1. Atlanta bullies the Bulldogs in 44-14 rout
  2. Atlanta bounces back with big win over San Antonio
  3. Firebirds falter in second half versus Birmingham
  4. Waves knock down Roughnecks in overtime
  5. Boston Tames the Stallions

Rating Scale

10 – Player is clearly the standard at his position
9 – Player is a league elite
8 – Player is well regarded starter
7 – Player is a gap starter or standard back up at the moment
6 – Player is clearly a back up or unworthy of a roster spot
5 – Only a step above the average street Joe
a – Player has substantial potential
aa – Player has outstanding potential
f – Player is a fan favorite
c – Player is at a cross roads in career
x – Player is disgruntled
d – Player in on the downside of his career
i – player has an injury plagued career
$ – Player currently has a hefty contract