Atlanta Firebirds

Offensive Tackles

Dan Federkeil – 7

James Hurst – 7a

Corey Robinson – 7a

Hunter Steward – 7a

John Theus – 6aa

Offensive Guards

Michael Huey – 8

Rich Ranglin – 7d

Quinton Spain – 8aa

Cameron Thorn – 6a


David Andrews – 8aaf

Summary: The Firebirds are lucky to have an amazing young center in David Andrews because he’s really the only star they have right now. He anchors a decently strong interior line with veteran Michael Huey being as solid as they come. Quinton Spain had an outstanding camp and might push aging veteran Rich Ranglin out. The team needs somebody to step up at tackle James Hurst is a developing tackle, but is developing much slower than the team would have hoped. Corey Robinson likely takes over at right tackle.

Birmingham Predators

Offensive Tackles

Oday Aboushi – 7a

Khalif Barnes – 8D

Shon Coleman – 6aa

Jeremy Vujnovich – 6aa

L’Adrian Waddle – 7ac$

Offensive Guards

Willie Beavers – 6aa

Kadeem Edwards – 6aa

Chase Farris – 6aa

Avery Young – 6a


Andy Gallik – 7aac

Marcus Henry – 7a

Tyler Larsen – 7aa

Summary: The Predators brought in a couple of young SFL veterans at tackle in L’Adrian Waddle and Oday Aboushi. Both have been considered future potential star players, but neither have reached that level yet. Aboushi might move inside while Khalif Barnes anchors the team at left tackle in the short time he still has left as a pro player. At 34-years-old Barnes is nearing the end of his career but still looks like a dominant figure out on the end. Aboushi’s move inside will also help in figuring out who will be playing guard. The team has a lot of youth and potential but it might be a mistake to let any of them start right away. Another option might be to bump Tyler Larsen to guard. He’s a promising center acquired from Phoenix through a trade, but another trade to add Andy Gallik from Orlando gives them another strong option at the middle position. Gallik wasn’t used too much in Orlando but has a nice amount of potential.

Carolina Generals

Offensive Tackles

Jason Fox – 8c$

Michael Harris – 8a$

Neal Tivis – 7

Gary Williams – 8

Offensive Guards

Jonathan Cooper – 7ac

Max Jean-Gilles – 7di

Dashawn Johnson – 6a

Karl Lavoie – 6a

Kitt O’Brien – 6aa

Landon Turner – 6aa


Brennan Carvalho – 7c

John Collins – 7

Eric Kush – 7ac

Matt Sukra – 6a

Summary: As much talent and depth as the Generals have at tackle, it’s the opposite at guard. Carolina has four quality offensive tackles but only backup level players at guard. Michael Harris probably will move inside to guard to help out. Gary Williams is a wonderful veteran tackle and Jason Fox is a good veteran who can hold down either spot. Eventually, Harris is the future at offensive tackle, and that makes a decision to move him to guard such a tough one, but it might be necessary. Otherwise the team had just a group of either veterans past their prime of backups with little potential. Rookie Landon Turner might be the best option for the future. Jonathan Cooper is an option with NFL experience too, but has not impressed in camp. At center there is a bit more depth. Eric Kush had high hopes in New York but failed when given his chance and was let go. Carolina likes him, though and he could get opportunities over Brennan Carvalho and John Collins.

Charleston Dragons

Offensive Tackles

Paul Cornick – 6a

Jordan Mills – 9

Offensive Guards

Gordon Dillon – 6a

Will Rackley – 7d

Gregory Van Roten – 7a


Tommie Draheim – 6aa

Dalton Freeman – 6aai

Spencer Pulley – 6aa

James Stone – 7di

Summary: Charleston has very little offensive line depth and once an injury or two occurs they could be scrambling to pick some guys. Jordan Mills is the star of the group and has been an All-SFL level tackle, but can struggle in pass protection at times. After him there isn’t much. By necessity Paul Cornick will play the other tackle spot while Will Rackley and Gregor Van Roten will play guard. There is a bit more depth at center, but it’s a group of young guys. They have potential at least. Spencer Pulley should become the starter sooner than later because of his young age and potential to become a very, very solid center in this league.

Columbus Explorers

Offensive Tackles

Josh Bourke – 8

Cameron Fleming – 7aa

David Foucalt – 6aa

Jarriel King – 7c

Pace Murphy – 6aa

Jeff Perrett – 7

Offensive Guards

Jason Lauzon-Sequin – 6aa

Andrew Norwell – 9af


Mike Brewster – 7c

Corey Linsley – 9af

Alex Mateas – 6aa

Summary: Corey Linsley and Andrew Norwell make a dominant interior blocking duo that really helped the Explorers lead the league in rushing last season. Both Norwell and Linsley are all-SFL level players. Jason Lauzon-Sequin likely fills in at the second guard spot opposite Norwell but is a young guy who has proven nothing yet. Cameron Fleming could move inside too. He’s a very promising third-year player who was given up on way too soon by both Philadelphia and Nashville. He should catch on in Columbus after a very good training camp. But while he could move inside, keeping him outside to play opposite proven veteran Josh Burke might be the best move for both now and the long-term.

Dallas Six-Shooters

Offensive Tackles

Tajo Fabuluje – 6aa

SirVincent Rogers – 7a

Josiah St. John – 7aa

Alejandro Villanueva – 9a

Offensive Guards

Ronald Leary – 9a$

Cole Manhart – 6aa

Wayne Tribune – 7


Joey Hunt – 6aa

Richie Incognito – 10f$

Mike Matthews – 6aa

Summary: Dallas has the best offensive line in the league with stars Richie Incognito, Ronald Leary and Alejando Villanueva leading the way. You don’t get a more dominant trio of players like they do making up a remarkable left side of the line. The right side isn’t as proven but the team loves SirVincent Rogers and Wayne Tribune. Josiah St. John might steal some playing time after a great training camp. He’s looking like one of the top steals in the SFL rookie draft right now. Mike Matthews is an interesting prospect at center with a tremendous pedigree. He won’t play but could continue to develop into a decent player.

Louisville Cougars

Offensive Tackles

Fahn Cooper – 6a

Kyle Murphy – 6aa

Offensive Guards

Chris Best – 7

Jean-Philippe Eldin- 6a

Fou Fonoti – 6a

Anthony Gatti – 6a

Gabriel Hampton – 6a

David Notlemeyer – 6


Jason Kelce – 10$

Summary: Jason Kelce is an elite player who the Cougars traded for this offseason, and he has a solid starter Chris Best playing next to him, but Louisville is going to need a lot more than just that for their line to become respectable. They have to hope Kyle Murphy steps up as a rookie after a good camp.

Houston Wranglers

Offensive Tackles

Antonio Johnson – 6aa

Leonard Wester – 6aa

Offensive Guards

Ryan Bomben – 7a

Spencer Drango – 7aa

Antoine McClain – 6a

Blake Muir – 6a

Lucas Nix – 7c

Xavier Nixon – 6

Duke Robinson – 8D


Austin Blythe – 6aa

Reese Dismukes – 6a

Summary: Houston did a fantastic job assembling an offensive line from scratch. Spencer Drango and Austin Blythe are good young and up and coming players who are favorites to become quality players in this league. Duke Robinson is a very, very solid veteran with a ton of experience who should start right away while some other guy develop. Leonard Webster and Antonio Johnson are another pair of young guys with potential who should start at the tackle spots.

Los Angeles Stars

Offensive Tackles

Caleb Benenock – 6aa

Seantrel Henderson – 9a

Pearce Slater – 6a

Daryl Williams – 7aa

Offensive Guards

Ryan Groy – 7aa

Shaq Mason – 8aa

Cyril Richardson – 7a


Luke Bowanko – 7a

Matthias Goossen – 6aa

Summary: Cyril Richardson and Luke Bowanko took steps back last year and heading into this year but the Stars still have a very impressive offensive line. Seantrel Henderson needs to straighten out his personal life and maybe go to rehab until he can separate himself from marijuana so he can focus on football, but he is one of the very best tackles in the league still. Shaq Mason has had a great camp and looks to be ascending up into the top class of guards in the league. Daryl Williams also had a great camp and should be set at right guard. If Richardson doesn’t bounce back then Ryan Groy is on his heels.

Michigan Stags

Offensive Tackles

D’Anthony Batiste – 9a

Derek Dennis – 8a

Halapoulivaati Vaitai – 7aa

Sam Young – 8c

Offensive Guards

Philip Blake – 7

Brandon Fusco – 10$

Tre’ Jackson – 9a


Jon Gott – 8a

Pierre Lavertu – 7a

Summary: Michigan had a great offensive line last year and they should be even more thrilled this year after a great camp from their guys. Brandon Fusco is clearly one of the very best guard in the league and former No. 1 overall pick Tre Jackson has really ascended up the ladder to become one of the best around. Between those two, Jon Gott is one of the better centers in the league. That trio should again help the Stags have a great power run game. On the outside the team has some solid players but Halapoulivaati Vaitai is going to make the Dallas Six-Shooters have nightmares after they passed on him in the Territorial Draft and had a great camp with Michigan. D’Anthony Batiste and Derek Dennis are two very good veterans who can start and perform at a high level.

Minnesota Freeze

Offensive Tackles

Michael Bowie – 7c

Michael Ola – 7ac

Austin Shepherd – 6aa

Offensive Guards

Alvin Bailey – 8c

Don Barclay – 8

Alex Redmond – 6a


Max Godby – 6

Summary: Minnesota needs more bodies but has a good core group of guys. They don’t have any start players, but a few solid starters. Michael Ola and Michael Bowie have been just that for quite a few years. Alvin Bailey and Don Barclay are a very formidable duo at guard. Their has to be some concern at center. It was unimaginable to see Max Godby get the contract he did in free agency. Nashville quickly realized the mistake and even more surprisingly were able to trade him. He wouldn’t make most teams but he’s going to start in Minnesota it looks like.

Nashville Renegades

Offensive Tackles

Gabe Camiri – 7di

George Fant – 7aa

Joe Haeg – 7aa

Offensive Guards

Parker Ehinger – 7aa

Ted Karras- 6aa


Evan Boehm – 6aa

Brian De La Puente – 8D

Summary: Nashville has some interesting youth, but not nearly enough depth and considering Gabe Camiri’s injury history, depth is going to be needed. He hasn’t looked the same since his 2014 knee injury and he didn’t rejuvenate his career when he signed with the Marauders. Midway through the season he was traded to Nashville and continues to be disappointing. Luckily, rookies George Fant and Joe Haeg both look like future starts at tackle. Nashville just has to be patient with them. Guards Parker Ehinger and Ted Karras can also be great, but again, both are rookies and Nashville will have to be patient. Evan Boehm is a very promising rookie but at last the Renegades don’t need him to start right away as Brian De La Puente is on the downside of his career but still has something left in the tank.

New Orleans Nightmare

Offensive Tackles

La’el Collins – 9af

Dakota Dozier – 6aa

Jerald Hawkins – 6a

Glenn January – 6d

Offensive Guards

Vadal Alexander – 7aa

Peter Dyakowski – 7

Conner McGovern – 6a

Jamon Meredith – 8D

Chris Van Zeyl – 7


Russell Bodine – 9a

Luc Broudeur-Jourdain – 7

Summary: La’el Collins and Russell Bodine are two of the best and brightest young stars in this league who should be perennial All-SFL players. Alexander was also a solid starter as a rookie but is still a huge step behind. Same thing goes with Dakota Dozier, who has shown nice progress but just isn’t where his team needs him to go. If those two guys step up then the Nightmare can be an elite offensive line. Jamon Meredith is still a quality guard but is on the downside of his career.

New York Marauders

Offensive Tackles

TJ Clemmings – 9a

Sean Hickey – 6a

Keith Lumpkin – 6a

Dominique Robertson – 6ac

Matt Tobin – 8a

Offensive Guards

Jonathan Burgess – 6a

BJ Finney – 7aa

Alex Lewis – 7aa

Simeon Rottier – 7

Moqut Ruffins – 7


Nick Easton – 7aa

Anthony Fabiano – 6aa

John Urschel – 8aa

Summary: New York has an incredible group of young offensive linemen with their best years coming ahead of them. TJ Clemmings was a big mid-season addition during last year’s re-build and he looks like a franchise left tackle. They also drafted Alex Lewis who might one day take over at right tackle but for now projects as a guard while Matt Tobin continues to lock down the right side. Believe it or not, the third-year pro Tobin is the Marauder’s big veteran. He’s coming up on a contract year and will need a big one to stay around with Lewis on his heels. John Urschel could stay at guard too but figures to bump inside to center, where he can be a stud. He’s entering his third season and looks to be on the cusp of becoming the start the Marauders have always expected him to be. The big surprise is second-year pro BJ Finney, who had a great camp. The Marauders brought in veteran guards Simeon Rottier and Moqut Ruffins, but Finney might just beat them out for a starting job.

Omaha Express

Offensive Tackles

Xavier Fulton – 7

Kelvin Palmer – 6a

Givens Price – 6aa

Zach Sterup – 6a

Offensive Guards

Dillon Guy – 6aa

Jamarcus Hardrick – 7

Nolan MacMillan – 6aa

Randy Richards – 6a

Bradley Sowell – 7aa

Aslam Sterling – 6a


Jordan Mudge – 8

Corey Watman – 6aa

Summary: Center Jordan Mudge was an excellent find out of the AFL and Bradley Sowell and Jamarcus Hardrick are solid starters. Kicking out a big, things could get ugly at tackle for the expansion Omaha Express. Nobody stands out among the crowd.

Orlando Rockets

Offensive Tackles

David Bakhtiari – 10$

Byron Bell – 9a$

Denver Kirkland – 7a

Javon Olafioye – 9

Offensive Guards

Travis Bond – 8aa

Trenton Brown – 8aa

Zach Fulton – 8aa

Brendon LaBatte – 7

Spencer Wilson – 7aa


Jonathan Harrison – 7aa

Brett Jones – 7aa

Summary: It’s not secret why the Orlando Rockets are one of the premier organization in this league, their scouting department is ridiculous and it’s easy to see with how impressive their depth and talent of their offensive line is. They have some nice youth too, which will help their future stay bright. This team has nine guys who could be called elite at their positions or could quickly become elite at their position. That’s just insane. They can pick player names out of a hate to fill in starts and they’ll be fine.

Philadelphia Bulldogs

Offensive Tackles

John Kling – 6a

Charles Leno Jr – 8a

Eric Winston – 9d$

Offensive Guards

Sam Brenner – 7c

CJ Cobb – 7

Lance Louis – 8cd

Kristian Matte – 7

Bryon Pinkston – 6a

Geoff Schwartz – 8cd

Wes Schweitzer – 6aa

Adam Smith – 7a


Kyle Friend – 6a

Matt Paradis – 10

Summary: Eric Winston is on the last legs of his career but had a really solid camp and still looks like the anchor of this team’s offensive line. Veterans Geoff Schwartz and Lance Louis also had surprising camps based on their age and being on the downside of their careers. The Bulldogs have a very nice group of veterans now, but still will need to develop some young guys before too long. Matt Paradis is one of the best centers around who should be very good for a while. Adam Smith is a great, cheap player who adds to the interior depth, same with Kristian Matte. With this veteran offensive line and the team ready to re-commit to the ground game, running back Jay Ajayi could have a marvelous season.

Phoenix Scorpions

Offensive Tackles

Lene Maiava – 6a

Luke Marquardt – 6a

Tyler Marz – 6a

Zebrie Sanders – 6c

Derek Sherrod – 7a

Cole Toner – 6aa

Offensive Guards

Colin Egan – 6a

Todd Herremans – 10d$

Chris Spencer – 8D

Brandon Washington – 6d

Christian Westerman – 6aa


Peter Konz – 8di

Robert Kugler – 6a

Corey Tucker – 6aa

Summary: The Scorpions have some very good veterans but they’re mostly on the downside of their careers. Todd Herremans might be the best offensive linemen in the league but he is 34-years-old and we can’t imagine he has too many more years in him. Chris Spencer and Peter Konz are also outstanding interior blockers, but again, are on the backend of their careers. At tackle the team doesn’t have much settled but love rookie Cole Toner. He’s still a bit of a project, but could be a starter right away. The Scorpions brought a lot of youth to camp but their potential might be limited. Not many look like they can become future starters or even reliable depth guys. The lack of quality depth for this year is concerning as they seem to have more rookie projects than anything.

Pittsburgh Forge

Offensive Tackles

Tom Compton – 7a

Lamar Holmes – 7d

J’Marcus Webb – 9$

Offensive Guards

Mackenzy Bernadeu – 8c

Vlad Ducasse – 8a

Cornelius Lewis – 7

Amini Silatolu – 7ci

Sebastian Tretola – 6aa


Doug Legursky – 8df

Shane McDermott – 6ai

Summary: Pittsburgh did a good job assembling an offensive line as an expansion squad. They have a couple of band-aid options, but some quality starters in this group. They ponied up for J’Marcus Webb and he’s worth every penny. Tom Compton is a veteran who figures to be starting opposite him. Between those two Vlad Ducasse had one of the best camp looks of his entire career and is a big surprise. Mackenzy Bernadeu is a quality veteran too. Amini Silatolu hasn’t look great in camp but is solid depth. Doug Legursky is a Pittsburgh football fan favorite who had starting experience in the NFL. He’s coming down a level to the SFL now but still has some left in the tank.

San Antonio Marshalls

Offensive Tackles

Laurent Devernay-Tardif – 9a

Bobby Hart – 7aa

Offensive Guards

Brad Erdos – 7a

Dominick Jackson – 6a

Jarvis Harrison – 6aaf

Brandon Revenberg – 6aa

Anthony Steen – 7aa


Jack Allen – 6aa

AQ Shipley – 9a

Summary: Patience with AQ Shipley has paid off. He had an excellent camp and is poised for a breakout year. That is needed after some losses to a great o-line last year, but despite those losses the Marshalls still have one of the best tackle combos in the league. Laurent Devernay-Tardif is becoming one of the elite tackles in this league and Bobby Hart is a very good and still promising player who can become an elite player. Anthony Steen and Brad Erdos had good camps and should be the starting guards, but have a long way to go. Jarvis Harrison had a disappointing camp and isn’t quite ready yet.

Seattle Orcas

Offensive Tackles

Levy Adcock – 7d

Cameron Bradfield – 8c

T-Dre Player – 6aa

Jacob Ruby – 6aa

Ryan Schraeder – 10

Tony Washington – 8

Offensive Guards

Suh Chungh – 6aa

Jamil Douglas – 6aa

Philipee Gagnon – 6aa

Davin Joseph – 8D$


Shannon Breen – 8

Michael Couture – 6aa

Lyle Sendlein – 9d

Bryan Stork – 7aac

Summary: Seattle has some guys on the downside of their careers and battling injuries but still have a great offensive line and solid depth too. Ryan Schraeder still looks like one of the best tackles around in his return from injury. David Joseph, Cameron Bradfield and Tony Washington are all still top guys. At center, Bryan Stork might push out Lyle Sendlein. Shannon Breen is also on his heels. Stork looks like he’s ready to break out and become a top-notch center. Former first round pick T-Dre Player once again disappointed in camp.

Washington Wave

Offensive Tackles

Stanley Bryant – 8

Bruce Campbell – 6aac

Tyson Clabo – 8D$

Brandon Shell – 7aa

Offensive Guards

Tyler Holmes – 7

Louis Vasquez – 8$c

Chris Williams – 8D$


Joe Madsen – 8

Sean McEwen – 6aa

Will Montgomery – 8di

Summary: Washington spent a lot of money to greatly improved their o-line. It’s loaded with old veterans on their downside, but they have some very quality players who can have success as starters while they build it with younger talent as they can. Louis Vasquez and Chris Williams are still able to put up some good games at guard. Will Montgomery and Joe Madsen will battle it out for the center job. Tyson Clabo and Stanley Bryant should be the immediate starters at tackle, but the team has some interesting youth that can grow into quality players. Brandon Shell looks like he can be a stud in time. Sean McEwen is a bit more of a project but could become something good.

SFL Top 5 Offensive Linemen

1. Todd Herremans, Phoenix Scorpions
– Todd Herremans returns to the SFL with a bang and dominated his competition. He was clearly the best in the league and still looks like he can be the best in the league this year despite his age.

2. Richie Incognito, Dallas Six-Shooters
– He’s big, he’s mean and he’s a bully — that’s perfect for what makes a great interior offensive lineman. Richie Incognito just bulldozes all the guys he faces.

3. Ryan Schraeder, Seattle Orcas
– An injury ended his season early last year but that hasn’t derailed Ryan Schraeder in any way. He still looks like an elite offensive tackle who can help the already dominant Orcas running game be even better.

4. David Bakhtiari, Orlando Rockets
– David Bakhtiari won his second SFL Championship in as many years with two different teams. That’s how valuable he is at left tackle. He’s a great blocker and helps out his team’s offense in so many ways.

5. Matt Paradis, Philadelphia Bulldogs
– He just keeps getting better and at only 26-years-old he should be a dominant center for a long time. Philly is going to be happy they can run Jay Ajayi behind him.

HONORABLE MENTION: Jason Kelce, Louisville Cougars
– He’s a lot of money but he’s going to help the Cougars improve so much. Their offensive line really struggled last year and it led to poor performance from their QBs who were facing constant pressure and their RBs, who couldn’t get running lanes opened up. Kelce is a huge upgrade for them.

Commissioner’s prospect watch (Top 7 Rookies and Sophomores)

1. La’el Collins, OT, New Orleans Nightmare
– It’s no surprise that La’el Collins is one of the very best offensive tackles in the league. He should have been a first round NFL draft pick but he fell in the draft and it was a blessing for New Orleans, which now have one of the very best tackles in the league already.

2. Tre’ Jackson, OG, Michigan Stags
– Tre’ Jackson has lived up to being the No. 1 overall pick in 2015 and while maybe he’s not the best player on Michigan’s offensive line, he is a major reason why the Stags have been able to have such a great running game.

3. TJ Clemmings, OT, New York Marauders
– For some strange reason the Nashville Renegades decided to part ways with the talented offensive tackle who was the second overall pick in the 2015 draft, but he was great for the Marauders and after a great sophomore camp he looks like he’s quickly becoming a franchise left tackle.

4. David Andrews, C, Atlanta Firebirds
– David Andrews quickly became one of the best centers in the league and is ready to take on the job of anchoring the Firebirds offensive line.

5. George Fant, OT, Nashville Renegades
– This guy didn’t even play football in college until his basketball career ended. Nobody could have seen this coming but the Renegades scouted him incredibly well and look to have a steal. George Fant came into camp with few expectations but dominated everybody.

6. Josiah St. John, OT, Dallas Six-Shooters
– A big surprise here, but Josiah St. John has shown off some great skill and might even contend for a starting spot right away.

7. Parker Ehinger, OG, Nashville Renegades
– Park Ehinger has some injuries that somewhat derailed him in training camp but he looks perfectly fine and should be a starter right while developing into an All-SFL caliber guard soon after that.

By the Numbers:
10 Ratings: 7 (2.98%)
9 Ratings: 18 (7.66%)
8 Ratings: 41 (17.45%)
7 Ratings: 76 (32.34%)
6 Ratings: 93 (39.57%)