45. Houston Wranglers – Roger Lewis, WR, Bowling Green

Corey’s Take: “We can talk about this guys troubled past, but he’s long past that. On the field, he’s a great talent and will give Houston a very good weapon. He routinely made big plays at Bowling Green, has great size and he had eight touchdowns on break-away plays of 45-yards or more. He’s might not have break-away speed, but he has great build-up speed that gets him past cornerbacks to make these big plays.”

46. Omaha Express – Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois

Corey’s Take: “I’m not so sure this guy was close to the best running back available when he was taken, but Omaha get a small scatback who is good in short bursts. He’ll catch some passes, run to the outside, possible get some opportunities as a return man. He’s a third-down back.”

47. Pittsburgh Forge – Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame

Corey’s Take: “This guy is going to be great for Pittsburgh anchoring their run defense. He’s a good gap penetrator too. He can play any spot in on the three-man front that Pittsburgh looks like they are going to employ. He’s a tremendous pickup for the Forge defense.”

48. Michigan Stags – Halapoulivaati Vaitai, OT, TCU

Corey’s Take: “I love this pick and think he can be a stud in this league. Michigan has some dominant interior blockers but need some tackles to solidify the line. I thought Vaitai was a first round caliber talent so in the third round this is an incredible pick.”

49. Washington Wave – De’Vondre Campbell, OLB, Minnesota

Corey’s Take: “Washington continues to focus on their linebacking corp. With Blake Martinez taken to be the signal caller, Campbell is going to be great playing next to him. He has great speed and athleticism to not only get a pass rush going off the edge but he won’t get beaten in the passing game.”

50. Louisville Cougars – Fahn Cooper, OT, Ole Miss

Corey’s Take: “A nice, big, tough mauler, Fahn Cooper is what you describe when you want an offensive tackle. Very few defenders will out-physical this guy at the line. He does have some balance issues and technical things that he has to work on, but once he clears those issues up he should be a quality starter for the Cougars.”

51. Carolina Generals – Juston Burris, CB, North Carolina State

Corey’s Take: “I’m not afraid to say that I really like Juston Burris and was eying him at our pick after this, but Carolina got him one spot ahead of us. He has nice size and press ability. He allowed only a 34.1-percent completion rate with the Wolfpack and only one touchdown. He has great potential to be a nice shutdown guy.”

52. New York Marauders – DJ White, CB, Georgia Tech

Corey’s Take: “I’m very happy to add a very experienced and smart defensive back like DJ White. He’s been a starter and captain for the Yellow Jackets. He uses his hands very well and has excellent ball skills, making plays to not only break up the pass but also to get some interceptions. We’re excited to have him learn out system as a nickel or dime guy and work into a starting job in the future.”

53. Houston Wranglers – Tracy Howard, CB, Miami (FLA)

Corey’s Take: “Tracy Howard is an experienced cornerback from The U. He’s still raw and may have been around later in the trade but he has potential. Not a bad depth pick right here.”

54. Los Angeles Stars – Ben Braunecker, TE, Harvard

Corey’s Take: “I love Ivy League guys. Ben Braunecker is going to work hard to study the defense to find the right ways to attack, but he’s not just a bookworm, he’s a physical guy who plays mean when blocking. He’s been a late riser with some nice ability as a pass catcher. While he’s physical blocking he sometimes tries to hard against guys who physically over match him, but that shows how willing he is to play tough and battle.”

55. Phoenix Scorpions – Chris Moore, WR, Cincinnati

Corey’s Take: “I’m incredibly excited about Chris Moore. He’s a true vertical threat who is the leader in touchdowns in Cincinnati’s history. This guy made huge plays. You don’t have to get him the ball nine times for him to be great, he once had over 220 yards and three touchdowns against Ohio State on only three catches. That type of big-play ability completely changes a team’s offense and puts the defense on notice.”

56. Birmingham Predators (Minnesota) – David Onyemata, DT, Manitoba

Corey’s Take: “A big, powerful guy in the middle who will fight off blocks. He’s very, very, very raw with almost no experience but the fact that he’s been able to be so successful with such little history playing this game is impressive. He’s a talented guy with potential to grow to a high level, but it will take a lot of time.”

57. Charleston Dragons – Spencer Pulley, C, Vanderbilt

Corey’s Take: “He’s a late riser but he’s a really versatile and tough interior lineman with a lot of skill. I like this guy and think he can work into a starting job at some point for Charleston. Nice value pick here.”

58. Philadelphia Bulldogs – Rashard Higgins, WR, Colorado State

Corey’s Take: “He’s got really nice size and was very productive at Colorado State. He’s pro-ready after playing in a pro-style system there too, rather than in a spread offense. He has nice hands and can create separation. This might be a nice steal right here for the Bulldogs.”

59. San Antonio Marshalls (Nashville) – Keyarris Garrett, WR, Tulsa

Corey’s Take: “This is another talented wide receiver that I really love. He was the most productive receiver in college football last year and attacks the ball at it’s highest point and has long strides to make him a deep threat.”

60. Michigan Stags – DeAndre Houston-Carson, FS, William & Mary

Corey’s Take: “A physical small-school guys who will stand up at the pro level. He doesn’t have great speed to catch up to guys, which makes a move back to free safety a smart one, but he plays with balance and tackles well. He’ll be tested against much better competition, however.”

61. San Antonio Marshalls – Ufomba Kamalu, DE, Miami (Fla)

Corey’s Take: “He has very good size and all of the physical tools you want, but he’s pretty raw and hasn’t established any particular area of his game as his strength. He’ll have to step up. Maybe a bit to early to take hm based on his lack of proven pass rush ability.”

62. Atlanta Firebirds – Mike Hilton, CB, Ole Miss

Corey’s Take: “Maybe a little too high for this guy. He’s really small and that limits him to at best a slot cornerback. He doesn’t have the speed you really want either. There were fast guys who ran right past him. He’s really smart at least and is aggressive and plays bigger than his size. Still a questionable spot for him, though.”

63. Columbus Explorers – Jace Billingsley, WR, Eastern Oregon

Corey’s Take: “I had conversations with some other owners after this pick and I have no reason to believe he wouldn’t have been available in the final few rounds. I know for sure that I offered a 2017 second round pick for this spot but they pass on that to take a receiver from a small school who is 5-foot-9 and wasn’t on any other team’s draft board for a while.”

64. Dallas Six-Shooters – Cole Wick, TE, Incarnate Word

Corey’s Take: “Another team that passed on a 2017 second round pick to take a guy from a small school who wasn’t on many team’s radar and probably would have been available at the end of the draft. He’s tough at least. He’s a pretty solid blocker.”

65. Phoenix Scorpions (Atlanta (Nashville (Seattle))) – Cole Toner, OT, Harvard

Corey’s Take: “I finally got the pick I wanted to make the pick I needed to make. I love Cole Toner and was one of the tackles I circled before the draft as a much-have. We have a tremendous offensive line in Phoenix but were unable to solidify the right tackle spot. I think Toner is one of the very best tackles in the draft and should at least compete for a starting job right away. And I love those Ivy League guys. He’s very smart and you want your linemen to be some of the smartest guys on the field.”

66. Minnesota Freeze (Orlando) – Aaron Wallace, OLB, UCLA

Corey’s Take: “He can play any linebacker spot and can put his hand down on the ground too. Aaron Wallace comes from a football family, knows what it takes to play at the professional level and worked hard to get here. In one year as a starter at UCLA he was very, very productive. Minnesota will find a nice place for him to play.”

Best Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “I think Halapoulivaati Vaitai was a first round talent and for Michigan to get him in the third round was a remarkable pickup. He’ll start right away for them and should do a great job pushing guys over to help lead that power running game.”

Most Questionable Picks of the Round

Corey’s Take: “Aside from what they were offered and passed on, I’m not sure I understand Columbus taking Jace Billingsley. He’s limited to being a slot receiver at best because of his size. He was a running back, receiver and return man in college but didn’t dominate in any particular area. Taking him in the third round when no other owners were really even considering him; I’m not so sure about the pick.”