89. Houston Wranglers – Leonard Wester, OT, Missouri Western

Corey’s Take: “He played Division II but I think Wester has a nice shot to develop into a quality offensive tackle for the Wranglers. He’s really big, he dominated his competition at Missouri Western and he has every measurable you want in a tackle.”

90. Nashville Renegades (Omaha) – George Fant, OT, Western Kentucky

Corey’s Take: “You can’t argue with this guys’ athleticism. He was a basketball player at Western Kentucky and decided to stick around college for a year after his four years were up and used his fifth year of eligibility to play football, where he was a special teamer. But you have to wonder how good this guy can be. He has played one year of football since eight grade. He’s bulked up and might try to play left tackle. That seems like a crazy jump. I could more see him trying to trim down to us his athleticism to play tight end like other basketball players have, but 300-pounds is way too big for that position.”

91. Pittsburgh Forge – Lawrence Thomas, DE, Michigan State

Corey’s Take: “Pittsburgh gets a great athlete here in the fifth round and that’s some nice drafting by them. Sure, you can question why he wasn’t more productive at Michigan State, but look at how many elite players he went up against in college. Besides, he’s going to have to be big and powerful and mobile to take up blockers in the 3-4 front it looks like Pittsburgh is putting together.”

92. Birmingham Predators – Joshua Perry, ILB, Ohio State

Corey’s Take: “Here in the fifth round Birmingham gets a guy who can be an impact signal caller of their defense. He was very productive in college, he’s big and physical and is a hard-working guy. I’m not sure how he will hold up in the passing game, and that could be a problem, but in the fifth round this is a tremendous selection.”

93. Washington Wave – Tyreek Hill, WR, West Alabama

Corey’s Take: “Here is a guy I really considered drafting, but we went a different direction. Still, I think Tyreek Hill is going to be a great player in this league. He has a great track background and is a ridiculously explosive player. Washington needs to draft guys who can be starters with their picks and this is a guy who certainly should be a starter for them right away. I’m pretty surprised he lasted this long.”

94. Houston Wranglers (Nashville (Louisville)) – Devante Bond, OLB, Oklahoma

Corey’s Take: “He’s only an average athlete but he’s been pretty productive in college who can play both 4-3 or 3-4 outside linebacker. He’ll be best in a 4-3 where he limited athleticism can be hidden more. He may only be a rotational linebacker, though.”

95. Carolina Generals – Seth DeValve, TE, Princeton

Corey’s Take: “A smart Ivy Leaguer who can play some football. He’s a bit of a tweener, but I see him playing either at tight end or in the slot, somewhere running inside and underneath routes. He’s great at running routes too. Carolina has clearly emphasized helping their passing game and this guy will help them.”

96. Columbus Explorers (Nashville (New York)) – Alex Singleton, OLB, Montana State

Corey’s Take: “What an excellent pick here late in the draft. Alex Singleton flew under the radar but he’s a gamer. He played at a smaller college but he completely dominated and looked far superior to his competition. He’s the kind of guy who will make his way around the field and make some big tackles. I have high hopes for this guy.”

97. Houston Wranglers (New Orleans) – DaVonte Lambert, DT, Auburn

Corey’s Take: “DaVonte Lambert is undersized to be a defensive tackle, and a little too big to be a defensive end. I imagine he bulks up and stays inside. He wasn’t overly productive at Auburn, but he had his moments. At this point he’s being taken as a backup, which is what he should definitely start out as.”

98. Los Angeles Stars – Jakeem Grant, WR, Texas Tech

Corey’s Take: “Tiny little guy but he’s got great speed and quickness. I imagine he’s going to be a kick-returner for the Stars after losing Duane Brooks. Really, that’s all I can see this guy doing at this level, but certainly he has the skill set to be a very good one.”

99. Nashville Renegades (Phoenix) – Moritz Bohringer, WR , Germany

Corey’s Take: “The wunderkind Moritz Bohringer. He’s a tremendous story but he’s as raw as it gets. As long as Nashville is patient with him, maybe even into his second contract, the guy night be able to take advantage of his athletic ability. He’s fast and can jump and has size, but my god is he raw.”

100. Minnesota Freeze – Terrell Chestnut, CB, West Virginia

Corey’s Take: “He held up and had a very productive year in the Big 12 against all of those pass-happy offenses. He didn’t give up a catch longer than 28 yards all season long, which is very impressive as well. Injuries hurt his stock a bit, but I think he’s a solid pickup for the Freeze in the fifth round who should stick around and move up their depth chart.”

101. Charleston Dragons -Adairius Barnes, CB, Louisiana Tech

Corey’s Take: “Decent size, though he could be a big bigger, my problem is he wasn’t overly productive in college at Louisiana Tech against lesser competition. He’ll have to prove himself.”

102. Philadelphia Bulldogs – Harlan Miller, CB, Southeastern Louisiana

Corey’s Take: “Harlan Miller is an energetic cornerback who played with quick feet and has a great motor. He’s tall and had nice arm length and reads the release, not the receiver. He’s pretty thin and sometimes he’s too aggressive and gets beat. He had a slow 40-time as well. I think he’ll be able to compete for a final roster spot and probably should hold one but he’ll have to show improvement to stick around the roster.”

103. Los Angeles Stars (Nashville) – Taylor Loffler, S, UBC

Corey’s Take: “This is an exciting pick for Los Angeles. Taylor Loffler is a Canadian who at one time did play at Boise State. He’s a hard hitter, nice runner and pretty smart guy. He’s quite an interesting pick that will probably be a special-teamer right away with room for growth.”

104. Michigan Stags – Jarrod Wilson, S, Michigan

Corey’s Take: “He’s not the most vocal guy, but he was the undoubted leader of the Wolverines secondary last season as they completely turned things around and were one of the best defenses in the country. He’s pretty interesting. He doesn’t have overly outstanding athletic traits but sometimes being a good football player is what matters and he is a good football player for sure.”

105. San Antonio Marshalls – Brandon Revenberg, OL, Grand Valley State

Corey’s Take: “Brandon Revenberg is a classic over-achiever who hs climbed up draft boards. He’s very versatile too, having played every position on the offensive line while at Grand Valley State. I see him as a guard or center, but probably a guard.

106. Orlando Rockets (Atlanta) – Robert Kelley, RB, Tulane

Corey’s Take: “Robert Kelly is a do-it-all kind of a running back, who can catch passes, block and of course run a little bit. He’s not overly exciting in any area, but he’s very versatile and that should keep him on the roster.”

107. Columbus Explorers – Jonathan Jones, CB, Auburn

Corey’s Take: “He’s small, but he does make up for it with his athletic ability. He’s quick and was one of the best cornerbacks in the SEC and there is definitely something to be said about that, but he’ll have to prove himself against bigger and faster and stronger receivers at the pro level.”

108. Dallas Six-Shooters – Josiah St. John, OL, Oklahoma

Corey’s Take: “Tremendous player, tremendous pick. I’m a bit surprised he fell this far. I think Josiah St. John is a year or two away from becoming a starter. Dallas made a tremendous pick here.”

109. Seattle Orcas – Dwayne Washington, RB, Washington

Corey’s Take: “Nice size, good speed, he’s shown nice flashes of getting to the next level when running. Dwayne Washington looks the part and has the measurables you want in a running back. The problem is between his ears. He hasn’t shown great vision and will run into his blockers. He also has fumbling issues and a history of injuries. We’ll have to wait and see what he can do.”

110. Louisville Cougars (Orlando) – Kalan Reed, CB, Southern Mississippi

Corey’s Take: “Nice size and speed, great instincts. Kalan Reed has very good ball skills too. He doesn’t play with too much speed, though and he does give up some big plays. He’s a project. Fifth round, that’s where you take these guys.”

Best Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “There are quite a few great picks in this round but if I have to pick one I’m going to say Josiah St. John. He’s a really good tackle who I think if Dallas remains patient with him I think he develops into a starting left tackle.”

Most Questionable Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “Did Nashville see something special in Mortiz Bohringer or are they just going off the hype created by Mike Mayock? The guy certainly has athletic ability, but he’s so raw I just think he’s going to take a long, long time to develop. I don’t know if I would be willing to keep one of my roster spots filled with a developmental guy for that long.”