67. Nashville Renegades (Houston) – Jordan Howard, RB, Indiana

Corey’s Take: “It’s crazy that this guy dropped down into the fourth round. Jordan Howard is a powerful runner who dominated Big Ten defenses last year. Nashville made a great trade to get this guy. I’m surprised Houston traded him. I know they are valuing quality in draft picks right now, but this is a guy you can build a franchise around.”

68. Omaha Express – Tanner McEvoy, WR, Wisconsin

Corey’s Take: “When you find a guy with this sort of athletic ability you figure out how to best utilize him. Tanner McEvoy played wide receiver, safety and even quarterback at Wisconsin. As a receiver he has really, really nice size at 6-foot-6. He’s raw all the way around but the fourth round is when you take these kinds of guys.”

69. Pittsburgh Forge – Sebastian Tretola, OG, Arkansas

Corey’s Take: “This guy has to so he’s willing to work hard. He failed out of Nevada because he didn’t work hard at school and didn’t attend classes. He’s been well over-weight coming into seasons because he doesn’t work hard in the offseason, and he makes quite a few mistakes. With all that said, though, he’s a big, powerful guy who will drive forward in the running game and was great for Arkansas.”

70. Houston Wranglers (Nashville (Minnesota (Birmingham))) – Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA

Corey’s Take: “If Houston puts this guy in the backfield with a bell-cow type back they can have a really nice duo because Paul Perkins is a guy who is great in space and will be a nice change-of-pace back, but not a workhorse for a team.”

71. Washington Wave – Sean McEwen, C, Calgary

Corey’s Take: “Sean McEwen is a very good pick for the Wave. While he still needs some work and development, I don’t think it will be too long before the Canadian works his way into a starting job.”

72. Louisville Cougars – Kavon Frazier, S, Central Michigan

Corey’s Take: “A nice, big, in-the-box safety. I have no doubts that he is a hard-hitter who will make teams pay for passing over the middle my worry would be if he has the athleticism or speed to keep up with the pro speed. He’s an interesting selection with potential.”

73. Carolina Generals – Pharoh Cooper, WR, South Carolina

Corey’s Take: “I’m pretty surprised Pharoh Cooper fell to the fourth round but he’s a tremendous pickup for the Carolina Generals, a team looking for somebody to help give this offense a boost. Pharoh comes from a military family, pays attention to detail and is a very crisp player because of it.”

74. New York Marauders – Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia

Corey’s Take: “You want to talk about speed and explosiveness? I’m very excited about Keith Marshall. You don’t see 4.3 speed just anywhere. He’s shown he still has speed after his knee injuries too. I’m excited about having this guy in New York. We’re going to get him in space and he’s going to be a tremendous player for us.”

75. Omaha Express (Nashville (New Orleans)) – Nelson Spruce, WR, Colorado

Corey’s Take: “He’s not particularly athletic or fast but he’s a tough and consistent guy who should be a reliable slot receiver for Omaha. This is exactly the kind of guy Dallas Hartwell loves.”

76. Los Angeles Stars – Daniel Lasco, RB, California

Corey’s Take: “Los Angeles can’t possible replace Lamar Miller out of the backfield but Daniel Lasco has some very nice explosive ability and getaway speed in the open field. He’s a nice pass catcher too. He can be productive for the Stars.”

77. Phoenix Scorpions – Keenan Reynolds, QB/RB/WR, Navy

Corey’s Take: “When Philadelphia selected Keenan Reynolds I was furious with myself for not taking him easier. I immediately made contact about a trade and you know what, we traded away a really good running back who was great for us last season in Tyrell Sutton, but sometimes you have to trade big-time players to get big-time players. I wish nothing but the best for Tyrell, but Keenan Reynolds is an offensive weapon who proved himself to be one of the best runners in football running Navy’s triple option as their quarterback. A ton of respect for the guy who is going to be a Navy officer. It’s hard not to get behind a guy like this. He’s super athletic, and you can’t find a better more honorable person. I’m so happy he’s on our team.”

78. Minnesota Freeze – Jhurell Pressley, RB, New Mexico

Corey’s Take: “Not the biggest guy around but while he doesn’t have incredible explosive ability either, he figures out how to make big plays. He’s a very smooth runner with agility and great vision. He averaged 7.8 yards per carry over a three-year span I college. That’s impressive. I think he’s more of a change-of-pace guy, though. I imagine he’ll be that with David Cobb being the workhorse back.”

79. Charleston Dragons – Alex Erickson, WR, Wisconsin

Corey’s Take: “He’s a nice story. Alex Erickson was one of the top high school players in Wisconsin history and never expected to play in college but walked on as a sophomore and became an All-Big Ten player. He’s a solid player who is tough and works hard. He has every intangible you want. The problem is he really just doesn’t have the physical ability, but we’ll see if he can continue having his worth-ethic out-weight his physical limitations.”

80. Louisville Cougars (Nashville (New Orleans (New York (Philadelphia)))) – Kyle Murphy, OT, Stanford

Corey’s Take: “There is a lot of good and bad on Kyle Murphy’s scouting report. He may have poor technique at times and he will struggle with really fast edge-rushers, but he’s good at positioning himself, great at keeping his pad-level low and is patient getting to the second level in front of his running back.”

81. Columbus Explorers (Nashville) – Kenneth Farrow, RB, Houston

Corey’s Take: “Kenneth Farrow was very productive the last two years, however, he didn’t really take that next step as a senior after a big junior year. He’s also pretty small, which always has to be a worry for running backs. If Columbus keeps him as a change-of-pace back I don’t really mind him. The problem is I don’t see see anything exciting out of the group he would be spelling. Vick Ballard, Mike James, Joseph Randle; that’s an uninspiring group of backs that may force Farrow into too big of a role he shouldn’t have if none of them take over the lead back job.”

82. Michigan Stags – Zack Sanchez, CB, Oklahoma

Corey’s Take: “As many pass-happy teams as there are in the Big 12, if you’ve been a successful three-year starter there I have to believe in you. He’s very skinny, though, and that will hurt him against physical corners, but he’s very fast, has great technique and is a talented individual who should help the Stags secondary.”

83. San Antonio Marshalls – Jack Allen, C, Michigan State

Corey’s Take: “If you play in the trench in the Big Ten, you’re pro ready. Those guys in the Big Ten go up against the biggest, most physical players in college football and Jack Allen was great at Michigan State. He’s not overly athletic, he’s not all that consistent with his technique, he’s not overly strong or big, but none of that has mattered because he’s a good player and has proven he is a good player.”

84. Atlanta Firebirds – DeAndre Washington, RB, Texas Tech

Corey’s Take: “I love this pick for Atlanta. Honestly, I’m not the biggest DeAndre Washington guy, but for Atlanta he fits so perfectly. My fear for this guy was somebody would try to make him their every down running back but he’s not the greatest between the tackles. But Atlanta already has Alfred Morris for that. Washington is going to be a great change-of-pace and third down back who will make some big stretch runs, grab some balls out of the backfield and get in space to make big plays. This can take Atlanta’s running game to a new level.”

85. Columbus Explorers – Marwin Evans, S, Utah State

Corey’s Take: “Marwin had a remarkable senior season two years after having just about every team in the country trying to get him out of junior college. He choose Utah State, which does mean he played against inferior competition than he would have at one of the Big Ten schools trying to get him, but he did well. He’ll have to work his way up the depth chart, though.”

86. Dallas Six-Shooters – Mike Matthews, C, Texas A&M

Corey’s Take: “Comes from a tremendous football family. His dad is Pro Football Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews and his brother is Jake Matthews; he’s a tough center who has great technique and a great mind for the game. His size and strength are his issues, but he’s been able to adjust his game to make up for that. He has a great shot to develop into a starter.”

87. Seattle Orcas – Philippe Gagnon, OG, Laval

Corey’s Take: “The Canadian prospect is as mean as they come and has a great combine, especially on the bench press. This is a tremendous pick at the end of the fourth round, getting a guy who could turn into a pretty good guard for the Orcas, possibly even a starter down the line.”

88. Orlando Rockets – Troymaine Pope, RB, Jacksonville State

Corey’s Take: “Epically productive at Jacksonville State, rushing for 1,788 yards and 19 touchdowns as a senior. As always, you want to see production from guys from small schools. He’s a big smaller too, but the Rockets won’t need him to be their big runner. They have Devonta Freeman to do that. Pope is going to work in space to make plays.”

Best Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “Jordan Howard is a tremendous running back, and I’m partial to the abilities of Keith Marshall and Keenan Reynolds of course, but I really think DeAndre Washington was exactly what Atlanta needed. He’s going to be a guy who is going to compliment what they already have and really help Atlanta’s running game take another step up. Alfred Morris is still the guy, but Washington is going to be the third down and chance of pace guy they just didn’t have last year. Pharoh Cooper is a really spectacular pick for Carolina as well.”

Most Questionable Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “Chris Dunn did a great job taking DeAndre Washington to help the Firebirds running game get better but I really have to question trading a great back like Jordan Howard to go with Paul Perkins. That to me doesn’t make much sense because Howard does so much more for an offense than Perkins does.”