1. 2020 Season: Week 2 Players of the Week
  2. 2020 Season: Week 1 Players of the Week
  3. Firebirds surge late, advance with 29-21 win over Birmingham
  4. Atlanta holds off Mississippi, 31-28
  5. Milwaukee flops in finale, loses 42-14 to Cbus


In order to avoid the disputes that the NFL constantly has about how a player is tagged, I’m keeping it as Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Backs and Kickers & Punters.

Designated Player Tags will be the amount of the three largest contracts at the position from the year before the tag is issued with 80% of it being guaranteed (numbers rounded to nearest $100,000 for simplicity). Players may only be tagged one time in their career and cannot be traded. The designated player tag will be eligible for player who made their rookie debut and continually played for the franchise trying to offer it. Teams may only have one tagged player on their roster at a time.

Terms: 600k-600k-600k (7.8M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $3.2M

Running Back:
Terms: 600k-600k-600k (8.1M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $3.3M

Wide Receiver:
Terms: 600k-600k-600k (7.5M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $3.1M

Tight End:
Terms: 300k-300k-300k (3.6M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $1.5M

Offensive Line
Terms: 900k-900k-900k (12.0M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $4.9M

Defensive Line
Terms: 200k-200k-200k (3.6M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $1.4M

Terms: 500k-500k-500k (6.6M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $2.7M

Defensive Back
Terms: 500k-500k-500k (7.2M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $2.9M

Terms: 100k-100k-100k (1.2M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $500k

1. Some players may sign for a minimum on a first come, first serve basis. If you missed out, too bad, no complaining.

2. Some players might think an offer over before signing.

3. When a player is listed on public bidding, you will have to beat an offer with an escalator of 200k per year on the annual salary or 100k per year on the signing bonus.

4. You may not add or remove years of a contract without my permission. Don’t try to make this happen with every offer.

5. Players will sign approximately 48 hours after a bid remains unchallenged. APPROXIMATELY. No complaining.

6. You need to submit an offer in official format with every bid.

7. A bid that is really lacking in proper format or does not obey the appropriate bid rules is invalid and void. No re-do’s if the player has already signed, no warnings unless I or someone else has time.

8. Once you make an offer, you can not take it back or delete it. You may only edit it to fix the format.

9. Signings are not official until Corey Johns announces them as official.

When submitting offers or trades, it’s important to include where/how the player was acquired. Types of transactions include…….

FA = Free Agency
TD = Territorial Draft
DD = Dispersal Draft
TR = Trade
AFL = Signed from the AFL
CFL = Signed from the CFL

The ideal offer should like like this:

Blow, Joe QB Kaplan FA/14
100k-100k (200k SB/2 yrs) CAP: 200k

10 – Player is clearly the standard at his position
9 – Player is a league elite
8 – Player is well regarded starter
7 – Player is a gap starter or standard back up at the moment
6 – Player is clearly a back up or unworthy of a roster spot
5 – Only a step above the average street Joe
a – Player has substantial potential
aa – Player has outstanding potential
f – Player is a fan favorite
c – Player is at a cross roads in career
x – Player is disgruntled
d – Player in on the downside of his career
i – player has an injury plagued career
$ – Player currently has a hefty contract

NFL 3rd Round Pick (Territorial Draft Selections Only)
Terms: 500k-600k-700k-800k (1.2M SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $800K

NFL 4th Round Pick
Terms: 500k-600k-700k-800k (800k SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $700K

NFL 5th Round Pick
Terms: 400k-500k-600k-700k (800k SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $600K

NFL 6th Round Pick
Terms: 500k-600k-700k-800k (400k SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $600K

NFL 7th Round Pick
Terms: 400k-500k-600k-700k (400k SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $500K

Undrafted by the NFL
Terms: 400k-500k-600k (0 SB) CAP: $400K
Terms: 100k-100k (200k SB/2 yrs.) CAP: $200K

Undrafted by the NFL and not on a NFL roster
Terms: 50k-50k-100k (0 SB) CAP: $50K

NOTE: If a player is undrafted in the SFL and a street free agent he will not have to sign to this pay scale. He will be a free agent accepting fair market value.

NOTE II: Regardless of a player’s status in the NFL — ie, if they were cut and failed to make the team in the NFL — they would have to be signed to this pay scale if they are drafted by an SFL team. They could only sign for less as a street free agent after the draft.

1) What is the SFL?

The Spring Football League is a virtual simulation league full of online owners who draft, sign, and trade players to their respected franchise.

Duties include: $30 fee (as of 2018) for one team and $50 for two teams, interactivity, remaining under the salary cap, providing an ample number of players for a roster, and drafting players in college and territorial drafts. A $60 late fee is required if teams miss the deadline.

Games are simmed using Action! PC. We acknowledge the existence of all professional football leagues in real time. You are not allowed to sign players currently on an NFL roster.

2) How do I sign players?

– SFL Salary Cap is $25 mil as of 2018

– Contracts Last Between 1 and 5 Years

– Salary Minimum is 50k

Contract Offers will be sent as so:

Last Name, First Name Pos. Height Weight College Process of Aquiring
Terms: 1st yr Salary-2nd Yr Salary-3rd Yr Salary ($Signing Bonus/Years of Contract) CAP: $Cap Total


Stanback, Isaiah QB Washington TD/07
Terms: 600K-700K-800K ($2M SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $1.1M

– The roster max during the off-season is 70 players

– Rosters may not exceed 50 players by week 1 of the regular season

3) How do I cut players?

The Holdrege Dusters cut:

Stanback, Isaiah QB 6-2 216 Washington TD/07
Terms: 600K-700K-800K ($2M SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $1.1M

4) How do I trade players?

Both owners will send me an e-mail to confirm with each other ccing the e-mails as so:

Holdrege Dusters trade:

Stanback, Isaiah QB 6-2 216 Washington TD/07
Terms: 600K-700K-800K ($2M SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $1.1M

to the McCook Bison for:

Stanback, Isaiah QB 6-2 216 Washington TD/07
Terms: 600K-700K-800K ($2M SB/4 yrs.) CAP: $1.1M

5) How does the salary cap/cap penalties work?

As you can see above, Akili Smith was signed to a first year base salary of 200k and a second year base salary of 250k. He had a 100k signing bonus. The bonus is divided amongst the years in the contract. Therefore his first year cap hit would be 250k. In year two it would be 300k.

If the team decides to cut a player with a signing bonus he will receive a cap penalty of the players’ signing bonus through the rest of the contract. Therefore, the Dusters would have 50k in dead cap space for the remaining years on his contract.

6) How do you rate players?

I take league history into consideration as much as possible. I will not abandon owners who have committed millions of dollars to a franchise player who I wouldn’t personally rate very highly. My rating system usually goes along the lines of:

A) SFL History and Production

Production will decrease/increase sporadically. That’s just the way of the beast in the sim world and real. But I will do my best to stick by what I would’ve foreseen if the SFL were a real world league. Starting in 2017, SFL Production will have a higher determination of future ratings than it had in the past. Success in the SFL will mean more.

B) What I have seen with my own eyes.

I watch A LOT of football. A lot. Statistics can be deceiving and I will often go by what I have seen a player do compared to just looking at numbers or reading a report.

C) NFL production.

Like it or not, but that’s the pinnacle of professional football. I will value a player’s production in the NFL over just about everything else I have seen or read about a guy. Starting in 2017, NFL production will still have a heavy determination on a players ranking, but it will be subjectively determined per player based on their age and SFL history.

D) BCS production.

I know a guy coming out of Florida or Miami(FL) isn’t necessarily a better player or pro prospect than someone out of Grand Valley St. Community College. However, the level of talent is undoubtedly higher among college football’s most prestigious programs. We will be able to find a lot of guys like a Tim Tebow, who isn’t the prototypical NFL quarterback, who may not get drafted very high in the NFL who will fit our league and give the league more credibility.

E) CFL and AFL production.

A lot of you guys know I look at these games as a different beast. The stats are inflated and the game is a lot of different and requires a lot of different technique and skills. But they are talented football players non-the-less and they’ve been a key source for talent in the SFL for years.

F) Smaller colleges.

Smaller schools are becoming a bigger and bigger source of talent for NFL teams and it’s not impossible to find a Tony Romo, Walter Payton, or Jerry Rice.

G) Other minor leagues.

Talk about your diamond in the rough. But every once in awhile a Reggie Swinton or Michael Lewis pops up.

7) How do I submit lineups?

For those of you planning on sending line ups for the preseason and the regular season (which is hopefully all of you) I’ll accept a wide range of things from a simple depth chart to sending me a line up for each formation in your offense. Everything from a 5 WR set to a triple tight end goal line set.

I will also allow you to send a very specific type of offense you would like to run. Whether you’d like to run a lot of shot gun, draw runs, sweeps, a short passing game, or even a vertical passing game. Please be as specific as possible.

Otherwise all line ups will be set by the CPU and coaching strategy will be based on your coaching staff’s history.

Divisional Championship:
1. Overall Record
2. Head-to-Head
3. Divisional Record
4. Conference Record
5. Points For
6. Point Differential
7. Coin Flip

Wild Card:
1. Overall Record
2. Head-to-Head
3. Conference Record
4. Points For
5. Point Differential
6. Coin Flip