Atlanta Firebirds

Nick Arbuckle – 6aaf

Matt Barkley – 9aa

Dominique Davis – 7

Dane Evans – 6a

Matthew Shiltz – 6a

Matt Barkley was a major surprise last season, coming in an unseating Aaron Murray for the starting job and playing incredibly well too, passing for 4,458 yards and 38 touchdowns with only five interceptions. He had the passing attack going strong, even with a slumping and eventually traded Allen Hurns not performing like he did two years ago. After a strong stint in the SFL D-League Nick Arbuckle showed his potential as as developmental quarterback, but he will have to beat out the veteran Dominique Davis for the job. Dane Evans didn’t get a ton of work in the D-League but could make the roster is the team wants a No. 4 project QB or values the project over Davis and is confident enough in Arbuckle to be the backup. Regardless, Matthew Shiltz does not look like he has a road to making the regular-season roster without an unexpectedly strong preseason performance.

Birmingham Predators

Jake Coker – 6af

Dak Prescott – 8aaf

Dak had brilliant moments as a rookie, but he also looked like a rookie at times. There is nothing wrong with that, he performed at the level he should and clearly has a tremendous future ahead of him. He just needs a bit more help. Dak was the Predator’s entire offense last season, being not only their top passer, but also top rusher. He’s a special talent but with some more help out of the backfield and with a better o-line he should continue to develop into a top-flight passer. Jake Coker really didn’t get any time last year, but looks solid in his limited snaps against backups. As the only other quarterback on the roster with great support from the crowd he is very safe as the team’s backup.

Carolina Generals

Brandon Allen – 6aa

Colin Kaepernick – 8ac

Warren Smith – 6

The surprise year from Erik Mayer ends after just one season with his retirement. Now the Generals need to look in a completely new direction with him no longer under center. And they are going in a very opposite direction from the classic drop back quarterback from from the Arena League and turning toward the hyper-athletic, big-armed former NFL starter Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is a bit of a question mark right now. Politics aside, some put the blame for his NFL career ending because of the poor performances and high number of interceptions that plagued the final year of his NFL career. But there is no denying his physical ability. He’s got legs, a big arm and those things once got him to a Super Bowl. Maybe a change of scenery is what is most needed. He is expected to be the starter and probably won’t have much competition for the job. Brandon Allen has gone from interesting rookie to interesting sophomore, but there isn’t anything to really go off with him. Warren Smith it back with the team in camp but once again remains a super longshot to make the roster.

Charleston Dragons

Taysom Hill – 6aai

Aaron Murray – 8c

Cooper Rush – 7aa

Aaron Murray had just a miserable 2017 season, but you can’t just overlook his history and say he is done. It was a rough year for him too with a benching in Atlanta before ultimately being traded to a team with perhaps the worst offense in the entire league. But with Charleston having invested most into their offense, they will hope Murray will bounce back to the form he showed the past few seasons prior. And if he can’t, first round pick Cooper Rush will be waiting for his opportunity. Rush isn’t the most polished rookie passer, but he is a very smart football player with plenty of experience. Granded, he played in the MAC conference, but he won’t hurt himself or his team with poor decisions. Taysom Hill is another rookie quarterback the Dragons ownership loves because of his athleticism. Don’t be surprised if he ends up playing some downs at running back either. He’s a great runner. Injuries are a bit of a worry with him, but they will give him a chance to carve out a role.

Columbus Explorers

Joshua Dobbs – 7aa

Jordan Lynch – 6af

Antonio Pipkin – 6aa

Joshua Dobbs might just be the best quarterback of is rookie class. At Tennessee he displayed great play-making ability and a strong arm that can get the ball deep down the field. He’s mentally tough and a very, very smart person and football player who is literally a rocket scientists (aerospace engineering major). But with all of his positives he does have a bit negative of inaccuracy. He has a below average delivery that causes extra motion on his throws and sometimes he floats them into coverage. He’ll get picked off, but the Explorers expect to deal with some growing pains while they develop him into their franchise quarterback. Behind him Jordan Lynch returns as the rushing threat he has always been. He didn’t really play much last season, though did look solid in the bit of time he got. He’s more of a goal-line rusher though. Antonio Pipkin is the guy they love and want to become the primary backup quarterback. Pipkin is a small-school guy from Tiffin. He was that team’s entire offense, pretty much, and has a nice arm and a ton of quality experience. He’s rough around the edges and will need to develop.

Dallas Six-Shooters

Trevone Boykin – 6aaf

James Franklin – 7aa

Johnny Manziel – 7acf

When James Franklin was finally given a shot as the Six-Shooter’s starting quarterback things really turned to a positive direction for the team. He did it really but just playing smart and keeping things simple. Franklin completed over 65% of his passes and had a nearly 3-1 TD-to-INT ratio. He probably won’t be able to put a team on his back and win a bunch of games, but he certainly won’t put his team in harm’s way. The Six-Shooters really wanted to give the team to Trevone Boykin last year, but he played too much like a rookie for it to work. He wasn’t bad, but just proved to be very, very raw. He has potential though and could again proved to be in the mix thanks to his incredible athleticism. And then there is Johnny Manziel. The former first round NFL draft pick at times just doesn’t seem to care. He’s so talented, and so many root for him to succeed, but he has never fully committed himself to being great in the pros.

Houston Wranglers

Connor Cook – 6aa

Brandon Doughty – 6a

Jeff Mathews – 6a

It wasn’t a fair rookie season for Connor Cook. He had little talent around him with the expansion Houston Wranglers in their first year of their second SFL stint. He played well, but often very safe. It’s hard to know really what he is after 2017 but he gave the Wranglers no reason to move away from him. He is safely their starting quarterback. Behind him Brandon Doughty is likely the top option. He didn’t play much last year but did complete 23 of his 30 passes, so the high completion percentage shows good decision making. Jeff Mathews is a veteran who has bounced between the CFL and SFL. His experience might help him stick around with two young quarterbacks.

Iowa Threshers

CJ Beathard – 7aaf

Austin Davis – 7a

Kevin Glenn – 7

For an expansion team, Iowa is in a pretty good place with their quarterbacks. Territorial draft pick CJ Beathard looks like he could be the franchise’ quarterback of the future. That might have been pretty unexpected to say just a year ago, but Beathard has looked fantastic all offseason, in various camps, combines and other practices. He has experience in a pro-style offense from college and he has a big arm that can get down the field. He just needs to be a bit more confident in his decision making and needs to settle more in the pocket, but that is all stuff the rookie will be working on. The physical tools are definitely there. And if Iowa isn’t comfortable with him starting right away they have two solid options to turn to. Kevin Glenn is a 36-year-old wonder who is still playing relatively well. He would provide great experience to an expansion team offense. Austin Davis is a bit younger and has a bit more potential, but is fairly inconsistent. Still, he probably wouldn’t hurt his team too much.

Los Angeles Stars

Jerod Evans – 6aa

Randy Hippeard – 7

Case Keenum – 9aa$

Cody Kessler – 7aaf

It was supposed to end up being Cody Kessler’s team after Kirk Cousins left for the NFL, but Case Keenum took advantage of the vacancy and played great. He led the Stars to the playoffs and was one of the best quarterbacks in the league while doing it. And this offseason he unexpectedly has put together some incredible practices, which has carried into training camp. Keenum is a veteran who has had his chances before, but hasn’t backed down and looks to be the best he has ever been. Kessler might have to wait another year for a chance to unseat Keenum, but he does have some ability that sets the Stars up well for the future, or if any injuries might happen. Randy Hippeard is once again back with a team in training camp trying to make a team. He’s not bad, but the Stars are more likely to go with the youth and potential of Jerod Evans as their third man. Evans had a very strong season in the D-League, showing off not only his arm, but also his legs.

Louisville Cougars

Dan LeFevour – 7c

Travis Lulay – 7di

Jeremiah Masoli – 7a

Maty Mauk – 6a

When Jeremiah Masoli was in for the Cougars at quarterback the team was much better on offense, but he still wasn’t able to lead them to many wins despite the incredible talent they had at wide receiver. Masoli uses his legs to extend plays and he makes pretty accurate throws down the field (67.2 CMP%) but something just doesn’t quite click with him. Dan LeFevour was a late-season addition and started game for Louisville. He’s not bad either, but he’s had his chances and hasn’t proven to be anything particularly good either. Travis Lulay is an experienced veteran who also isn’t bad, but also isn’t anything special at this point in his career. Maty Mauk is an infamous player the team is giving a shot to, but he didn’t even play in the D-League. That means he probably has no shot of making the roster without injuries helping create a spot for him.

Memphis Bombers

Matt Flynn – 7

Trevor Knight – 6a

AJ McCarron – 9af$

A.J. McCarron had his problems with his team last season, but got their full support of him when they traded territorial draft pick Joshua Dobbs and gave McCarron a very big long-term contract. McCarron deserves the support two. He’s regularly proven to be one of the very best quarterbacks in the league, very much nearing elite status in the SFL. Matt Flynn is a scrappy QB who never seems to go away because he does just enough to keep his job. He’ll be a decent backup, but would be a massive drop off if anything happened to McCarron. Trevor Knight is a developmental rookie, but his mediocre-at-best efforts in the D-League will make keeping a job in the SFL a difficult thing to do.

Michigan Stags

Brandon Bridge – 7a

Shane Carden – 6a

Zach Collaros – 8af

Considering how committed the Stags have been to Zach Collaros it was pretty stunning that they named him to their offseason trade block. That isn’t to say the asking price was cheap, but the fact that they would consider it was a bit of a shock. But Collaros wasn’t traded and he does return as the clear starter for the Stags again. He’s a very good quarterback who will win the team games, but probably not lead the team to a string of victories. When he has to drop back to try to win with his arm, things usually don’t go that well, but when given a strong running game to play off of, he does more than just fine. Luckily, that is how the Stags are built. Behind him Brandon Bridge joins the team. “Air Canada” is a talented individual starting to some into his own. He’s pushed Collaros, but at this point isn’t good enough to take the starting spot away. Shane Carden returns as another backup. He’s the third guy now with Bridge joining the team.

Minnesota Freeze

Taylor Heinicke – 6aa

Josh McCown 9df$

Dustin Vaughn – 6a

We’re not sure if it is more amazing that Josh McCown was able to set more passing records at his age last season, or if it is more amazing that their were records he could still have. McCown is one of the all-time greats of the SFL, a sure-fire Hall of Famer, who showed last season, even in a poor season for the Freeze, that he is still the creme de la creme at QB. But one must imagine that at 38-years-old entering this season he would have to start dropping off at some point. But he’s proven we shouldn’t be banking off a drop off either. Taylor Heinicke and Dustin Vaughn are a pair of young guys behind McCown who hasn’t shown too much at this point. The idea has always been there that both could be good, but they need to take that necessary step forward.

Mississippi Cottonmouths

Joe Callahan – 6aa

Chad Kelly – 6aaf

JaMarcus Russell – 6

Casey Therriault – 6af

Joe Callahan went from No. 2 overall pick to a mid-round expansion draft choice in just one year. That’s a pretty big mystery why too because he never got an opportunity to play in Omaha even when the quarterback situation was not the best. Maybe that is telling, but it is too early to give up on the youngster. The Cottonmouths have quite a few mysteries at quarterback even beyond Callahan. Chad Kelly was proclaimed as the franchise quarterback when he was draft and should probably enter the season as the favorite to start with fans lining up to buy his jersey, but he is an inconsistent passer. Casey Therriault it a very interesting guy who played locally and then over in Europe. He is athletic, but needs to prove himself against quality competition. Then there is JaMarcus Russell, the only known commodity. The infamous quarterback is probably well past the point of no return in trying to salvage his career.

New Orleans Nightmare

McLeod Bethel-Thompson – 6a

Garrett Gilbert – 6a

Brad Kaaya – 6aa

Nick Montana – 6af

Connor Shaw – 6aa

TJ Yates – 7c

What an overturn of QBs the Nightmare had. They started out 2017 with Zach Mettenberger, but after it being clear he just wasn’t getting any better from his rookie season they turned to Tim Tebow. He actually almost got them to the playoffs, but the team came up just short and then had to see Tebow retire. Now, they have a very interesting group of quarterbacks, including first round draft pick Brad Kaaya and veteran TJ Yates, who has some NFL starting experience. Yates will probably start out the season because of his experience, but Kaaya is definitely the future. He’s always been highly touted, but he’s never quite lived up to the hype. Still, the Nightmare like him and will be patient with him. Connor Shaw is a guy that is easy to like. He’s a tough as nails guy from South Carolina who has always been a bit of the underdog. He’s looking to revitalize his career in the SFL after struggling in the NFL. Nick Montana was on the Nightmare last season, but didn’t give too much reason for the team to commit to him. Garrett Gilbert and McLeod Bethel-Thompson are guys who have bounced around the SFL for a bit but haven’t ever been able to stick anywhere.

New York Marauders

Vad Lee – 7a

Sefo Liufau – 6ai

Drew Willy – 7cf

Josh Woodrum – 6aa

The Marauders love Vad lee and when he got a chance to start last year he actually did really well despite such low expectations from everyone else. He uses his athleticism to his advantage, extends plays and keeps the defense eying him in case he wants to take off and run. Simply, the Marauders were a better team when he was in at QB last season, taking over for former SFL Grand Finale winner Ryan Nassib, who left as a free agent in the offseason. Lee still has to prove he wasn’t just some flash in the pan, but looking at his 11 touchdowns to just one interception, their is definitely something to like there. But he isn’t by himself in the quarterback race. Despite the ownerships love for him, they brought in Josh Woodrum and have spoken highly of him too. Woodrum impressed in last year’s NFL preseason and could become a starter in the SFL. While Lee is likely the frontrunner, those two could be in a battle for the starting spot. Drew Willy is a local veteran who the team has stuck with as their backup for a few years now. He is capable, but he’s missed his opportunity to be anything more than a backup. To stick around on the team he will have to beat out rookie Sefo Liaufau. The Marauders like the Colorado prospect, but he’s a long way from being anything more than just a developmental guy.

Omaha Express

Vernon Adams Jr. – 6aa

Tommy Armstrong – 6af

Nick Davila – 7d

Darian Durant – 7d

Phillip Walker – 6a

Omaha was hopeful Vernon Adams would become their starting quarterback right away last year, but that didn’t turn out too well right away. He ended up getting benched pretty quickly, but the team still holds him in high regards. He’s the most gifted athlete of all the quarterbacks for the Express but has to be more consistent and just continue to develop. If he can’t start right away then veterans Nick Davila and Darian Durant may. Both have been around for a long time, though neither have done all that much. Davila has contemplated retirement as well. Tommy Armstrong and Phillip Walker are two rookies looking to possibly crack the team as a No. 3 developmental prospect. Walker was far superior than Armstrong in the D-League but Armstrong has the hometown fans behind him more.

Orlando Rockets

Trevor Harris – 8a

Brett Hundley – 7aa

Ricky Ray – 8df$

It was an interesting 2017 for all-time great Ricky Ray. He is headed to the Hall of Fame for sure, but was caught in a battle for the starting job with Trevor Harris. Both performed well too. It puts Orlando in a great situation. Ray is still a championship caliber quarterback, but he is 38-years-old. But at least the Rockets are prepared for if the fall off happens. Harris is on the older side as well, at 31-years-old, but is still in his prime. Truthfully, it wouldn’t be a shock to see one of these two guys get traded, but last year it was Harris who primarily carried the job. And he did very well, throwing just five interceptions with 25 touchdowns. Brett Hundley is continues to be an interesting prospect but still struggled with accuracy and decision making a bit too much to gain full confidence he could become the Rockets starter, but he could probably start for some other teams in the league.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Shane Austin – 7

Robert Griffin III – 7aci

Bryce Petty – 7aa

Alek Torgerson – 6aaf

Michael Vick had an incredibly efficient year as he helped guide the Bulldogs to the franchises third Grand Finale Championship. Vick threw just two interceptions all season long, but he has since retired, leaving the future at the position a bit unclear. It is expected that Bryce Petty should finally take over as quarterback. He’s been a well-regarded prospect the past two years, and now has an opening to the starting job in year three. But it is also interesting that team brought in Robert Griffin III. He’s had some opportunities in the SFL after his NFL career failed, but he has struggled. However, the Bulldogs offense could be a very good fit for him. Alek Torgerson is an interesting developmental rookie who showed quite a bit of potential in the D-League, but he is probably a year or two away from being anything more than just a backup. Shane Austin might be the odd man out, but he does have history with the Bulldogs and ownership does like him.

Pittsburgh Forge

Jonathon Jennings – 9a

Nathan Peterman – 6aaf

Nate Sudfeld – 6aa

Was anybody a bigger surprise last season than quarterback Jonathan Jennings? The CFL passer joined the SFL and ended up the league’s MVP after a record-setting season. Jennings led the expansion Forge to the playoffs after passing for over 5,600 yards and 47 touchdown passes.He will have a talk task to prove he wasn’t just a one-hit wonder, but based off last season it is hard to imagine he won’t be shredding defenses again. Behind Jennings the Forge have two young quarterbacks with some potential, in sophomore Nate Sudfeld and rookie Nathan Peterman. But both have to continue to develop.

San Antonio Marshalls

Sean Brackett – 6a

Rakeem Cato – 6aa

Ryan Higgins – 6a

Bo Levi Mitchell – 10f$

Dan Raudebaugh – 7

While Bo Levi Mitchell wasn’t quite as prolific as he was as a passer two and three years ago, he was still great last season and is still one of the very best in the league. He still has to take that step forward to get on the level of great gunslingers like Josh McCown and Ricky Ray, but he’s doing very well for himself and his team. Behind him, though, it is a mix of projects and unknowns. Dan Raudabaugh is the most known, but the 30-year-old former AFL quarterback hasn’t really been able to show much in he SFL. He’s purely at mid-level backup. Rakeem Cato is a big-armed passer, but is still very raw. Ryan Higgins had a decent d-league campaign, but nothing to show he’s more than a No. 3 guy. Sean Brackett is another young indoor league guy who has a ways to go to prove he can contribute.

San Diego Diablos

Garrett Grayson – 6a

Kellen Moore – 7c

Seth Russell – 6ai

The expansion Diablos got veteran Kellen Moore to be their starting quarterback. He’s plenty experience and has had some good performances, but last year was a real trouble for him Charleston. His completion percentage wasn’t the problem though, which is a decent sign for the Diablos. They are hoping he was more struggling because of a lack of weapons on that offense. If Moore does not work out, then the Diablos have some trouble because Garrett Grayson and Seth Russell are not ready for a big job yet. Grayson saw a few snaps in Birmingham, and wasn’t really good. Russell was a third-string QB for most of the D-League season. He also has an injury history worth monitoring.

Seattle Orcas

Ryan Griffin – 8a$

Matt Nichols – 7aa

Keith Price – 6af

Kyle Sloter – 6a

Once again, Ryan Griffin has proven he is a fantastic game-manager, but he just isn’t a guy who will led his team to victory. However, he does a great job leading a run-first Orcas squad and that gets him a lot of wins as a starting QB. Matt Nichols is a decent backup who could win some games if needed. Keith Price is a local guy who has done enough to warrant sticking around. Kyle Sloter had a solid D-League season but it still just a developmental guy fighting for a roster spot.

St. Louis Stallions

Gunner Keil – 6aa

Wes Lunt – 6a

Zach Mettenberger – 7aac

Patrick Towles – 6a

2017 was really unkind to Zach Mettenberger. The New Orleans Nightmare gave up on him after constantly failing to live up to his expectations. He ended up in Carolina, but never saw the field there. Now he is in St. Louis and ready to be the leader of a team again. Could the change of scenery be what is need for the mistake-prone QB? The Stallions wil hope so because they only have rookie behind him fighting for a roster spot. Gunner Kiel had a very good D-League season, but did make mistakes. Wes Lunt and Patrick Towles are likely fighting for the third roster spot, if St. Louis keeps three QBs because neither have proven to be all that special.

Utah Raptors

Skyler Howard – 6a

Cardale Jones – 6aa

Mike Reilly – 8a

Mike Reilly didn’t have much help last season, but with better weapons and the team’s ownership and management expressing their full support for him, he is ready for another season as this franchise’s starting quarterback. Reilly has always had potential to be among the best in the league. Maybe this will be the year he has that type of season. Cardale Jones disappointed as a rookie but should still have an opportunity. Skyler Howard is an interesting dual-threat quarterback the Raptors drafted in the final round.

Washington Wave

Danny Collins – 6a

Everett Golson – 6aa

Tommy Grady – 7

Ryan Nassib – 8ac$

Danny O’Brien – 7c

SFL Championship winning quarterback Ryan Nassib left New York to seek a change of scenery after two down seasons. Both he and the Wave and hopeful he can get back to the guy that looked like he could break into the league’s elite. Nassib has always been a guy who limits interceptions. Amazingly in three seasons he has only 11 interceptions while having thrown 68 touchdown. That is efficiency any team could want. But he’s been the Joe Flacco of the SFL. He can win, but he probably won’t be the sole season for the victory. Behind Nassib, the Wave have a mix of guys who are purely backups and a few developmental guys. Tommy Grady and Danny O’Brien might be battling for the top backup job. Both have experience but neither did much two years ago when given time to start. But it is also possible neither make the team if the Wave want to keep both of their projects in Everett Golson and Danny Collins.

SFL Top 5 QBs

1. Bo Levi Mitchell, San Antonio Marshalls

Bo Levi Mitchell still needs to take the next step forward and get a trophy, but of all the quarterbacks in the league right now he has to be the one teams fear the most. That even included reigning MVP Jonathan Jennings as he’s been able to do it three years running.

2. Jonathon Jennings, Pittsburgh Forge

The reigning MVP had an incredible 2017 season, dominating passing records by throwing the ball all over the place, but he has the tall task to prove it wasn’t a fluke and he isn’t just a flash in the pan.

3. Josh McCown, Minnesota Freeze

Still a legend, people have been waiting for Josh McCown to fall off, but he set even more single-season passing records in 2017.

4. Case Keenum, Los Angeles Stars

Case Keenum had a tough job trying to replace Kirk Cousins in LA. Not only was he successful, but he got the Stars back to the playoffs, which Cousins missed the year before. Keenum was written off before, but he keeps working and gets the job done at a high level.

5. Matt Barkley, Atlanta Firebirds

Matt Barkley was an all-SFL player last season, but he’ll have to prove he can do it again. He’s certainly talented and has weapons to work with. He’s closing in on elite status.

By The Numbers
Total QBs: 94
10 Rating: 1 (1.0%)
9 Rating: 4 (4.3%)
8 Rating: 9 (9.6%)
7 Rating: 30 (31.9%)
6 Rating: 50 (53.2%)