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Free Agency Rules

1. Some players may sign for a minimum on a first come, first serve basis. If you missed out, too bad, no complaining.

2. Some players might think an offer over before signing.

3. When a player is listed on public bidding, you will have to beat an offer with an escalator of 200k per year on the annual salary or 100k per year on the signing bonus.

4. You may not add or remove years of a contract without my permission. Don’t try to make this happen with every offer.

5. Players will sign approximately 48 hours after a bid remains unchallenged. APPROXIMATELY. No complaining.

6. You need to submit an offer in official format with every bid.

7. A bid that is really lacking in proper format or does not obey the appropriate bid rules is invalid and void. No re-do’s if the player has already signed, no warnings unless I or someone else has time.

8. Once you make an offer, you can not take it back or delete it. You may only edit it to fix the format.

9. Signings are not official until Corey Johns announces them as official.

When submitting offers or trades, it’s important to include where/how the player was acquired. Types of transactions include…….

FA = Free Agency
TD = Territorial Draft
DD = Dispersal Draft
TR = Trade
AFL = Signed from the AFL
CFL = Signed from the CFL

The ideal offer should like like this:

Blow, Joe QB Kaplan FA/14
100k-100k (200k SB/2 yrs) CAP: 200k