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Designated Player Tag Prices

In order to avoid the disputes that the NFL constantly has about how a player is tagged, I’m keeping it as Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Backs and Kickers & Punters.

Designated Player Tags will be the amount of the three largest contracts at the position from the year before the tag is issued with 80% of it being guaranteed (numbers rounded to nearest $100,000 for simplicity). Players may only be tagged one time in their career and cannot be traded. The designated player tag will be eligible for player who made their rookie debut and continually played for the franchise trying to offer it. Teams may only have one tagged player on their roster at a time.

Terms: 600k-600k-600k (7.8M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $3.2M

Running Back:
Terms: 600k-600k-600k (8.1M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $3.3M

Wide Receiver:
Terms: 600k-600k-600k (7.5M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $3.1M

Tight End:
Terms: 300k-300k-300k (3.6M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $1.5M

Offensive Line
Terms: 900k-900k-900k (12.0M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $4.9M

Defensive Line
Terms: 200k-200k-200k (3.6M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $1.4M

Terms: 500k-500k-500k (6.6M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $2.7M

Defensive Back
Terms: 500k-500k-500k (7.2M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $2.9M

Terms: 100k-100k-100k (1.2M SB/3 yrs) CAP: $500k