1. Birmingham Predators (Houston) – Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

Corey’s Take: “The amazing part is that Birmingham didn’t even have to give that much up in that three-team trade; it took a third round pick to move up just a few spots from number four to land their franchise quarterback. Dak Prescott is a tremendously gifted athlete with great physical skills. He was a play-maker for Mississippi State and I expect that to translate to this year. He had a big arm, big frame, runs hard. Who is going to be able to tackle this guy when he runs that fast at 6-foot-2, 226-pounds? Does he need to improve some of his mechanics? Of course, every rookie does, but I buy into the hype. Birmingham is going to be an exciting place for football with this guy under center.

Logan’s Take: “Dak Prescott is clearly the best prospect in this draft. He’s a future MVP player and his new team the predators will make it as easy as they can for him the first year. Dak should be one of the best QB’s in the league as a rookie “

2. Omaha Express – Joe Callahan, QB, Wesley

Corey’s Take: “This is the most Dallas Hartwell pick every but what a great story Joe Callahan is. This guy comes from a Division III school and doesn’t even get invited to the combine and Wesley doesn’t even have a Pro Day but he sends out his film and gets pre-draft workouts with teams and shows off his skills and becomes the second overall draft pick. He’s quite accurate and is very smart reading defenses. When I see guys from lower-levels of college try to make a jump up to this type of level what I have to see is that they absolutely dominated their competition. This guy is the most prolific passer in Division III history so he did that. But there is still a lot for him to prove.”

Logan’s Take: “maha knew there were two franchise QB’s in this draft and they knew exactly who they were getting. Joe Callahan is a player who should have his name in some award conversations pretty quickly.”

3. Pittsburgh Forge – Devontae Booker, RB, Utah

Corey’s Take: “Dan Lopez’ philosophy of building a football team lines up perfectly with how Pittsburgh loves their football; rough, tough and with an offense led by their run game. Devontae Booker was the heart-and-soul of the Utah Utes and as long as he stays healthy he has the skills to be a lead back for the Forge. Maybe he’s a little undersized, but I once he’s in a pro workout routine he’ll bulk up. The other concern is fumbles, but if he holds onto the football he has the speed to get down the field, the ability to change lanes and dodge. He can be elusive and an effective pass catcher. He’ll be the bell-cow of Pittsburgh and they signed two mammoths up front in free agency to make sure he has lanes to run through.”

Logan’s Take: “Booker was clearly the best RB in the draft. As an expansion team they are trying to build their team around the running game and Booker is a great RB to do it with.”

4. Michigan Stags (Birmingham) – Tajae Sharpe, WR, Massachusetts

Corey’s Take: “We can sit here and debate whether trading away rookie territorial draft pick Connor Cook was a wise decision, but the fact of the matter is the Stags targeted Tajae Sharpe, made a move and went up and got their guy. Michigan clearly said that Zac Collaros is their guy but they had to get him some weapons after both Santonio Holmes and Mario Manningham retired. Sharpe is a big guy at 6-foot-4, with very nice hands. I think he can catch double-digit touchdowns as a rookie because of his size that makes him such a threat in the redzone.”

Logan’s Take: “This guy is so good if the first couple teams didn’t need QB’s he would be in the conversation for number one. He should start right away, and nobody should be surprised if he puts up stats similar to Jamison Crowders this year or even better.”

5. Washington Wave – Blake Martinez, ILB, Stanford

Corey’s Take: “I fully expected Washington to go with an offensive player here because after an 0-16 season they need something to build around, but at the same time it’s hard to argue with taking Blake Martinez. He is a true signal caller that their defense can build around. Blake Martinez is a guy that just always seems to be involved in every defensive play. Without any worthy quarterbacks available at this spot, they still figured out a way to draft a guy that can be a centerpiece of their team.”

Logan’s Take: “Washington has a lot of gaps to fill but now they won’t have to worry about MLB for a long time. Blake Martinez is very good, has a high motor, and his IQ is off the charts. Washington fans should be very happy about this pick.”

6. Nashville Renegades (Louisville) – Parker Ehinger, OG, Cincinnati

Corey’s Take: “As soon as the Renegades traded Simeon Rottier it was clear they wanted Parker Ehinger, who is clearly one of the elite offensive lineman in this draft. I was really surprised when Columbus pass on him in the territorial draft, but hey, their loss is Nashville’s gain. The Renegades are having themselves a great offseason and though they lost a lot of talent they opened up a lot of cap and added a lot back. This team got a high draft pick and selected a player who should turn into one of the premier linemen in this league.”

Logan’s Take: “Arguably the best lineman In the draft. Nashville’s line is the only weak spot on the team. Adding enhinger will help A LOT.”

7. Carolina Generals – Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech

Corey’s Take: “Carolina didn’t have the offensive ability to win last year after being a late expansion team but now they have a great building block for their offense. I actually expect Washington to take Kenneth Dixon, but they took the guy Carolina was rumored to be targeting. Either way, the Generals made a fantastic pick. Kenneth Dixon is the all-time leader for touchdowns in college football among running backs. He’s proven his durability, he’s powerful, he has a nice second gear when he gets past the defensive line to break away from the defense. This guy is a gamer and somebody who should, no pun intended, carry this team to success.”

Logan’s Take: “Carolinas offense was trash plain and simple. Adding Kenneth Dixon changes things actually quite a bit. He’s the Swiss Army knives of running backs he can do everything. Don’t be shocked if you hear that this kid is making plays sooner rather than later.”

8. New York Marauders – Alex Lewis, OL, Nebraska

Corey’s Take: “Time for a nice insider’s take here. Alex Lewis was the top player on our draft board for a few months now. We definitely threw out some smoke screens by bringing in Parker Ehinger for so many workouts and had he fallen to us we would have taken him, but we think Alex was the best lineman in this draft. He’s versatile too, which is always great, with the ability to play guard or tackle. Had he not gotten in some trouble in the past he probably would have been a high NFL draft pick but we spoke with him and believe he’s grown up and learned his lesson. He’s a good football player and right now we expect to play him at guard and mayb eventually kick him out to tackle.”

Logan’s Take: “Alex Lewis is a great player. Everyone knows he will be great in this league it’s just a matter of his character. New York gets a tank up front that will help bolster their line.”

9. New Orleans Nightmare – Charles Tapper, DE, Oklahoma

Corey’s Take: “New Orleans wasn’t particularly great on defense last year as it was the the age on their defense was only going to make things worse, but this is a great step towards a youth movement. Charles Tapper is a very, very good pass rusher who will learn from one of the best ever in Dwight Freeney early in his career and eventually replace him as the top dog in New Orleans’ pass rush.”

Logan’s Take: “Charles tapper in earlier mock drafts was projected as a top 5 player but he slid down for unknown reasons. New Orleans defense is getting younger with this pick and it will help a lot when Freeney retires soon. “

10. Los Angeles Stars – Brian Poole, FS, Florida

Corey’s Take: “Considering their cap issues I expected the Stars to go after an undrafted guy and regardless of his standing in the NFL draft, Brian Poole is one of the best guys in this draft. He was a late riser in the SFL combines and camps. He’s a very smart defensive back who had ball-hawking ability. Los Angeles desperately needs to improve their defense and this is a nice start.”

Logan’s Take: “A very good pick right here. Brian Poole seems to always get lost in the crowd of players but always seems to prevail. He could be one of the guys we look back on and go damn I should have got him.”

11. Minnesota Freeze (Nashville (Phoenix)) – Miles Killebrew, SS, Southern Utah

Corey’s Take: “As I’ve said, if you’re a player from a small college and want to play at this level you better have dominated your competition. Miles Killebrew definitely did that. He’s a big strong safety who I hope Minnesota doesn’t move to linebacker because his ability to match up against tight ends and ability to be a stops in the secondary is tremendous. He hits hard, was a four-year starter at Southern Utah and was one of the team’s best players all four years. While I didn’t really see Minnesota going with a safety here, Miles is certainly a great pick.”

Logan’s Take: “Probably the hardest hitting player in this draft. Minnesota gets a real baller in that secondary that needed a little work.”

12. Minnesota Freeze – Thomas Duarte, TE, UCLA

Corey’s Take: “With back-to-back picks in the first round the Freeze has the ability to make a big splash but while it makes sense that they went with an offensive player after leading off with a defensive player, but I think they took the wrong guy. Tight end makes sense after losing James Hanna and his 10 touchdowns from last year but how does a team take Thomas Duarte when Tyler Higbee is sitting right there? I think Duarte is an over-sized wide receiver, so many that’s what they went for and don’t care about blocking. Even still, I think Higbee was the better prospect, but we’ll see. I don’t know if Duarte will be a bust and hope he’s not, but I don’t think he will be the best tight end from this draft.”

Logan’s Take: “He could have went a lot later in the draft, clearly wasn’t the best TE prospect but time will tell.”

13. Birmingham Predators (Charleston) – Dean Lowry, DE, Northwestern

Corey’s Take: “After getting Dak Prescott with the first overall pick one I thought they might go with an lineman with the second pick, but instead they went with a cornerstone of their defense. Dean Lowry is a quick-off-the-snap pass rusher who can play inside in a 4-3 defense or on the edge in a 3-4 defense. That provided the Predators with some versatility as they build their defense.”

Logan’s Take: “Dean Lowry is a tank. He is in on almost every play. This guy’s motor is as high as anyone’s. Birminghams D line starts to take shape with this future all SFL player on the end.”

14. Philadelphia Bulldogs – Wes Schweitzer, OG, San Diego State

Corey’s Take: “Philly could have gone a few different ways with this pick but it’s hard to argue with a guy who should be a start from day one on the offensive line. Jay Ajayi had a really tough year last season as the lead back, a lot of that had to do with trouble up front. They gave up a lot of sacks too. Wes Schweitzer is going to help Philadelphia be better.”

Logan’s Take: “This pick here is very underrated. He doesn’t jump at you at first but if you go back and really look at him the kid is a baller. Very good pick for Philadelphia who is staking their line to try and help second year back Jay Ajayi.”

15. Los Angeles Stars (Nashville) – Will Ratelle, FB, North Dakota

Corey’s Take: “This is interesting leaning more on the side of questionable. Drafting a fullback in the first round no matter what is a weird move, and drafting a guy with no little at that position is another weird move. I won’t doubt his athleticism. He’s a very strong guy with a nice burst. Maybe they end up putting him back at linebacker, though he’s a bit too small for that. I’m not really sure. First round pick for William Ratelle, I’m sure he’s thrilled and probably even surprise. It could be some tremendous scouting by the Marshalls and they saw something they love. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Logan’s Take: “Not really the best pick in this spot. A FB in the first round who doesn’t have big upside. This is a very questionable call.”

16. Houston Wranglers (Michigan) – Tyler Matakevich, LB, Temple

Corey’s Take: “He’s a guy you can have 100-percent confidence into be your defenses’ signal caller. He’s as tough as they come and though he’s not the greatest workout-warrior, he’s proven himself on the field. He’s incredibly smart and has tremendous instincts. He’s always in on the plays on defense. Houston made a great pick here. But let’s go back, this team traded only a small handful of picks and also got Connor Cook, who would have been one of the very first picks in this draft had he not been taken as a territorial pick. Connor Cook is a very smart quarterback who will lead the offense and Tyler is a very smart linebacker who will lead the defense.”

Logan’s Take: “A great defensive center piece to build this team around. Matakevich has as good potential as last year’s rookie Thurston Armbrister and we all saw what he did.”

17. San Antonio Marshalls – Dominique Alexander, ILB, Oklahoma

Corey’s Take: “Another un-drafted guy for Carlton Jeffcoat, who has two teams struggling to create cap space. But they made the most out of this one. For the price, he’s a good pick. We’ll give them a pass because they certainly could have taken a better player but he was probably the best guy they could have taken. He’ll be a very good role player for a defense that lost Keenan Robinson in free agency and is looking for linebacker depth.”

Logan’s Take: “With no money he really had no option but to pick a guy that comes cheap. He is not the greatest LB but he can be a good role player in that defense for a San Antonio team who lost Keenan Robinson to FA.”

18. Atlanta Firebirds – Tyler Higbee, TE, Western Kentucky

Corey’s Take: “In my opinion Tyler Higbee was the best tight end in this draft. Clearly his off-the-field issues and injury history was a concern for teams picking earlier. He has great hands and great height. Atlanta has been looking for a tight end to step up and be really good for them. I think Higbee is the guy they need.”

Logan’s Take: “The best TE prospect in the draft by far Atlanta hasn’t really had a TE that could perform the way higbee should perform and that should help their offense a lot.”

19. Dallas Six-Shooters (Columbus) – Darius Latham, DT, Indiana

Corey’s Take: “Once again Dallas Hartwell has targeted a late-rising and it showed how well he and his teams have done scouting this draft. Darius Latham wasn’t the most heralded guy coming out of Indiana but he’s really impressed in workouts. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s fast for his size. He’s a plug in the middle of the defense that can play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 front.”

Logan’s Take: “This kid is a stud. He was one of them most underrated players of this draft some people didn’t have him going in the first but wouldn’t be shocked if he did. Dallas got a great player who they can plug in right away to help their D Line.”

20. Columbus Explorers (Dallas) – Jalin Marshall, WR, Ohio State

Corey’s Take: “I really have to wonder why Columbus would pass on this kid in the territorial draft, especially when they had an extra selection they could have used, and then use a first round pick on him. To me that seems like a waste of a pick because they could have gotten somebody else here. But hey, they got him and actually got an extra eight round pick by moving down one spot. I’m still not sure if he was worth a first round pick, but he’s an athletic slot receiver with nice return ability and can play out of the backfield. Nice prospect, but questionable way to get the guy.”

Logan’s Take: “There were other WR’s that had better talent but Marshall is one of the most explosive offensive talents in this draft and Colombus should be very happy to have him.”

21. Seattle Orcas – Romeo Okwara, DE/OLB, Notre Dame

Corey’s Take: “Seattle always does a great job finding the guys from out of nowhere. Nobody was talking about Romeo Okwara for the past eight months through this draft process but he got out in workouts and was doing great. The problem was he had such little hype around him that other teams weren’t really around to see all of his workouts. He’s still pretty young but very smart when he’s on the football field with a lot of natural strength and power. He’s a good pass rusher.”

Logan’s Take: “He makes getting to the QB look pretty easily and with kiwanuka retiring he should step in right away as a starter.”

22. Orlando Rockets – Kentrell Brothers, ILB, Missouri

Corey’s Take: “Orlando is in a position where they can go best player available with every pick. Brothers might not fit in as the team’s biggest need, which they have very few of, but he’s a guy who can turn into a great linebacker after a year or two as a role player learning the system.”

Logan’s Take: “Very underrated prospect in this draft but can turn into a tackling machine. Now he might not start right away on Orlando but the veteran presence in that locker will quickly get him ready.”

Best Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “It’s easy to just say Dak Prescott because he seems to be the best player in this draft and truly a franchise quarterback the expansion Predators can build around, but I’m going to look somewhere else and say Tyler Matakevich for Houston. He’s a really good player and considering the circumstances it’s even better. The Wranglers traded down from the No. 1 pick and picked up Connor Cook, another guy we all think can be a franchise quarterback, and took a guy who can be a defensive stud and leader. Great maneuvering and drafting.”

Logan’s Take: “Dak is clearly the best player in the draft and the most hyped prospects in a long, long time.”

Most Questionable Pick of the Round

Corey’s Take: “I was surprise Thomas Duarte went ahead of Tyler Higbee but I still think he can be a good pass catcher, so maybe it’s just a difference in ratings, but fullback Will Ratelle was a bit of a head-scratcher. Carlton has been around a long time so maybe he sees something we all don’t, but it’s a curious pick. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying I really don’t know what led to that pick. He probably would have been there much later.”

Logan’s Take: “Thomas Duarte could have went a lot later in the draft, clearly wasn’t the best TE prospect but time will tell.”