The Explorers finally have what they were missing for the past 7 seasons, a deep threat. They now have the perfect combo with possession (Chris Williams), big man (Dan Arnold), and speed (Keke Coutee). The Explorers could not be more happy to give these three options to Dobbs this upcoming season. “We didn’t really get the chance to throw it over the top last year, we had to use Dobbs’ feet and our possession guys to try and move the ball down the field. Now we have every element in the passing and run game to keep opposing defenses on their toes” said Head Coach Munchak.



Lanky speed merchant with an ability to take the top off of a defense as well as handle the nickel and dime action underneath. Coutee’s lack of route experience and play strength could lead to a bumpy initial season, but his ability to separate both vertically and out of his breaks should make him a coveted slot target capable of adding chunk plays to an offense or return game in need of some juice.

  • Tremendous deep speed who devours coverage cushion with his initial push into routes
  • Warrants additional attention from safeties no matter where he lines up
  • Explosive speed can turns slants and crossing routes into long touchdowns
  • Separation comes easily for him
  • Could thrive with NFL option routes
  • Carries athletic ability into body adjustments and catches
  • Sinks into soft spots in the zone
  • Shows some focus to secure the throw when working middle
  • Has ability to add impact as returner
  • Averaged 31.5 yards per kick return in limited 2017 role with one touchdown