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D-League Rules and Set Up

  • The D-League will take place over the winter in the SFL offseason
  • 40 Man Rosters
  • No in-season transactions. The roster you set at the beginning of the season is the roster you must stick with throughout the season. SFL teams may not sign D-League players during the D-League season.
  • No Injuries
  • Only players three years or less out of college are eligible to participate
  • No players under NFL or NFL Practice Squad contracts may be signed to the d-league team
  • SFL owners may assign any of their drafted rookies to their d-league team
  • All other players will be considered SFL Free Agents and open to sign with any SFL team that offers them a contract
  • SFL D-League player contract rights are owned by the D-League team owner, not SFL teams. If a free agent gets a contract offer by another owner’s SFL team, the D-League team owner have the right to match the offer for to one of his SFL Teams. If the owner does not match or better the offer then the player is free to sign with another franchise.
  • SFL D-League success will matter when being rated in the SFL (but granted, it is success at a lower level of competition).
  • Once a player ‘graduates’ and makes an SFL team during the regular season they will no longer be eligible to play in the D-League. Players will not lose D-League eligibility if they only participate in training camp and the SFL preseason.
  • The D-League will be split into Eastern and Western Conferences. The two conferences will play separate double round robin schedules (home and away). The top team in each conference will play head-to-head in the D-League Championship Game.