards and nine scores. He’s still young, only 28. Maybe he still has something left in the tank. And Jeremy Kerley is another man making an SFL return. He got a shot in the NFL after three good seasons from 2013 to 2015. He is 29-years-old still looking to show he can catch the ball. Then you have rookie Josh Malone. He was great in the D-League, finishing with 1,068 yards and 11 touchdowns, averaging 19.1 yards per catch. That sort of production shows great potential for the SFL. Quinshad Davis is a deep prospect n the group. Isaiah Burse is an expensive guy who hasn’t done much at all in the league.

Carolina Generals

Pharoh Cooper – 6aa

Mack Hollins – 6aaf

Kamar Jorden – 7a

Zach Pascal – 6aa

Aldrick Robinson – 8a

Ryan Switzer – 6aaf

Ishmael Zamora – 6a

After seeing Marques Colston and Anquan Bolden retire from last year’s team, the Generals are in rebuild mode with their receiving corp. Most of their group are rookies, but one very nice addition is Aldrick Robinson. Robinson broke out in Phoenix last year, despite a team switching up quarterbacks too often. Robinson had 1,206 yards and 7 touchdowns, and averaged an eye-opening 20.1 yards per catch with 16 of his 60 catches going over 25 yards (26.6%). He should be the go-to-guy running down the field. And expect Kamar Jorden to be given a bigger role too. He was a consistent possession guy in the CFL but didn’t get many opportunities last season after signing, but should be in line for that job as the second receiver. After those two, it’s a mixed-bag of unknowns. Pharoh Cooper looks to be the most gifted of the group with explosiveness that makes him a dangerous return man as well. Ryan Switzer and Mack Hollins were teammates in college at UNC. Switzer is the shiftier across-the-middle guy while Hollins is the bigger-bodies downfield threat. Neither Ishmael Zamora nor Zach Pascal got much of an opportunity in the D-League with the Honolulu Volcanoes. Zamora is the great athlete, but has looked very, very raw and unpolished as a route-runner. Pascal is a more polished but doesn’t have the elite athleticism.

Charleston Dragons

Brenton Bersin – 7a

Victor Bolden – 6aa

BJ Cunningham – 7a

Alex Erickson – 7aa

Jake Kumerow – 6aa

Denarius Moore – 8.dc

Artavis Scott – 6af

Trent Steelman – 6

Luke Tasker – 9af

Jordan Taylor – 6aa

Wendell Williams – 6a

It’s fair to say that Luke Tasker’s issues last season were more because of the problems at quarterback than because of his drop off in performance. Tasker is still one of the very best possession receivers in the league and proved it with 88 catches for 985 yards. Tragically, though, he never had a touchdown in 2017, but did have 45 receptions lead to a first down for his team (51.1% of his catches). Expect a nice sophomore rise out of Alex Erickson, who has a very good training camp, showcasing his shiftiness over the middle. Denarius Moore could also be a reliable receiver coming in from Los Angeles. He is starting to wind down but could still be good for another year or two. Jordan Taylor was the team’s second-leading wide receiver last season with 512 yards. He also led the team with two touchdowns. However, he’s yet to take that next step to be a playmaker. He’s good, but there is still more to be desired and more improvement has to be seen. BJ Cunningham and Brenton Bersin are reliable veterans in the mix as well. Victor Bolden is a rookie whose explosive ability the team loves. He might be a bigger factor on special teams right away, however. Artavis Scott is also a popular local guy from Clemson who displayed a lot of ability with the Tigers but has a bit to prove at this level. The nice surprise pickup for the team is Jake Kumerow. He earned a contract after a great D-League campaign. He’s still got a bit to prove, but the promise is there after seeing what we saw out of him this winter. Wendell Williams is an athletic freak, but very raw project. Trent Steelman won’t contribute much of anything as a receiver outside a few catcher here and there but because of his size he’s been a good goal line rusher in his career.

Columbus Explorers

Dan Arnold – 6aa

Jace Billingsley – 6aa

Daniel Braverman – 6aa

Noah Brown – 6aaf

Duron Carter – 8f

Victor Cruz – 9di

Justin Hardee – 6

Ryan Lankford – 6a

Jalin Marshall – 6aaf

Braxton Miller – 7aaf

Denard Robinson – 7

Griff Whalen – 7a

Victor Cruz was a very good addition to the Explorers last season after the veteran combine. He came in and led the team in receptions, yards and touchdowns, all while dealing with inconsistent quarterback play by Terrelle Pryor. Cruz is one of the best in the league, but at 31-years-old and injuries having piled up throughout his career he is a major risk to suffer a drop off soon, but he still has a bit left in the tank. Duron Carter isn’t the most popular guy in the locker room but is a weapon on the field, and not only as a speedy receiver, but as a return man with potential to even play defensive back. Griff Whalen has also had a really nice camp as a slot receiver, which suits his strengths perfectly. He’s outperformed the younger guys on the team so far in camp but as Braxton Miller continues to switch from QB in college to WR in the pros he could become a nice over-the-middle threat. Jace Billingsley and Jalin Marshall are also growing as receiver, but still have steps to make. Marshall brings a lot of value as a return man as well. Denard Robinson has also picked up reps as a receiver as well as a running back. He’s steady as always, but not a game-breaker. It might be difficult for guys like Dan Arnold, Daniel Braverman, Noah Brown and Ryan Lankford to break into noticeable role this season as all of them are projects but there could be a roster spot available for one of them. Arnold is a big 6-foot-6 guy from the tiny school UW-Platteville. He was a weapon there and is a desirable redzone threat. Braverman is another slot-receiver, but is buried behind better options. Noah Brown is a size-speed guy, who is just very young and not polished. He could have benefitted from some time in the D-League. Ryan Lankford didn’t show much in the CFL before getting an SFL contract. Justin Hardee is a cornerback who can catch, but doesn’t figure to be much of a factor in the receiving game.

Dallas Six-Shooters

Tanner Gentry – 7aa

Jeff Fuller – 7

Chris Matthews – 8aa

Edgar Allen Poe – 6a

D’Haquille Williams – 7a

Chris Matthews has finally found a home in Dallas. The talented receiver has bounced around the league but never quite found a home, but has one now in Dallas after finishing the 2017 season with a team-highs of 72 catches for 1,093 yards and 11 touchdowns. He’s worked his way to here he is despite all of the adversity he’s faces, but is in his prime and playing some really good football. Dallas has quite a few reliable and talented receivers, though. The biggest surprise is Tanner Gentry. The second-round draft pick out of Wyoming was spectacular in the D-League and has carried that success over to training camp with the Six-Shooters and could play a bigger role than originally expected. Jeff Fuller is a solid veteran who had 508 yards on 42 catches for the team last season D’Haquille Williams is an interesting addition. He’s a big guy who has off-the-field issues at Auburn, but did well proving himself in Canada. Edgar Allen Poe, yes his real name, is and athlete out of Army who participated in the D-League, but wasn’t overly impressive. He’s just the fifth guy and a project.

Houston Wranglers

Demarcus Ayes – 6aaf

Dorial Green-Beckham – 7ac

Derrick Griffin – 7aa

Roger Lewis – 7aa

Tommylee Lewis – 6aa

Diontae Spencer – 7aa

Greg Ward Jr. – 6aaf

Brandon Wilson – 6af

The Wranglers could have done better getting better talent in their receiving corp., but it appears they are instead going for guys with potential. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see any of these guys turn into something special, but they all need work to turn into something special. Diontae Spencer is the best of the group right now, coming off a very strong debut season in the CFL. He’s only 5-foot-8, but he has reliable hands. Derrick Griffin was also great in the D-League season and has looked good in training camp as well. He’s a big but athletic receiving option out of Texas Southern that the Wranglers took a shot on in the territorial draft and that shot appears it may pay off. Dorial Green-Beckham is the one they are hoping could really turn into something nice. He’s such a gifted athlete and still young, but their is a reason why the former NFL second round pick was out of the NFL after just two seasons. He didn’t make any positive steps forward last year with the Wranglers either, but maybe with a training camp and full-season there he could be more comfortable in their system. Look out for Roger Lewis though. He’s a quiet sort of guy who isn’t very flash, but he’s been very consistent and effective in camp. He might be one of the team’s starters right away. Demarcus Ayers is simply a project. Greg Ward Jr. is the popular Houston Cougars quarterback turned receiver. He’s a great athlete and a tough competitor, but they will have to be patient as he continues to turn into a full-time pass catcher. Brandon Wilson is primarily a defensive back but can serve as a depth receiver.

Iowa Threshers

Kendrick Bourne – 7aa

Armanti Edwards – 7

Ryan Grant – 7aa

Brian Hartline – 8.d

Josh Huff – 6a

Chad Owens – 8.d

Charone Peake – 6aa

Iowa has two good veterans leading the way, but both are older and simply place holders as they way to find their future. But that is fine because they need weapons this year. Chad Owens was 34-years-old last season when he caught 79 passes for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns. The ageless wonder still has some juice left in those boots. Brian Hartline is now 31, but was a pretty significant part of the record-breaking Pittsburgh Forge passing offense last season as he caught 50 passes for 710 yards and two scores. Neither guy will light up a defense, but both guys are steady and consistent and reliable. The hope is that a guy like Ryan Grant or Kendrick Bourne develops into the athletic downfield threat. Grant only caught two passes for the Stags last season, but he’s continued to work and improve heading into this season with his new team. Kendrick Bourne was a part of one of the best wide receiver duos in FCS history at Eastern Washington. He’s a nice-sized receiver with a nice burst that can get up the field. Third-year receiver Charone Peake struggled to get an opportunity in New York behind all of their receivers, but in Iowa he could have a better chance to take advantage of his athletic ability. Armanti Edwards is just a reliable, hard-working veteran whose athleticism might be diminishing a bit but he can still run past guys. Josh Huff makes the team as a return man.

Los Angeles Stars

Duane Brooks – 6

Austin Carr – 6a

Davaris Daniels – 7a

Jakeem Grant – 6aa

Joe Hills – 9f

Jordan Payton – 6af

With a deep group of receivers in LA last season Joe Hills did not get the volume of passes he normally sees, but he was still as reliable as ever when he was thrown to. This year, the receiving corp has been drained a bit, which means Hills should see the lion’s share of targets. His hands still say he is capable of catching pretty much all of them. But while the Stars have committed to Hills as their guy at receiver, there isn’t a clear guy who can take the pressure off of him. Davaris Daniels might be the best right now. The 25-year-old joined the team last last season and was solid with 29 catches for 372 yards and a score and only one drop. Jakeem Grant didn’t do much as a rookie, but should be in line for a much greater role in his second season. He does seem capable of performing up to the level too. Austin Carr and Jordan Payton are two developmental guys. Payton hasn’t progressed as much as hopes from year one to year two. Austin Carr is one of the most reliable receivers in Northwestern football history. Duane Brooks is back in tinseltown and still has his elite return ability.

Louisville Cougars

Phillip Barnett – 7c

Greg Carr – 7

Julian Edelman – 10f$

Paul McRoberts – 6a

JoJo Natson – 6aa

Maurice Purify – 8

Evan Spencer – 6a

James Quick – 6aa

Louisville has been good at wide receiver, their problem has been the surrounding cast. They figure to be great again at wide receiver, mostly because Julian Edelman is one of the best in the business. The man is an exceptional athlete and can catch anything that is thrown remotely near him. Maurice Purify also returns as a very good No. 2 receiver. He was the third man last year behind Edelman and the now retired Wes Welker, but should see even better numbers from his 47 catches for 779 yards and two touchdowns with more targets coming his way. Greg Carr and Phillip Bates are veterans who can still get the job done, but are nothing more than just extra depth guys. James Quick, JoJo Natson and Paul McRoberts are the young guys who are looking to break out. Quick has the most athleticism but Natson out-performed him in the D-League, doubling his catches, yards and touchdowns. Natson had 74 catches for 1,051 yards and four scores. He will definitely make the team because of his return ability too. Paul McRoberts has been disappointing in camp, but still flashes some occasional good signs.

Memphis Bombers

Moritz Bohringer – 6a

Jamison Crowder – 9aaf

Marquez North – 6a

Terrelle Pryor – 9aa

Collin Taylor – 7

Trent Taylor – 7aa

Jamison Crowder is on the verge of breaking into the elite class of wide receivers in the league. He’s tremendous back-to-back seasons and it wouldn’t be a shock to see him lead the league in receptions this year. The scary part is he’s just getting his career started. But the big news for Memphis is that they made a move to bring in Terrelle Pryor from Columbus. The former quarterback is making his long-awaited move to wide receiver, which looks to fit his size and athletic ability perfectly. He’s been a stud in camp, making big plays down the sideline. The Bombers are really banking on rookie Trent Taylor to fill in, in the slot. He’s a talented individual from Louisiana Tech who had 1,803 yards and 12 touchdowns as a senior and over 4,000 yards and 32 touchdowns in his collegiate career. He looks the part of the slot receiver and has really good hands too. Collin Taylor is a lanky but reliable depth pass catcher who can get 20-30 catches per season. Moritz Bohringer and Marquez North are two prospects with a lot of work to do to put themselves in position to see the field. Bohringer is a great athlete but is so raw it might take a while.

Michigan Stags

Aaron Burbridge – 6aaf

Stacy Coley – 6aa

b]Jehu Chesson[/b] – 6aaf

Cobi Hamilton – 6aa

Marken Michel – 7a

Jalen Saunders – 8a

Tajae Sharpe – 8aa

Despite a fairly poor camp last season, first round draft pick Tajae Sharpe put together a really good rookie season and led the team in receiving yards and touchdowns. Now, he’s the clear No. 1 weapon on offense with the departures of Marquess Wilson and Hakeem Nicks. And this time Sharpe is having a strong training camp, having taken the next step to solidify his role. But an unexpected strong performance has come from Jalen Saunders, the Oklahoma grad who went up to Canada to hone his craft and has come back to America strong and ready to showcase his ability. The short and speedy Saunders is the exact opposite of the bigger and more physical Sharpe, complimenting each other very well. Finding a third receiver has been a big tougher, though. Marken Michel has done the best so far in camp. Aaron Burbridge could be read to step up into a bigger role after essentially redshirting his rookie season. Stacy Coley, Jehu Chesson and Cobi Hamilton will all be fighting for roster spots too. It is likely that at least one of them will fail to make the team, but it will be up to their performances in the preseason games to determine that.

Minnesota Freeze

Jaron Brown – 7aa

Clarence Denmark – 7

Weston Dressler – 9f

Ricardo Louis – 8a

Julian Lynch – 6a

Keith Mumphrey – 6aa

Michael Preston – 6a

DeVier Posey – 7a

Rod Streater – 8f

De’Anthony Thomas – 6

Weston Dressler isn’t going to be a guy who will win a lot of awards or be the big star in the big commercials, but he’s been as consistent as they come for years in the SFL. Last year he put together another mighty fine season with 105 catches and only three drops, for 1,329 yards and six scores. Throw him the ball, and he will catch it for a first down. The Freeze knew about him though, and they know they have Rod Streater too. He too has been a very consistent threat over the years and had nearly 1,000 yards receiving himself in 2017. But the big smile that everybody at the Freeze camp has is about Ricardo Louis. He’s done well early in his career but has taken a nice step forward coming into this year and looks like he is going to make an even greater impact on the offense than he did last year when he has 593 yards and four touchdowns. Jaron Brown also looks like he’s going to have a bright future after some more positive strides this year. He’s been around for a bit and has steadily improved year after year and looks like he is still getting better. Last year he averaged 19.6 yards per catch, leading the team. He should still be that kind of deep threat again. And with those four top guys it wouldn’t be a shock to see the Freeze go out with a lot of four receiver sets, especially not when they have Josh McCown throwing the ball. But it’s not just a four-man show either. Clarence Denmark is another consistent veteran who can get 30 to 40 catches a year. DeVier Posey is a nice pickup who has bounced around leagues but showed nice signs in the Freeze camp. It might be tough for Julian Lynch, Keith Mumphrey or Michael Preston to get enough opportunities to stick around. They will rely on the preseason to show what they can do. De’Anthony Thomas is a running-back receiver hybrid whose impact is really only on special teams, where he is one of the best.

Mississippi Cottonmouths

Darvin Adams – 7a

Riley Cooper 8c

Travin Dural – 6aa

Mario Manningham – 8.di

Fred Ross – 6aaf

Terrence Toliver – 7

Danny Vandervort – 6a

Veterans Riley Cooper and Mario Manningham have notable names, but neither have been overly impressive in camp for the Cottonmouths. Cooper struggled to break through in Philadelphia after a nice run in Orlando. He only caught 10 passes the entire season. Manningham only for 26 catches for the New Orleans Nightmare last year. They might be the top guys to start the season for the expansion Cottonmouths, but they could be beat out pretty easily. Darvin Adams actually probably could end up leading the team in receiving this year. He’s not flashy, but he’s steady and consistent and in the prime of his career instead of past his prime and winding down like Cooper and Manningham. Travin Dural and Fred Ross are both nice young prospects who have a chance to grow into something good. Terrence Toliver is a veteran capable of getting around 20 to 30 catches a year, though he only had nine in Michigan last season. Danny Vandervort is a rookie project.

New Orleans Nightmare

Dwayne Bowe – 8.df

KD Cannon – 6aa

Malachi Dupre – 6aaf

SJ Green – 8

Vidal Hazelton – 7

Rueben Randle – 9a$f

Kenny Stafford – 7

New Orleans brought in local favorites Rueben Randle and Dwayne Bowe last year after both dropped out of the NFL, but their gamble paid off. Randle gave the team an All-SFL team performance with 83 catches for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns. And as just 26-years-old, he could still be getting better. Bowe was a solid second target who is a difficult matchup for opponents, but he is what he is, so don’t expect too much more than what he did last season, but also after seeing his camp don’t expect much of a drop off either. SJ Green has long been an very reliable slot receiver for New Orleans and with Bowe and Randle getting attention on the outside he did very well, topping 1,000 yards with nine scores in 2017. It’s not a flashy trio, but it’s an effective one. Kenny Stafford and Vidal Hazelton are reliable depth options. KD Dannon and Malachi Dupre are rookies with plenty of talent but might need a year to develop before becoming making much of an impact. Cannon can be the big-play man for the team in the future. Dupre has the makings of a consistent underneath chain-moving receiver.

New York Marauders

Ishmael Adams – 6

Carlton Agudosi – 6aaf

Marlon Brown – 7c

Leonte Carroo – 6aaf

Brandon Coleman – 9af

Stefon Diggs – 10f

Amba Etta-Tawo – 6aaf

Andre Patton – 6aaf

Tim White – 6aa

The Marauders just might have the best receiver in the league in Stefon Diggs, who is coming off a first-team All-SFL sophomore season in which he finished with 104 receptions for 1,769 yards and 14 touchdowns, averaging 17.0 YPC. But not only might the Marauders have the best receiver in the league, they might have the best duo in the league with Brandon Coleman turning in yet another strong year for them in 2017. They complement each other perfectly with Diggs being the exceptionally gifted-athlete and Coleman being the big-bodied target. The need to find a third receiver, though. Leonte Carroo looks like he might be a bust after a poor rookie season and disappointing training camp, but he is still young enough to maybe figure it out. The team brought back Marlon Brown, who was once their No. 1 receiver and won a title with them just a few years ago, but has since fizzled out. He only had two catches last season in Philly, but maybe the return will work out for him. Carlton Agudosi, Amba Etta-Tawo and Andre Patton are a trio of territorial draft picks that the team likes enough that they traded a 2016 draft pick Charone Peake, but all of them have question marks about them. Agudosi is the big red-zone threat, Etta-Tawo is the speedster and Patton is the chain-mover. Tim White is an explosive player who has to work on consistency. He also brings value as a return man. Ishmael Adams is really a cornerback and return man but caught a few passes in college and in the D-League. His versatility will likely keep him on the roster but he should only be out catching passes in really deep sets and out of necessity.

Omaha Express

Shaq Johnson – 7a

Andy Jones – 6aa

Kyle Kaiser – 6a

Tanner McEvoy – 7aa

Brandon Reilly – 6aaf

Nelson Spruce – 6a

Jordan Westerkamp – 6aaf

Brandon Zylstra – 7a

While Omaha struggled to settle on a quarterback last year not many of their receivers have an opportunity to shine, but Tanner McEvoy did show a lot of good things as a rookie. He did have more drops than they would have liked to see, but he ended up leading the Express with 873 yards and six touchdowns, averaging an incredible 24.9 yards per catch. And that is coming from a guy who was supposed to become a slot receiver. He’s a playmaker. After him it is hard to know what the team has. Shaq Hill has been brought in and proved himself a little bit with a successful year in the CFL, but Brandon Zylstra has had a good enough camp to probably keep the second receiver spot. Andy Jones, Brandon Reilly and Jordan Westerkamp are all young players with potential, but need to show it on the field more. Kyle Kaiser and Nelson Spruce might have a tough time making the team, though ownership really likes Kaiser, but his 329 yards and 10.3 yards per catch average last season combined with his age means he probably won’t be much more than he is.

Orlando Rockets

Robbie Anderson – 8aa

Bakari Grant – 7

Caleb Holley – 7a

Eric Rodgers – 8aa

Naaman Roosevelt – 7a

Travis Rudolph – 6aa

Derel Walker – 8aaf

Derel Walker has progressed very well, but his improvement has also pushed Eric Rogers even more. Both guys had over 1,100 yards receiving with double-digit touchdowns last season and both look strong again in camp. But now their is a third guy in the mix, and he too looks like he could approach 1,000 yards in a high-powered passing attach for the Rockets. Robbie Anderson has 540 yards and four touchdowns as a rookie, but at time has looked like the best receiver in camp. Bakari Grant, Caleb Holley and Naaman Roosevelt are all solid and able to grant between 10-30 catches a year depending on their role. Travis Rudolph is a promising rookie.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Harvey Binford – 6a

Adarius Bowman – 8f

Garry Brown – 6af

Chris Godwin – 7aa

Rashard Higgins – 7aa

Bug Howard – 6aa

Ryan McDaniel – 7

Damore’ea Stringfellow – 6aa

Kenbrell Thompkins – 7dc

Adarius Bowman is back again as the team’s clear top target, but at 32-years-old the Bulldogs really have to hope one of these young guys start stepping up quick. So far, Rashard Higgins and Chris Godwin have stepped up in training camp. Higgins didn’t even play last year, but shows some nice speed and a downfield threat. Godwin is a highly-regarded territorial pick who is living up to the billing so far. Ryan McDaniel is a veteran who can contribute a handful of receptions to the offense. Bug Howard and Damore’ea Stringfellow are rookie with potential. Howard was drafted later but performed much, much better in the D-League. Kenbrell Thompkins was once a top target for Philly during his rookie season, but he hasn’t been able to come back well from an injury suffered in 2016 with the Stars. Garry Brown has a shot to make the roster as a return man. Harvey Binford probably doesn’t have a spot available.

Pittsburgh Forge

Bryan Burnham – 9a

Chad Hansen – 6aa

Shaun Kaulinamoku – 7

Brad Sinopoli – 7a

Nate Washington – 8.df

Pittsburgh’s high-flying passing offense was successful because the team has so many good weapons. None of them are really great, but all of them are good. Bryan Burnham, though, was the star of the group, completing an All-SFL season with 79 catches for 1,503 yards and 19 touchdowns. But even 33-years-old, Nate Washington averaged 18.4 yards per catch last season, on his way to 940 yards and nine touchdowns. Brad Sinopoli is a nice contributor as well, who had 36 catches for 458 yards and four touchdowns last season. Shaun Kaulinamoku was the least productive guy they had, but he’s a solid pass catcher too. Chad Hensen is a rookie with good promise. The most impressive part about Pittsburgh last season is that no wide receiver except for Nate Washington had more than one drop for the Forge last season. Washington only had three.

San Antonio Marshalls

Ricky Collins Jr. – 8a

Keyarris Garrett – 6aa

Kenneth Ings – 7a

Jeff Janis – 8aa

Quinton Patton – 7a

Austin Pettis – 7c

Josh Reynolds – 6aa

Ricky Seals-Jones – 6aa

Bryce Treggs – 6aa

Perhaps the best quarterback in the league probably has the ability to make his receivers look better than they are, but the Marshalls also have some pretty solid options. While Rod Windsor has left, Ricky Collins has done well and caught 60 passes for 920 yards and a team-best 10 touchdowns in 2017. Jeff Janis is also coming off a strong 2017 season and had stepped up even more in training camp. After those two guys we’ve seen some nice explosive ability out of AFL signing Kenneth Ings, who can also be the team’s new return man. Austin Pettis and Quinton Patton can catch some passes, but won’t scare any defense at any time. Josh Reynolds and Ricky Seals-Jones are rookies with some promise. Bryce Treggs is entering his second year. The team might have wanted more out of him, but he’s on par with the two rookies.

San Diego Diablos

Chance Allen – 6aa

Aaron Dobson – 7ac

Trey Griffey – 6a

Leonard Hankerson – 7ac

Brandon Thompkins – 7

Rod Windsor – 8.d

Rod Windsor is without question this expansion team’s top threat in the passing game, but the problem is he also thought about retiring before ultimately choosing to play the final year of his contract after being an expansion pick for the Diablos. But he will catch some passes at least, just not make too many big plays anymore. Leonard Hankerson has all the tools a team could want in a player, except the hands. He’s a boom or bust type of downfield threat. Aaron Dobson is also a guy who struggles with his hands, picking up the nickname “Dropson”. Brandon Thompkins is a reliable guy with an AFL background. Chance Allen is a very promising rookie who excelled in the D-League. Trey Griffey certainly isn’t the athlete like his dad was. He might struggle to make the final roster.

Seattle Orcas

Emmanuel Arceneaux – 8af

Brandon Banks – 6f

Greg Ellingson – 8

Krishawn Hogan – 7aa

Terrell Owens – 7df

Chester Rogers – 7aa

Guess who’s back! Back again! TO’s back! Tell a friend! – And now that this super uncool part of this is over… Terrell Owens is back in Seattle as their old chain mover. They would have welcomed him back last year, but before he decided not to retire they already signed Miles Austin. Even 44-years-old, Owens is in remarkable shape and still has great hands. He’s slowed down a lot, but he was actually better than Austin was last year, and in a much worse offense. But Owens is far from the centerpiece of this group. Emmanuel Arceneaux has been a very reliable weapon for the Orcas over the past few years. He’s not elite, but he’s consistent and very good. Greg Ellingson is pretty much the same way. He’s just a reliable and consistent player. Krishawn Hogan has been a great rookie addition for the Orcas and he has a lot of promise. He was a step above most in the D-League, finishing with 80 catches for 1,200 yards and 15 touchdowns. Chester Rogers is a developing young receiver. Brandon Banks is one of the very best return men in the league.

St. Louis Stallions

Tyus Alcorn – 6a

Isiah Ford – 6aa

Mardy GIlyard – 6a

Rashad Greene – 6aa

Eric Laurent – 5

Mitch Mathews – 6a

Dre Washington – 5a

Lucky Whitehead – 6aa

The Stallions did a really poor job putting together a remotely decent receiving corp for their inaugural season. This is a city that once hosted the greatest show on earth but their two best guys are actually return men who bring some athleticism to the outside. Neither Rashad Greene of Lucky Whitehead have proven much as pass catchers, but at least bring explosive ability to the field. Isiah Ford is a size-speed guy, but needs to show he can play at a physical level. Tyus Alcorn looked good in the D-League and could possibly break into a big role with this team. Mitch Mathews had a disappointing rookie season with Charleston and a disappointing camp here in St. Louis as well. Mardy Gilyard is a guy everybody wants to root for because of his passion to make up for being a bust for the Rams in the NFL. His NFL career didn’t work out, but his love of football brought in all around North America to play in different leagues. But at 31-years-old it is questionable as to how much he can do. Dre Washington was a mid-level receiver at a Division II powerhouse, but did not do anything of note in the D-League. There is no reason why Eric Laurent should even be in camp. He only had two catches in his entire college career at Missouri, where he was a practice body. That is all he is here.

Utah Raptors

DJ Foster – 6aa

Chris Moore – 6aa

Keenan Reynolds – 6aa

Kenny Shaw – 7a

Quentin Sims – 6aa

Tevaun Smith – 6aa

Dede Westbrook – 7aa

Marquess Wilson – 8a

The Raptors might be in a slightly better position than they were last year when they had maybe the worst receiving corp in the league. At least this year they have some guys with potential. But right away Marquess Wilson is standing out in camp. Wilson has been a reliable receiver for the Stags in the past and led them in receptions last season. But don’t expect too many huge plays from him. The big plays will be coming from Dede Westbrook, one of the team’s first round draft pick and a former Heisman finalist who finished his senior season at Oklahoma with 80 catches for 1,524 yards and 17 touchdowns, averaging 19.1 yards per catch. Kenny Shaw is also a quality addition to the team. He’s not bad, and led the Houston Wranglers in receiving last season, but he’s also not great. The Raptors will be looking for something out of Quentin Sims and Chris Moore. Sims was really good in the few games he played last year before suffering a season-ending injury. Chris Moore basically had sort of a redshirt rookie season as he developed. He has explosive ability but inconsistent hands. Tevaun Smith might struggle to make the team after not showing little improvement, but he does have a lot of speed. Keenan Reynolds and DJ Foster are not natural receivers. Foster is a running back with really good hands who will split out wide on occasion. Reynolds is still trying to develop at the position.

Washington Wave

Larry Beavers – 7d

Keelan Cole – 7aa

Reggie Diggs – 6aa

Tyreek Hill – 9aaf

Tyron Lewis – 7df

Marquay McDaniel – 8

Tommy Shuler – 6a

Antoine “T.T” Toliver – 7

Tyreek Hill is one of the most gifted athletes in the SFL and as a rookie had 3,439 all-purpose yards and 26 total touchdowns. It’s just insane at how he can impact a game and how he pretty much turned the Wave from an 0-16 team to a team that was on the brink of the playoffs. On of the opposite end of the spectrum of the young, athletic and dynamic Hill is the 34-year-old but sure-handed Marquay McDaniel. He actually led the Wave with 100 catches and 1,220 yards receiving. When the team needs a big play, the ball goes to Hill. When they just need a first down, McDaniel is the guy. Larry Beavers, Tyron Lewis and TT Toliver are also older but reliable receivers. Toliver is actually past older. He’s 41 and coming off a 50-catch, 555-yard, 5 TD season. Keelan Cole is a really nice rookie addition who bring great athleticism. He and Hill look like a dangerous future tandem. Tommy Shuler has an alright D-League season after a remarkable college career. He signed in the SFL late after entering in contract negotiations with a team in Germany. Reggie Diggs had a strong d-league effort, but hasn’t entirely parlayed that into a great game. But he’s at least shown something on the field in game situation.

SFL Top 5 WRs

1. Stefon Diggs, New York Marauders

Everything seems lined up for Stefon Diggs to take home the receiving title. He was a first-team All-SFL player in his second season with 104 catches for 1,769 yards and 14 touchdowns. He’s only getting better and more polished as a receiver, which paired with his explosive ability, it a nightmare for team to go again.

2. Julian Edelman, Louisville Cougars

Throw the ball his way and Julian Edelman will catch it. He managed 148 catches for 1,598 yards and eight touchdowns despite poor quarterback and offensive play from the Cougars last season.

3. Cameron Meredith, Atlanta Firebirds

Cameron Meredith was a tremendous surprise last season but ended up finishing fourth in the league in receptions, on a team that for half the year as reigning league MVP Allen Hurns.

4. Jamison Crowder, Memphis Bombers

Jamison Crowder has been really good in his first two seasons in the SFL. He’s just a step away from breaking into the truly elite group at the very, very top.

5. Rueben Randle, New Orleans Nightmare

Rueben Randle just barely edges Tyreek Hill for the No. 5 ranking. Hill is obviously an explosive athlete, but his greatness is more collective. Randle came into the SFL last year and despite multiple QB changes in NOLA last season he had an All-SFL caliber season.

By The Numbers
Total WRs: 194
10 Rating: 2 (1.0%)
9 Rating: 12 (6.2%)
8 Rating: 29 (14.9%)
7 Rating: 61 (31.4%)
6 Rating: 90 (46.5%)