1. Firebirds surge late, advance with 29-21 win over Birmingham
  2. Atlanta holds off Mississippi, 31-28
  3. Milwaukee flops in finale, loses 42-14 to Cbus
  4. Atlanta disassembles the Avengers, 37-7
  5. Warriors upend the Forge, 28-19


The Spring Football League (SFL) is a virtual simulation league full of online owners who draft, sign, and trade players to their respected franchise.

Duties include: $50 fee ($60 when owning 2 team), interactivity, remaining under the salary cap, providing an ample number of players for a roster, and drafting players in college and territorial drafts.

Games are simmed using Action! PC. We acknowledge the existence of all professional football leagues in real time. You are not allowed to sign players currently on an NFL roster. We also run a development league (D-League) and an arena league (The Arena League).