Atlanta Firebirds

Matt Brieda – 6aaf

Zach Laskey (FB) – 6af

Tyrell Sutton – 7ac

Terron Ward – 7aa

DeAndre Washington – 7aa

The Firebirds struggled to run the ball last season after Alfred Morris dropped off a cliff. This year they are left with a group of good backs, but guys who have something to prove. DeAndre Washington is coming off a decent 2017 season where he became the primary guy as he rushed to 810 yards and 6 TDs, but he will need to do more to solidify himself as the featured back. Terron Ward did well on limited snaps, but again needs to prove more. Tyrell Sutton might be the most interesting guy. He is a great return man, but he is just two years removed from rushing for 1,400 yards. Shockingly, he barely ever saw the field last season in time split between Philadelphia and Houston. He still have some burst, but at 31-years-old he will have to fight off younger backs to get the opportunity he probably deserves. Matt Brieda is a crowd and ownership favorite rookie who can serve as a good third down back with receiving ability. Zach Laskey is what he is at this point. He’s just an okay fullback.

Birmingham Predators

JC Copeland (FB) – 7a$

Kenyan Drake – 7aaf

I.R. Eachus – 10aaf 4i

Jeremy Langford – 8aa

The Predators made a tremendous investment in their backfield by adding Jeremy Langford. Langford was in a deep backfield in Michigan last year but still managed to have 730 yards and 10 touchdowns with a 4.9 yards per carry average. That sort of production is very much needed for a team that struggled to run last year and struggled even more after trading for a slow Alfred Morris on his last legs. Kenyan Drake could continue to develop in a lightning-type back, but probably not a featured back. He could be much better with Langford leading the way. JC Copeland also could benefit with a bigger emphasis on the running game. He was great in 2016 but the move to Birmingham really hurt his performance. He wasn’t nearly as powerful and explosive running as a lead blocker, but again, a greater emphasis on the run might reinvigorate him. I.R. Eachus brings incredible speed and vision to the field and is clearly the best running back in the league, capable of taking it to the house every time he touches it. After completely ignoring this team last season, owner I.R. Eachus signed himself to ensure he finally visited the practice facility, but the oft-injured person with no experience at running back even in high school, probably should never see time even on the practice field.

EDIT: I.R. Eachus’ original rating was accidentally written assuming he signed to a middle school girls tackle football league, not the SFL. His rating has since been updated.

Carolina Generals

Alex Armah (FB) – 6aa

Tarik Cohen – 8aaf

CJ Gable – 7c

Kenneth Dixon – 7aa

TJ Logan – 7aaf

With Erik Meyer retiring we might expect the Generals to turn toward being a running team and they certainly have the talent in their backfield to pull it off. They do have to prove it a bit more, but the talent is certainly there. Kenneth Dixon was supposed to be the clear leader of this backfield but after a solid rookie season as the No. 2 back behind Knowshon Moreno he has company now and might not be able to take over by himself. No. 1 overall pick Tarik Cohen, a local prospect at that, is a home run threat both rushing and receiving. TJ Logan isn’t quite as explosive but the UNC graduate brings the dual-threat ability to the backfield and had a strong D-League season to prove it. CJ Cable could be the odd man out, but does bring on veteran experience to the pack. Rookie Alex Armah is a versatile fullback who has some power. He had a good, but not spectacular d-league season.

Charleston Dragons

Andre Ellington – 8aac$

Fred Jackson – 7dc

Zach Line (FB) – 9af

Wayne Gallman – 7aaf

Zach Zenner – 7aa

From elite to a sparsely-used backup, Andre Ellington refused to re-sign with the Orlando Rockets and looks to not only revitalize his career in Charleston, but also prove he is still one of the best backs in the league. Ellington is a tremendous threat, capable of being not only a top rusher but also a top receiver for a team. He will have one of the very best fullbacks to run behind too. Zach Line is one of the few fullbacks in football that fans line up to buy a jersey for. But Charleston also has a lot of running backs to work with. It’s a good problem to have but they also must make sure not to upset Ellington, their best back, but limiting his playing time like Orlando did. Zach Zenner was the team’s leading rusher in 2018. He wasn’t particularly great through, totaling just 590 yards and four touchdowns with only a 3.2 yards per carry average. But he does have good hands. Rookie Wayne Gallman could supplant him as the No. 2 back with his explosive ability. Fred Jackson is still around at 37-years-old, but his hard-nosed and straight-forward style of running doesn’t need youthful speed and agility.

Columbus Explorers

Vick Ballard – 7

Trey Edmunds – 6aa

Kenneth Farrow – 7aa

Alvin Kamara – 8aa

Denard Robinson – 7c

Bruce Miller (FB) – 9$

The trade for Alvin Kamara might be one of the greatest steals of the offseason, and that is regardless of what they gave up for him. Kamara is an incredibly explosive play-making back who could quickly prove to be one of the very best running backs in the league. He’ll have one of the best fullbacks to run behind too, as Bruce Miller again returns despite all his off-the-field problems. At this point Vick Ballard is what he is. He’s okay in a pinch, but he won’t ever become that lead back he was hoped to be. Denard Robinson is a hated man in Columbus, but after being traded by the team that he originally signed with just a few weeks before he considered retirement. He ultimately decided not to retire and will look to win over some fans in central ohio. Kenneth Farrow is a promising rookie who is short but is solidly built and runs with good power. Trey Edmunds is an interesting third-down option with return ability.

Dallas Six-Shooters

Austin Ekeler – 7aa

Aaron Green – 6aaf

Ed Ilnicki – 6aa

Jalen Richard – 8aa

Trent Richardson – 7dc

While Rex Burkhead is no longer in town, the Six-Shooters have one of the top young running backs in the league in Jalen Richard. Richard was actually Fallas’ leading rusher in 2017, totaling 1,046 yards at an impressive 5.3 yards per carry average, to go with five touchdowns. He also had 44 catches on the year. Entering his second season, there is plenty of reason to believe the offense could be put more and more on his shoulders and run to success. For the most part the Six-Shooters backfield is remarkably young. Richard enters just his second season, as goes Aaron Green, who didn’t get much of an opportunity as a rookie. Austn Ekeler and Ed Ilnicki are both rookies. Ilnicki is a bruising down-hill back while Ekeler provides more speed and explosiveness. The veteran of the group is Trent Richardson, who is still just 27. He’s been trying to find his footing at the professional level for a few years, but just hasn’t been able to.

Houston Wranglers

Khalid Abdullah – 6a

Knile Davis – 7aa

Glenn Gronkowski (FB) – 6aa

Aaron Jones – 7aaf

Paul Perkins – 7aa

Paul Perkins was handed the starting job in Houston as a rookie but was purely mediocre. Now a lot of that probably had to do with the entire team struggling, leaving him a tough way to success. As a sophomore and hopefully a better surrounding offense Perkins could be better, but he also has to show more explosiveness. Rookie Aaron Jones could be nipping at his heels for the job. So far he’s showing he runs with much more power and explosiveness. Knile Davis is an interesting NFL veteran who does have the speed and agility, but not necessarily the power. He should be an interesting option out of the backfield too. Khalid Abdullah had a good, but not great d-league season, but earned a spot in camp with the Wranglers. Fullback Glenn Gronkowski needs to step up and be more aggressive as a lead blocker as he enters his second season.

Iowa Threshers

Andrew Bonnet (FB) – 6a

LeShun Daniels – 6aaf

Justin Davis – 6aa

Alfred Morris – 8dc$

Bishop Sankey – 7a

Ross Scheuerman – 6aa

John White – 7a

It’s hard to know what to think of Alfred Morris. It wasn’t long ago he was in the conversation as the best running back in the league, but he had a terrible 2017 season split up between a few teams after being given up on and traded. He’s closing in on 30, but hasn’t ever been a guy who relies on speed. He’s still a power runner, but will have to do way better than last year when he averaged just 2.8 yards per carry. If he can’t the Threshers might be in trouble. Bishop Sankey has been a bust, but it still young enough to have some hope in. John White didn’t play much last season in Pittsburgh but does run with decent power, though he is undersized. Ross Scheuerman also has power, but limited athleticism. Rookies Justin Davis and LeShun Daniels may actually have the best potential of the group but neither were overly inspiring in the D-League. Fullback Andrew Bonnet isn’t anything special.

Los Angeles Stars

Buck Allen – 7aaf

Brian Hill – 6aa

Daniel Lasco – 6aaf

Troymaine Pope – 7aa

William Powell – 7a

Will Ratelle (FB) – 8aa

For half of last season the Los Angeles stars had one of the worst running games in the league. In the second half they actually committed more to running and while things were still not all that great, they were more successful. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement for the unit. Buck Allen is an okay back, but has not been as impressive as he has been hoped or expected to be. He is still young enough to succeed, but needs to step up. Troymaine Pope is an interesting second-year running back who the team traded for. He had a nice camp that could put him for a bigger role. William Powell is good CFL addition who may be the most complete back on the team. Brian Hill is a rookie whose potential the Stars like, but he will need to be better than he was in the D-League. Daniel Lasco barely played last season and hasn’t done anything to impress. Will Ratelle was great as a rookie lining up at fullback and will at least give powerful blocking to help whoever lines up behind him.

Louisville Cougars

Dyshawn Mobley – 6af

Chris Polk – 7a

Brandon Radcliff – 6af

Sam Rogers (FB) – 6aaf

Karlos Williams – 8aa

With the Cougars constantly trailing they couldn’t afford to hand the ball off to Karlos Williams so much, but the third-year back is still a very good and reliable back the Cougar can count on. They just have to be able to commit to him more. While he only had 395 yards last year, he averaged 4.6 yard per carry and had an impressive 12 touchdowns. There is no reason he couldn’t approach 1,000 yards in the right situation. Chris Polk is also a very good addition to the team. The former Seattle backup didn’t get many opportunities to take handoffs from Isaiah Crowell last year, but two years ago he did great when Crowell went down and he still looks like he could be that type of good spell back. Dyshawn Mobley and Sam Brandon Radcliff are two local prospects but neither are anything special. Mobley wasn’t really good in the D-League actually. Another local guy, Sam Rogers, can be a serviceable fullback.

Memphis Bombers

Shakir Bell – 7a

Jordan Howard – 9aaf

John Kuhn (FB) – 10f

CJ Spiller – 7ac

Jordan Howard is one step away from breaking into the elite group of running backs in the league after rushing for 1,948 yards and eight touchdowns as a rookie. He took over as the franchise’s focus on offense, and there is no reason to believe he won’t continue on the upward trend. It also helps the power running game that no only do they have one of the best power backs in the league, but perhaps the best fullback in the league as well. John Kuhn always has been a bruising power blocker. Shakir Bell is a talented second option, though he didn’t get many carried behind Howard last year. He is an ideal third-down guy. CJ Spiller also looks like he could be a third down guy but just hasn’t been able to utilize his explosiveness at the professional level like people have hoped for so long. At 30-years-old, it is hard to imagine he will be anything different.

Michigan Stags

John Conner (FB) – 8

Marlon Mack – 7aa

Elijah McGuire – 7aa

Thomas Rawls – 8aaf

Thomas Rawls took over a loaded backfield and topped 1,000 yards with 10 touchdowns. The powerful downhill runner is a great bruiser who the Stags can comfortably put their offense on, but despite so many of his backfield partners being gone, the Stags will still have a deep group. After Rawls they have two promising rookies who were among some of the best in a deep running back class. Marlon Mack and Elijah McGuire both complement Rawls well too. Mack is the speedier, more elusive type of runner while McGuire is the pass catcher who also add value as a return man. John Conner also returns as a very reliable fullback to lead the way in front of them all.

Minnesota Freeze

Corey Clement – 7aaf

David Cobb – 6af

Nic Grigsby – 7d

Daz’mond Patterson – 6a

Jhurell Pressley – 6a

Shane Smith (FB) – 6aa

De’Anthony Thomas – 6a

Minnesota did not even top 1,000 yards as a team rushing last season. It was a sad state of affairs for a team that was hoping David Cobb could live up to his potential, but he not only failed to step up but he stepped back and averaged just 1.9 yards per carry for just 132 yards. Nic Grisby ended up taking over, but he only had 232 total yards on the ground. But things are looking up with the addition of Corey Clement. He has a shredded physique and athleticism to match it. He runs with power and grace. It’s just a matter of hm gaining better instincts, but he has the potential to be a franchise back. He better be too because behind him it does not look like the Freeze has many good options. Cobb and Grisgby coming off disappointing years lead a group of guys who hasn’t gotten off the ground either, including Daz’mond Patterson and Jhurell Pressley. Pressley was actually pretty underwhelming in the D-League. De’Anthony Thomas is a gifted athlete, but just a return man. He probably won’t contribute much at all running out of the backfield. Shane Smith is more of a receiving H-Back than a pure blocking fullback.

Mississippi Cottonmouths

Darrin Laufasa (FB) – 6a

Terrence Magee – 6aa

Zac Stacy – 7c

Jahad Thomas – 6a

DeAngelo Williams – 7dc

For right now, the Mississippi Cottonmouths are expected to ride veterans Zac Stacy and DeAngelo Williams as their leaders in the backfield. Stacy had an underwhelming stint in Los Angeles for the past few seasons, but is probably better than what he showed. It was mostly a problem with getting enough snaps that led to short yardage totals, but his averages were always decent. Williams is 34-years-old now and showed his age in Charleston, but still has some shiftiness in his feet. Terrence Magee should be on the cusp of stepping up, as he is entering his third season. For the most part though, it is tough to know what to expect out of him. Jaha Thomas is a very intriguing prospect from Temple who is a nice balanced runner, but doesn’t stand out in any particular area. Darrin Laufasa is a project fullback.

New Orleans Nightmare

Andrew Harris – 8c

John Martinez (FB) – 7

Stevan Ridley 8cf

James Wilder 7aa

It still seems a bit questionable as to why the Nightmare would give up on Alfred Blue, who was one of the league’s most under-appreciated running backs in the league, but with his departure and the retirement of Tim Tebow, the Nightmare are without their two top rushers and nearly 1,500 yards. After those two Andrew Harris and Stevan Ridley split time as the team’s third back. Both of those guys seem capable enough to tandem together as the top options for the Nightmare. They might not be as good as Blue, but both are solid backs. James Wilder is also a very promising addition brought in. The CFL guy who played at Florida State brings more explosive ability but slightly less polish than Harris and Ridley. John Martinez is a decent blocking fullback.

New York Marauders

Emmanuel Holder (FB) – 6aa

Keith Marshall – 6aai

Devante Mays – 6aa

Dare Ogunbowale – 6aa

Jacquizz Rodgers – 9$

Brandon Ross – 6aa

Darius Victor – 6aa

After lining up seven different guys up at running back and failing to see any of them take control of the position last season the New York Marauders went out on the free agency market and opened up their checkbook to sign Jacquizz Rodgers. The dual-threat running back is coming off a 1,325 yard, seven touchdown season with the San Antonio Marshalls, where he also had 32 receptions. Rodgers at 28 years old is still in is prime and provides great hands out of the backfield too, the league’s all-time leading running back in receptions. He better work out for the Marauders because they don’t have any other proven players, but they are least have made some pretty significant investments in the backfield. Brandon Ross is coming off an D-League MVP performance and Darius Victor was a big part of the Virginia Breach running game too. That was against lesser competition, but both should be viewed in a better light than they were before the D-League. Keith Marshall is a very talented sophomore running back, with remarkable speed, but has been hampered by loaded of injuries. Devante Mays and Dare Ogunbowale are two rookies added to the mix. Mays was a late round pick but looks like a steal with his ability to run with great power. Ogunbowale was a do-it-all type of back at Wisconsin, but is purely a project. Emmanuel Holder comes in as the fullback. He was the leading blocker for the Virginia Beach Breakers’ dominant running game in the D-League.

Omaha Express

LeGarrette Blount – 8.d$

Rex Burkhead – 9af$

Josh Ferguson – 6aa

Andy Janovich (FB) – 7aaf

Terrell Newby – 6af

Brandon Whitaker – 7d

The Express has one guy above everyone on their free agent list. That was Cornhusker alum Rex Burkhead, who they gave a massive contract to. He is worth it too, having all of the ability and explosiveness to be one of the very elite players in the league. Burkhead will be their offense in Omaha, giving the team an identity, and even better around a guy so revered in Nebraska. LeGarrette Blount is still coming back and after a good season even at 30-years-old in 2017, could still be reliable. He’s always been a bruiser, so he probably will avoid the 30-year-old drop off that running backs face. But he is expected to revert to more of a goal-line and short-yardage role. Brandon Whitaker is another older veteran who can still play at an alright level. The youngsters Josh Ferguson and Terrell Newby are still just projects. Andy Janovich is an okay blocking fullback, but has great potential to get a lot better.

Orlando Rockets

Roy Finch – 6a

Devonta Freeman – 10f

Robert Kelley – 8aa

Jerome Messam – 8

Freddie Stevenson (FB) – 6af

Devonta Freeman has been spectacular for the past few seasons, so spectacular that he completely took Andre Ellington out of the game plan and this offseason off the team. Freeman had 1,624 yards and 14 touchdown last season while grabbing 32 passes. He’s only entering his prime too and is ready to be the centerpiece of the Rockets team. But as usual, the Rockets will have plenty of options out of the backfield. Robert Kelley was blocked for time, but as the clear No. 2 option in Orlando he should be able to make more of an impact as a spell back. And if Freeman goes down, Kelley looks like he could almost seemlessly step in. Kelley could start on most teams in the league. And he’s still not all they have. Jerome Messam is a long-time Rocket and still able to put together some good runs even at his age. Roy Finch is a young project. Freddie Stevenson is the only fullback on the roster, and has some potential.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Jay Ajayi – 10f

Tim Hightower – 7d

Chris Rainey – 7

Aaron Ripkowski (FB) – 9aa

Paul Stanton Jr. – 6a

Jay Ajayi had a remarkable second season in professional football, rushing for 2,275 yards and 22 touchdowns and leading the Bulldogs to an SFL Grand Finale Championship. Ajayi’s season broke the old 16-game record, but in the same season was topped by Isaiah Crowell. But that doesn’t take away from him being one of the most unstoppable forces in the entire SFL in 2017. Fullback Aaron Ripkowski also really helps establish that power running game too. Ripkowski is a bruising blocker and short-yardage runner who can get into the endzone. Behind Ajayi the Bulldogs have a couple of decent enough veterans. Tim Hightower is a guy the team likes, and Chris Rainey has experience with the team too, but neither one are anything special. Paul Stanton Jr. had a decent D-League season, but is just a deep project back. Rainey add value as a return man.

Pittsburgh Forge

Devontae Booker – 9aa

James Conner – 7aaf

Marcel Reece (FB) – 9d

Wendell Smallwood – 7aa

Lawrence Thomas (FB) – 6a

While the Pittsburgh Forge had a dominant passing game, Devontae Booker was able to run all over the place and through defenses as a rookie, quickly establishing himself as one of the top running backs in a league that is loaded with good running backs. Booker had 1,129 yards and 20 touchdowns on the ground while proving himself as a pass catcher with 50 receptions for 538 yards and another four scores. Booker never hesitated when given a chance to start right away. But he will have some company in the backfield took with Wendell Smallwood poised for a much improved second season and James Conner capable of providing power and boom to the backfield right away as a rookie. Marcel Reece is getting old, but still is a much better fullback option than Lawrence Thomas.

San Antonio Marshalls

Mykel Benson (FB) – 7

Chris Carson – 7aa

D’Onta Foreman – 7aaf

Devon Johnson – 6a

Jeremiah Johnson – 7

Jordan Johnson – 6a

Khiry Robinson – 8af

Somehow, somewhat, the San Antonio Marshalls might be deeper with talent this year than they were last year despite letting star back Jacquizz Rodgers go. A lot of that has to do with the success of Khiry Robinson. Robinson only had 400 yards in 2017, but prove himself as a physical and bruising type of back as he rushed for 20 touchdowns. That type of ability to get forward between the tackles has made him the top guy heading into the 2018 season, but two rookies will really bring a lot to the Marshalls team as well. Chris Carson and D’Onta Foreman are both explosive athletes who could even prove to eventually unseat Robinson as the lead back. Both figure to be involved in a sort of timeshare this season. Jeremiah Johnson is a capable veteran as well, but just doesn’t have the promise and potential as the youngsters on the team. Devon Johnson and Jordan Johnson are just reserve projects if the team decides to keep one. Mykel Benson has officially moved up to fullback, which fits his powerful style more.

San Diego Diablos

Alex Collins – 8aa

Prescott Line (FB) – 6a

Dexter McCluster – 7a

Donnell Pumphrey – 6aaf

The Diablos have a nice amount of potential in their backfield, and quite a few explosive runners. Alex Collins had a disappointing rookie season for Atlanta but after what we saw from him and OTAs and camp the Firebirds are going to regret giving up on him so quick. He has ball security issues, but he is a dangerous rusher who can explosive up the field. Dexter McCluster also could play a nice roll right away. Despite only being a midseason addition for Michigan last year, McCluster had nearly 800 yards and four touchdowns while also leading that team in kick and punt return yards. The Stags went a different direction, but clearly McCluster proved he can make plays in a variety of different ways. Donnell Pumphrey is a talented local prospect who set NCAA records, but it still a bit of a project. Prescott Line has some potential at fullback.

Seattle Orcas

Isaiah Crowell – 10f$

Jorvorski Lane (FB) – 10

Ante Milanovic-Litre – 6a

Jeramie Richardson (FB) – 7

Dwayne Washington – 6aaf

Few rushers in league history have been able to dominate like Isaiah Crowell, and last year he set new 16-game rushing records with 2,562 yards and 24 touchdowns. The crazy part is teams absolutely knew he was coming, but nobody could stop him as he averaged 5.8 yards per carry. It also helps that he may have the best fullback in the league in front of him. Jorvorski Lane impressed the Orcas enough in last year’s veteran’s combine and he proved them smart to sign him with a dominant season running in front of Crowell. He is easily better than the 36-year-old Jeramie Richardson, who himself isn’t a bad fullback either. Dwayne Washington is a solid compliment to the bulldozing Crowell and in his second season figures to develop his game to be more well-rounded. Ante Milanovic-Litre is a powerful Canadian back, but he didn’t do much of anything in the D-League.

St. Louis Stallions

Alfred Blue – 8aa

Nate Iese (FB) – 6a

Marcus Murphy – 6aaf

Anthony Wales – 6a

Stanley “Boom” Williams – 6a

Alfred Blue is a very under-appreciated running back who has always been right around that second tier of running backs in the league. Last year wasn’t as great for him, but the Nightmare has so many changes at quarterback and in offensive style that it was hard for him to get into a rhythm, but now with a new team that figures to stay committed to the run (interestingly enough also with Zach Mettenberger when he was always at his best), Blue could again top 1,000 yards with double-digit touchdowns. He also doesn’t have much competition either, so he might do it just out of volume. Marcus Murphy hasn’t seen the field much, but maybe the change of scenery out of San Antonio could be good for him. Anthony Wales had a very good D-League performance and earned himself an SFL contract. He could carve out a role for himself. Stanley “Boom” Williams will have a lot of prove as a fourth guy. Nate Iese is an athletic guy out of UCLA, capable of playing tight end and linebacker as well.

Utah Raptors

Dalton Crossan – 6aa

DJ Foster – 7a

LaMichael James – 6

Keenan Reynolds – 6a

Chris Swain (FB) – 7

Dan Vitale (FB) – 6aa

Jamaal Williams – 7aaf

Adrian Peterson’s one season in the SFL was actually really impressive, but he rode that success with 1,475 yards and 10 touchdowns right back into the NFL. At least the cupboard isn’t bare for the team as they relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah. BYU star Jamaal Williams looks really promising and could take over the lead job right away after seeing what he was able to do this camp. DJ Foster was actually a pretty successful spell back for the Scorpions last season, especially as a pass catcher. They could be a decent 1-2 punch. The team was thinking about local player Matt Asiata but he got cut before training camp and Dalton Crossan got signed. Crossan is coming off a solid D-League run, during which he at one point topped 240-yards rushing in a game. He is still just a project player, however, but could develop into something more than just a depth guy. LaMichael James brings little value as a runner, but is one of the best return men in the league. Keenan Reynolds is still developing as a running back, but also has a lot of return value. At fullback, Chris Swain impressed as a rookie, but the team acquired H-Back Dan Vitale in a trade. It is hard to know what to think of him though. He has some ability, but he is also quite different than Swain. It is hard to know if they are competing for the same spot as the fullback or if Vitale is viewed as a different type of player.

Washington Wave

Anthony Allen – 7

Cameron Marshall – 7a

Taquan Mizzell – 6aaf

Terence Moore (FB) – 6a

Chase Morlock (FB) – 6a

Samaje Perine – 7aa

Derrick Ross (FB) – 7

Taniela Tupou (FB) – 6aa

Well, if you consider the rushing yards that wide receiver Tyreek Hill will give the Wave things look a lot better, but in the wave of Arian Foster’s retirement the Wave are left looking for a lead back. They have a deep mix of options. So far the standout has been Samaje Perine, the Oklahoma stud who looks like he could quickly become a franchise guy. But Cameron Marshall is back in the SFL after a great stint in the CFL and might challenge Perine right away. Taquan Mizzell should also carve out a role for himself after leading the entire SFL D-League in receptions. He is a very dangerous pass catcher out of the backfield who is an agile runner, though might struggle between the tackles. Anthony Allen has been a bit of a disappointment, but still is capable in short doses. Terence Moore doesn’t look like he has a road to a roster spot. At fullback there could be a big battle for a job. Derrick Ross is still the best guy on the roster, but at 34-years-old it is possible the Wave decide to go with the younger Tupou. Chase Morlock is a very undersized fullback-hybrid. He’s quicker than most fullbacks and averaged a nice 4.3 yards per carry in the D-League and also 10.6 yards per reception. He won’t be a bruising blocking back, but could be more of an offensive weapon in the role.

SFL Top 5 HBs

1. Isaiah Crowell, Seattle Orcas

His record-setting 2017 campaign was one of the most dominant seasons not just for a running back, but a player in the SFL. Teams new Isaiah Crowell was coming at them, but nobody could figure out a way to stop him.

2. Jay Ajayi, Philadelphia Bulldogs

Only Isaiah Crowell has had a better 16-game season than Jay Ajayi. The Bulldogs running back took an incredible step forward as a sophomore and looks like he’s firmly established himself as one of the very best running backs in the league.

3. Devonta Freeman, Orlando Rockets

Maybe not as eye-catching as Isaiah Crowell or Jay Ajayi, but Devonta Freeman is now the heart of a great Orland Rockets squad and is just entering the prime of his career.

4. Jordan Howard, Memphis Bombers

With over 1,900 yards as a rookie, Jordan Howard has quickly established himself as one of the very best running backs around. If he does it again, he will no doubt be in the conversation of the elite guys in the league.

5. Rex Burkhead, Omaha Express

There isn’t much Rex Burkhead can’t do on the field. The supreme athlete can run with power and agility, catch the ball and block. Now in front of his college crowd, he will look to turn it on even more.

SFL Top 5 FBs

1. John Kuhn, Memphis Bombers

John Kuhn has been great for quite a while and still looks like he is the best in the business even at 35-years-old. It’s not unfair to say he had something to do with Jordan Howard topping 1,900 yards in his first season.

2. Jorvorski Lane, Seattle Orcas

Maybe Isaiah Crowell make Jorvorski Lane look better than he is, but Lane came into the season after the veterans combine with a purpose and violently bulldozed defenders out of the way for the team’s new 16-game rushing yards record holder.

3. Zach Line, Charleston Dragons

For the most part, the best fullbacks come from teams with the best rushing offenses. Zach Line is the exception to that. Last year the Dragons struggled running the ball, but Line is still great and in his prime. Just imagine if he has more consistent running backs behind him.

4. Bruce Miller, Columbus Explorers

The Explorers do a great job running and Bruce Miller is a big reason why. He’s been one of the best in the league for a while now. Age might start catching up to him, but he’s still a powerfully build blocking back who clears lanes.

5. Aaron Ripkowski, Philadelphia Bulldogs

Now only did Aaron Ripkowski prove to be a great blocking back, but he was also a good as a goal-line weapon, both rushing into the endzone and catching balls in the endzone. He too is another young guy just entering his prime and should continue to ascend this list, especially with the best young running back in the league following him.

By The Numbers
Total HBs: 107
10 Rating: 3 (2.8%)
9 Rating: 4 (3.7%)
8 Rating: 15 (14.0%)
7 Rating: 46 (43.0%)
6 Rating: 39 (36.5%)

Total FBs: 29
10 Rating: 2 (6.9%)
9 Rating: 4 (13.8%)
8 Rating: 2 (6.9%)
7 Rating: 7 (24.1%)
6 Rating: 14 (48.3%)