The Marshalls rolled into Jackson this week flying high off of their win against their new division rival Atlanta Firebirds. The 38-17 win last week put the Marshalls in good spirits as they geared up for their week two matchup against the Gators. “We had a really great week of practice.” said Head Coach Bob Stoops; “The guys were loose, we put in a lot of good work, and had fun.” Winning is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, but the way the Marshalls have been winning so far this season has shown that this team is for real, and Saturdays exhibit would prove no different.

Bo Levi Mitchell connected on 83.7% of his passes while throwing for six touchdowns. Aaron Jones continued to put in solid work, though he didn’t break the 100 yard mark in the game, he would punch the ball in for two scores, and Dez Bryant showed up big with an 8 catch, 107 yard performance. “We were really firing on all cylinders” said QB Bo Levi Mitchell who is on a record breaking pace, even though the season is still young. “This is a different team this year, literally and figuratively. I mean, I was always good, great actually, and it’s no knock on coach Crowton, but you can really see and feel the difference that having coach Stoops here has had on this team. It’s really night and day.”

Week two for the Marshalls had a similar story to week one, the Marshalls jumped out to a big lead and their opponent was forced to abandon their run game and try to beat the Marshall defense through the air. “It’s a blessing to have an offense that’s performing so well for us.” said Defensive Coordinator Al Golden; “Our defense is stout. We have great run stuffers, great pass rushers, great linebackers, great defensive backs, when the offense puts up a lot of points and does it with a quickness, it’s allowing our defense to pin their ears back and get after opposing quarterbacks, it’s been a lot of fun.”

The Marshalls defense leads the league in sacks with 11 in two games, the biggest contributor has been OLB Alex Okafor who’s posted 6 sacks already this season.

Mississippi was able to strike early when former Marauder QB Vad Lee rolled out of the pocket, tucked the ball, and took off down the sideline for an 82 yard touchdown run. Aside from that breakdown from the defense, the Marshalls defense held Mississippi to just 143 yards in the air and an additional 84 yards on the ground. Mississippi rookie RB Nick Brossette was held to just 34 yards on 10 carries.

There was some controversy to end the game, however, San Antonio had a 41-14 lead when Mississippi punted with minutes left in the game. Mississippi and their fans assumed that the Marshalls would chew clock and end the game as quickly as possible, however, the Marshalls would score a pair of touchdowns to bring the final score to 55-14, which led to angry fans and a lot of vulgar verbal assaults. “A couple years ago I had a pretty hapless team in Houston that’d traveled down to New Orleans, and as the Nightmare had taken a 35-3 lead, they didn’t take their foot off the peddle. I believe they said “run them up.” It’s something that we haven’t forgotten.” said owner Ryan Clark. “It’s nothing personal, it’s business. This was a division game, and this division has a lot of great teams. At the end of the season, point differential is something that could come into play.”

This week, the Marshalls head up I-35 to face their hated rivals, the Dallas Six-Shooters at the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium. The Shooters came up short last week, losing to Omaha 23-7, however, it’s never a good idea to underestimate QB Josh McCown. At 40 years old, this is likely McCowns swan song in the SFL. McCown though, can be summed up with a Toby Keith song, he’s not as good as he once was, but he’s as good once as he ever was. There’s no doubt that McCown has 400 yard games left in his arm.

The Marshalls will be finishing up the weeks practice on Thursday and heading up to Dallas on Friday, the team will be traveling by private coach in a convoy with buses full of Marshall fans making the trip.