111. Houston Wranglers – Cory Littleton, LB/SS, Washington

Corey’s Take: “Athletic, long arms, nice speed and acceleration. I think Cory Littleton has the things you want as an edge defender. I see him more as a linebacker than a strong safety and assume Houston is more likely to use them there. I think he can be a quality reserve contributor for this team.”

112. Columbus Explorers (Nashville (Omaha))- Jason Lauzon-Sequin, OT, Laval

Corey’s Take: “A big guy from north of the border. Laval always produces good offensive lineman. That school is like the Wisconsin or Iowa of Canada in that way. He’s pretty athletic for a big guy too and that combined with his strength lets him play either tackle spot and I could see him breaking into a starting roster down the line.”

113. Pittsburgh Forge – Nate Sudfeld, QB, Indiana

Corey’s Take: “Many pre-draft lists had this guy as one of the best quarterbacks in the draft. I think it’s clear the owners of this league felt that was overrating him quite a bit. He has great size and experience but I think he has limited upside. Bit with that said, I think grabbing this guy in the sixth round is a tremendous move. Pittsburgh would still be wise to have a veteran backup play, but he, if he gets our there and wins the job, that’s great for the Forge.”

114. Phoenix Scorpions (Birmingham) – Tevaun Smith, WR, Iowa

Corey’s Take: “I love this guy’s athletic ability and think he can be much more productive as a pro than he was in college. Iowa doesn’t exactly run an offensive system conducive to having receivers put up huge numbers and that’s the only reason I can think this guy fell this far. He’s so gifted and can open up our offense.”

115. Washington Wave – Cory James, OLB, Colorado State

Corey’s Take: “A Joey Porter protegee, I’m shocked Columbus didn’t grab this guy. Cory James is a guy who I think can start right away for Washington and make an impact right away. This is a tremendous job getting a guy like this in the sixth round. He’s still raw, but he’s got good edge-rushing ability and attacks the passer.”

116. Philadelphia Bulldogs (Louisville) – Steven Daniels, ILB, Boston College

Corey’s Take: “A big, bulky inside linebacker. He’s a very strong guy who won’t be pushed back by anybody. The question is how quickly can he get to the ball carrier. Unless he proves he can make tackles of anybody who doesn’t simply run to him he’s exclusively some depth. That limited quickness also keeps him off special teams too. Honestly, he might be best switching to fullback.”

117. Louisville Cougars (Nashville (Carolina)) – Rico Gathers, TE, Baylor

Corey’s Take: “We got a basketball player making the move to tight end and that’s always an interesting move. But it’s a much tougher move than some might assume. Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham made it look easy but plenty other guys have failed. With that said, I like Rico Gathers’ athleticism and he was a great rebounding the ball and grabbing the ball over everybody in the post at Baylor. It’s an interesting pick. He might turn out to be something. Maybe it’s a little high to take a project like this with some other tight ends on the board, but it’s the sixth round, so I don’t have a problem with it.”

118. New York Marauders – Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina

Corey’s Take: “And boy am I happy Louisville went with a project because Jerell was the tight end we’ve wanted this entire draft and it was a perfect time to take him. He’s a natural pass catcher who can really work well with Will Tye in two tight end sets. He’s big and probably a little better down field threat too. This guy, I think he can finally give us our big threat at the position we’ve been searching for.”

119. Houston Wranglers (New Orleans) – Austin Blythe, C, Iowa

Corey’s Take: “It means something when you’re a four-year starter at Iowa. He’s a very smart guy who can play any interior spot on the offensive line. Houston seems in mostly as a center, which is where he should be. He night be a little small, but he has good technique and makes up for it. He’s a backup but has upside.”

120. Los Angeles Stars – Trey Caldwell, DB, Louisiana-Monroe

Corey’s Take: “At only 5-foot-9, a couple teams are going to automatically look past this guy as a cornerback but the lack of size clearly didn’t bother Los Angeles. Trey Caldwell may not have been overly productive, but he’s got great athletic ability and measureables. The Stars get a depth prospect here who probably should contribute on special teams right away.”

121. Phoenix Scorpions – Devon Cajuste, TE, Stanford

Corey’s Take: “Maybe he doesn’t have a natural position, but we’ll find a place for Devon to play. He’s a good athlete who can contribute in a lot of ways as an H-Back, tight end, slot receiver type of guy. He runs very nice routes and has reliable hands and his size makes him a redzone threat. We’re excited about Devon and think he can help our passing game.”

122. Minnesota Freeze – Jake McGee, TE, Florida

Corey’s Take: “The tight ends keep coming off the board. Jake has great hands and the Freeze can be confident that he’ll catch the ball when it’s thrown his way. And he has nice size for the position. Otherwise, he’ll have to grow as a tight end. He’s not overly athletic and has to learn to run better routes – his as a bit choppy – and he’ll have to block better. I think the potential is there, though. He used to be a quarterback so he’s still learning the position.”

123. Charleston Dragons – Briean Boddy-Calhoun, CB, Minnesota

Corey’s Take: “Another small cornerback that was probably ignored by a few teams because of his lack of size. But he’s the opposite of Trey Caldwell who makes up for it with his athleticism. Briean makes up for his lack of size with his tenacity and plays bigger than he is. Is that enough though? In a smaller space as purely a slot corner I could see him making some success. I don’t think he can be much of a factor on special teams, however, which I see as a problem.”

124. Philadelphia Bulldogs – John Kling, OT, Buffalo

Corey’s Take: “This is a pick on the guy’s size. John Kling is 6-foot-7, 313-pounds and has decent enough speed to compete on the outside against edge rushers. His bench press was very disappointing, though. As a prospect, he’s worth the pick but I’m not entirely sure what kind of upside he has.”

125. Los Angeles Stars (Nashville) – Kyle Peko, DT, Oregon State

Corey’s Take: “I loved watching this guy because you could tell he played with more passion than anybody out on the field. Maybe he’s a bit undersized but that never hurt him in college in the Pac-12. He’s a tough guy who gets off blockers and knows how to use his hands. He’s surprisingly fast for a big guy. Maybe his physical traits are limited but I can see this guy sticking around as a tough backup defensive tackle.”

126. Michigan Stags – Cre’von LeBlanc, CB, Florida Atlantic

Corey’s Take: “Another small cornerback who is purely limited to play as an inside slot corner. He could contribute as a kick returning, which does add more value, however. He allowed just a 34.5-percent completion rate last year, which is very impressive. He sticks with his guy and he’s aggressive. Doesn’t have great speed. Purely a depth interior cornerback.”

127. San Antonio Marshalls – Bryce Treggs, WR, California

Corey’s Take: “I’m kind of shocked that Bryce Treggs was the California wide receiver picked first as Kenny Lawler has game-changing ability. But Bryce Treggs is an experiences guy who was a reliable over the middle pass catcher. He’ll help you move the chains. He might not make the huge play like Lawler would, but as a slot receiver, the Marshalls made a great pick.”

128. Columbus Explorers (Nashville (Atlanta)) – Pace Murphy, OL, NW Louisiana State

Corey’s Take: “Nice size and upper body strength. He’s a physical guy who bulldozes forward. He might struggle with some faster edge rushers, but as a reserve prospect it’s a nice pick.”

129. Nashville Renegades (Columbus) – Lachlan Edwards, P, Sam Houston State

Corey’s Take: “A new-breed Australian punter who knows how to get some height on the ball. He was easily the best punter in this draft, but I’m not sure if the money or roster spot it worth it for a punter on a team.”

130. Dallas Six-Shooters – Austin Traylor, TE, Wisconsin

Corey’s Take: “Wisconsin turns out successful college tight ends and more often than not they have success in the pros too. Austin Traylor is the latest. He’s a big guy with a big vertical. He catches the ball well too and is dependable as a blocker. The concern is he’s was really just a one-year wonder and isn’t overly athletic. It’s probably smarted to just project him as a blocker with any receiving production being considered a plus.”

131. Seattle Orcas – Jonathan Rose, CB, Nebraska

Corey’s Take: “His off the field problems and dismissal from Nebraska had several teams taking him off their board. He has the physical skill and was productive for the Huskers. Still, he has to grow up. He was suspended for the 2015 season opener and dismissed at the end of the season. If he can’t stay eligible to play then that’s a big problem.”

132. Orlando Rockets – Kentrell Brice, FS, Louisiana Tech

Corey’s Take: “ Never underestimate Orlando’s ability to make great picks late in the draft. Kentrell Brice probably should have gone a few rounds ago. Brice was a late riser in pre draft camps. He has nice ball skills, he’s got nice speed, great leaping ability and while he’ll be a backup and special teamer right away, he certainly has nice upside to grow into a bigger role.”

Best Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “I love Washington taking Cory James. I think he can be an immediate starter and impact player for them as a nasty edge rusher. Great pick by the Wave to continue to make picks that will immediately improve their team.”

Most Questionable Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “I don’t think any team was looking to draft a punter that would require some guaranteed money. Nashville used a sixth rounder on a guy. I just can’t see investing that type of contract on a punter who is still pretty new to the American game.”