155. Houston Wranglers – Ronald Blair, DE, Appalachian State

Corey’s Take: “Very experienced, very tough, explodes into blockers. Houston hit a home run in the eighth round with this pick. Ronald Blair, I think can become a starter very quickly who can play both inside or outside on the defensive line depending on the defensive alignment.”

156. Omaha Express – Beau Sandland, TE, Montana State

Corey’s Take: “Athletic guy with nice size for a tight end. A capable runner after the catch, has some nice footwork. For an eight round pick this guy has a lot of pluses, but he’s a work in progress. He’s got to run better routes and has to learn how to find his spaces in the defense before he becomes a valuable weapon in Omaha’s passing game.

157. Pittsburgh Forge – Anthony Lanier, DE, Alabama A&M

Corey’s Take: “A good athlete with a frame to handle more bulk. He was the heart and soul of his college team and was an exceptionally hard worker. However, he has to get bigger and stronger. He doesn’t really have a fit in a 3-4 defense that Pittsburgh looks like they’ll be running. He’s not very polished either. A tweener project.”

158. Birmingham Predators – Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas

Corey’s Take: “Downhill runner, power back who is very consistent and durable and plays with a nice patience. He’s got great vision and was a touchdown machine at Arkansas. He doesn’t have breakaway speed, though. He’s really just a short-yardage back. That’s good if a team has a playmaker to go along with him.”

159. Washington Wave – David Morgan, TE, UTSA

Corey’s Take: “A rare prospect. David Morgan can catch and pass and was highly productive as a pass catcher in college. He was his team’s big receiving threat, which you don’t typically see from a tight end, but he was the guy. Very sure hands. He’s got heavy feet, though. He doesn’t have great speed to create separation and takes his time making his cuts.”

160. Louisville Cougars – Paul McRoberts, WR, Southeast Missouri State

Corey’s Take: “Tall guy who was very productive in college. He played basketball too, so clearly he’s a great athlete. He used his size and catch radius to make big plays. He’s got to get a little stronger, though because he doesn’t have the breakaway speed to get away from cornerbacks, so he has to be more of a physical kind of guy. Still, I love this pick for Louisville. He’ll help right away.”

161. Carolina Generals – Trevor Bates, OLB, Maine

Corey’s Take: “A tough linebacker who was clearly his teams top defender and if you’re good in the CAA, you’re a great player. That conference is just tremendous. He didn’t have great workout numbers. That really hurt him, but he looks like a better football player than workout warrior.”

162. New York Marauders – Woodrow Hamilton, DT, Ole Mississippi

Corey’s Take: “With out run defense disappointingly ranking near the bottom of the league last season it was a priority to get some beef up front. We added Michael Pierce earlier in the draft and we think he was a steal and can be a tremendous player for us, but Woodrow is a nice, big prospect who might need a little more time to develop but he has a very nice skill set. He’s a hard worker, strong and physical. We think he can really be a very nice rotational guy for us with potential for an even bigger role down the line.”

163. Houston Wranglers (New Orleans) – Glenn Gronkowski, FB, Kansas

Corey’s Take: “Do we even need to talk about his great pedigree? He’s not Rob, but his other brothers Chris and Dan, Gordie played baseball, they are all tough guys who work hard and have a great understanding of what it takes to be a professional. Glenn is going to be a physical guy with some nice hands near the endzone and enough vertical speed to get up the field.”

164. Los Angeles Stars – Tom Hackett, P, Utah

Corey’s Take: “the two-time defending Ray Guy winner and another one of these modern Aussie punters who are performing very well over here in North America. He’s got a strong leg. He’s a guy the Stars can use.”

165. Phoenix Scorpions – Vad Lee, QB, James Madison

Corey’s Take: “I think this guy can be a great player. He was a star and Heisman Contender at Georgia Tech before transferring because of some disagreements with the coach. He went down to James Madison and the CAA is like the SEC of Division I FCS and he is probably one of the very best QBs to ever play in that conference – with all due respect to Mr. Joe Flacco. Vad might not have that kind of arm, but he’s a very fast and dynamic player who a pretty good arm and can make all the throws he needs. He’s a little raw and coming off an injury but I am personally of the mindset that no quarterback is ready to compete immediately at the pro level. Let’s take some time, develop this guy and let him learn how to play at this level with the incredible skill set he has.”

166. Minnesota Freeze – Mario Ojemudia, OLB, Michigan

Corey’s Take: “This guy could have been a really good player in college but an injury ended his season last fall. He looks healed so an eight round pick on a guy who probably could have been a second or third rounder is a tremendous steal, but an Achilles injury is always a concern.”

167. Charleston Dragons – Jason Vander Laan, TE/QB, Ferris State

Corey’s Take: “I was selfishly upset to see Charleston draft this guy because I was trying to pull something off to get him, but hey, I messed up and I’m not at all surprised Colin Durina went with an elite athlete like Jason Vander Laan. He’s 6-foot-4, 244-pounds and runs like a Gazelle. If you can’t figure out a way to utilize him then you don’t know what you’re doing in this game. Two-time Harlon Hill winner; he’s fantastic.”

168. Philadelphia Bulldogs – Ryan O’Malley, TE, Pennsylvania

Corey’s Take: “You know my love for Ivy League players, especially guys at positions like tight end or anywhere up near the offensive line. Ryan O’Malley is a big guys, 6-foot-6, 258-pounds. He’s a very good blocker but can be a nice redzone threat too.”

169. Atlanta Firebirds (Nashville) – Paul Turner, WR, Louisiana Tech

Corey’s Take: “Simply looking at this career stats you won’t be inspired but he was quite productive in two years and was the sure-handed possession receiver teams really need. On top of that, he’s a tremendous return man. Atlanta have have traded for return ace Trindon Holliday, it it might be hard to keep this guy out of one of the return jobs.”

170. Michigan Stags – Kamu Grugier-Hill, OLB, Eastern Illinois

Corey’s Take: “A versatile guy with explosiveness and quickness. He’s a great athlete and had the mental side locked down. He always finds the ball carrier and has the speed to get there. He will need to get bigger, though. He’s only 215 pounds and that is way too small to be playing on the edge of the defense. And once he gets bigger we’ll have to see how that affects his speed.”

171. San Antonio Marshalls – Devon Johnson, RB, Marshall

Corey’s Take: “He’s a bulldozer. They nicknamed him ‘rockhead’ and it’s very fitting, not because of anything to do with having rocks for brains, he’s actually quite smart, but he’s a straight-line plow who uses his 6-foot, 238-pound frame to his advantage. Now the size also hurts him a bit because he’s so one-dimensional, but on the goal line, I could see this guy being a hard one to stop.”

172. Atlanta Firebirds – Nick Arbuckle, QB, Georgia State

Corey’s Take: “Of course Chris Dunn took the quarterback from his alma matter. Nick Arbuckle is an accomplished quarterback out of the Sun Belt. He’s a very, very accurate passer and has the ability to read an extend plays with his feet. He’s a developmental guy but he has the tools to develop.”

173. Orlando Rockets (Louisville (Columbus)) – Andrew Adams, FS, Connecticut

Corey’s Take: “Compact defensive back who plays light on his feet, tracks the ball well. He has a lot of qualities you like in a player, but he’s very limited in his physical abilities. But hey, he’s the fourth from last pick, you can certainly make worst picks here. He’s got the intangibles. Take a gamble on a guy like that.”

174. Columbus Explorers (Dallas) – Brennan Scarlett, LB, Stanford

Corey’s Take: “Big guy from Stanford who is quick off the snap and has quick hands. He’s got some pass rushing ability. He’s a nice fit at 3-4 defensive tackle but will have to get a little bigger.”

175. Seattle Orcas – Chester Rogers, WR, Grambling State

Corey’s Take: “Obviously over-looked, he’s not a typical down field threat but he’s got nice speed. He’s more than just a possession receiver though. He’ll find a role in Seattle where they are looking for some upgrades at wide receiver. He’s had three-straight years with over 45 catches and 700 yards. He’s consistent and productive.”

176. Nashville Renegades (Louisville (Orlando)) – Laquan McGowan, TE/OL/RB, Baylor

Corey’s Take: “This pick makes me so happy to end this draft. Who doesn’t love this big guy who doesn’t care how big he is, he just wants to play some football. He’s actually a tight end, not a linemen who plays tight end. 6-foot-7, 410-pounds. He doesn’t have the endurance to play much but you have to give this guy a shot. Perfect way to end this draft.”

Best Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “Paul McRoberts is a great pick who will help Louisville’s passing game. When you can get a guy who can contribute to an offense immediately like McRoberts is capable of, you made a tremendous pick.”

Most Questionable Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “It’s the eighth round, it’s impossible an unfair to question any team’s pick. This was a great draft, a fun draft full of a lot of interesting picks from all over the place.”